Lust In Space review by GWAR

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  • Released: Aug 18, 2009
  • Sound: 8
  • Lyrics: 9
  • Overall Impression: 7
  • Reviewer's score: 8 Superb
  • Users' score: 7.3 (43 votes)
GWAR: Lust In Space

Sound — 8
Taking a cue from the brilliance of old-school KISS and Alice Cooper shows, Gwar has certainly made a name for its witty, over-the-top, and um, messy live shows. Unlike the aforementioned classic rock acts, the sci-fi quintet hasn't always made quite the legendary mark as Gene Simmons and company, but they deliver the goods in more unique ways (i.e., blood, decapitation, and the like). So how does Gwar's latest album Lust In Space measure up to past efforts? There's an equal helping of moments that are musically creative/inspired and instances that seem written specifically to allow time for ample blood splatter. The latest album marks the band's return to the Metal Blade label, as well as the return of bassist Casey Orr, who is given the spotlight more than a few times during the album. Regardless of the label or even the lineup, Gwar has proven it has staying power 25 years' worth. One of the keys to that longevity is the fact that Oderus Urungus and the gang aren't afraid of humor. You'll get a nice dose of that twisted wit on Lust In Space, particular in Where Is Zog? and the title track. Just perusing the titles of the other tunes (Make A Child Cry, UberKlaw), you're likely to elicit a smile as well. You could make the argument that it is the lyrical content that is the primary focus in Gwar, but guitarists Balsac, The Jaws of Death and Flattus Maximus do deliver quite a bit of melodic, skilled work along the way. The opening track Lust In Space stands out as being one of the most original because it does relay more of a cinematic vibe. Rather than exploding with a fast tempo and a barrage of distortion, the track builds slowly and quietly. The song features a variety of musical sections, and you could consider it the epic track of the album for lack of a better word. In the final moments (while it fades out) there is a big payoff, when you hear Oderus utter a variety of oddities (Space makes me horny and I don't know why; Her nebula was crawling with crabs). The standout moments of the album come sporadically. Besides a nice little bass-driven intro courtesy of Orr in The UberKlaw, that song also delivers fresh vocal phrasing during the chorus. The guitars hit their peak in The Price of Peace which features some fantastic chugging riffs and more than a few key solo moments. Release The Flies is the highlight of the album with its intensely dark approach (again, very cinematic) and effective breakdowns. There is also a doubling effect that is applied to the low and high vocal parts that just works amazingly well.

Lyrics — 9
The lyrical content once again revolves around Gwar's exploits and shenanigans, and as usual you should find yourself chuckling. Where Is Zog? is one of the most entertaining offerings between lines like I wouldn't take just anyone unless they were Norwegian and the ending commentary (from what is supposed to be a space hobo) Do you have any space change? And then you have the track Make A Child Cry, which features lyrics that are pretty much in the same vein as the title. It's all oddly entertaining in that classic Gwar type of way.

Overall Impression — 7
The 11th studio album from Gwar won't necessarily shock anyone at least in the musical content. That's not to say there aren't some tried-and-true rocking moments that any metal lover will appreciate. The humor is not lacking along the way, and honestly if that particular element was missing, that would be the greatest letdown of all.

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    \m/(-_\m/ wrote: HEHEHEHEHEHEH... GWAR! HEHEHEHEHEHEH. if you get that you're awesome.
    uhh huh huh huh We're there dude!
    nailsarecruel wrote: The review is vague until the most important question is addressed: how does it stand against their return to form albums (Violence Has Arrived, War Party, Beyond Hell)?
    its the closest they have come to Scumdogs... so thats what you all want to here
    Gwar never disappoints. This album is fantastic, though I think I enjoyed Beyond Hell a tad more.
    Go see them, they're an absolute blast live! Just wear some clothes you don't care about all that much if you're going to go down front. Also, there are some seriously freaky and hot women at their shows. Just saying.
    Bass of Grunge
    I'm a total music snob, but I love 'em to death. I listened to them all the time freshman year.
    Haha. Gwar is just a joke band. But it would probably be REALLY fun to see them live. All the squirting blood and antics haha!
    I have to say, I LIKE the album, but I am a little underwhelmed. I was expecting this album to build on Beyond Hell, but it sounds like they are going back to Violence Has Arrived-style riffing, without the complex arrangements. I would rate the album's sound as probably 4th out of their recent albums, in this order: 1) Violence, 2) War Party, 3) Beyond Hell, 4) Lust in Space. I think what holds the album back is the focus on Orr. I think Gwar have evolved past the need for backup vocalists now...Oderus's voice is so powerful, he should be the focus 95% of the time. Also, I hate the production. MUCH too bassy and muddled. I bet the songs would have sounded better with Townsend back behind the board, and will likely sound better live.
    rusty-knives wrote: Gwar are as metal as it gets. Even from a serious standpoint you can't disprove this.
    it doesn't matter if you dont' like gwar... this article is for gwar fans....i wouldn't think pink floyd fans would have even clicked on the link to go here. your not gonna dissuade gwar fans just by saying they suck and tellin us what bands are way better than them...your band is good for you and my bands are good for me and their bands are good for's like going to a St. Louis Cardinals site and telling everybody how great the Cubs are.....your not gonna recruit people from their packs, the niche where they feel like they are surviving. you can't tell a lion to stop eating meat because veggies are better in vitamin c lol
    its good to see everybody is practicing their animalistic survival instincts standing up for their packs and banshing everybody else's
    Cut out the bashing. Anyone else who bashes in this review will receive a warning. Checked
    cobainAnselmo wrote: I always laugh when i hear "School's Out" GWAR Rules!! For those who can not accept GWAR.. remember this is a comedy band, not serious band like LOG.. so, don't make comparison about them.. LOG is great,though
    I'm well aware they are a comedy band. In fact I respect what they do. To last as long as they have doing that music is impressive. I just can't stand them. And I don't think anybody actually compared them to LOG.
    Musically i dont think gwar is all that good but i do enjoy some of their unique brand of "fun"
    i bought tickets to see em and i dont even know any of their songs, i just wanna see if their live show is as good as everyone says
    The review is vague until the most important question is addressed: how does it stand against their return to form albums (Violence Has Arrived, War Party, Beyond Hell)?
    gwar is all about the "fun", they could play polka and i would still love them for how fun they are. people just dont get it. ill hafta check this album out
    the starchild
    cant wait for the gwar lamb of god show in okc. seen gwar twice now and its def the most fun ive had at a concert. mix that with one of the most brutal concerts you can go to...should be a good night
    I agree with cobainAnselmo here. They shouldn't really be compared in the same way, GWAR are hilarious though. First time I heard anything about them was a video of them on the Joan Rivers show and I couldn't stop laughing.
    These guys put on the best stage show in the world. I wish there were more bands like this that put on a show and not just stand up there and play instruments and stare at the audience like they're dead or something.
    I have to say, as a huge GWAR fan, this album was quite great. The downloadable bonus track was great as well.
    Gwar isn't for anyone who wants to take it seriously. The music is fun, and the shows are fantastic. I've never had more fun at a show than when I go to see Gwar. It's not like the music sucks, there is definite talent in the band. It's not the most amazing or deep stuff but it's a lot of fun and I think that's what they're all about. If you don't like listening to thrash and getting covered in blood, piss, semen, and green stuff: that's great. It takes a certain person to really be into that. Just don't be the wet blanket complaining about how much this band sucks. They've gotten away with this for 25 years, they're doing something right.
    The CD is great. I love how gwar aren't afraid to go the extra mile and take their story so seriously. Love it!
    Gwar are as metal as it gets. Even from a serious standpoint you can't disprove this.
    I always laugh when i hear "School's Out" GWAR Rules!! For those who can not accept GWAR.. remember this is a comedy band, not serious band like LOG.. so, don't make comparison about them.. LOG is great,though