Of Frost And War review by Hail of Bullets

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  • Released: May 13, 2008
  • Sound: 3
  • Lyrics: 1
  • Overall Impression: 2
  • Reviewer's score: 2 Junky
  • Users' score: 9.2 (15 votes)
Hail of Bullets: Of Frost And War

Sound — 3
What is this? It's straight up old school death metal in the Swedish style and technically there isn't anything wrong with it... except that 'Swedish style old school death metal' means that it's going to bore my face off, and this album goes further than that to bore a few holes in my brain. All we have here is a slowed down Dismember: the same awful 'phat' production with the same nothing riffs, the bass playing exactly what the guitar plays and every now and then breaking into some Amon Amarth wannabe harmony. Clearly no effort went into the writing of this, just a bunch of Swedish revisionists who have apparently found some 'How to make mediocre death metal for dummies' textbook. Maybe boring Dismember rip-offs that go absolutely nowhere appeal to some people but I'm certainly never putting this on my play list again.

Lyrics — 1
The vocals are pathetic. It's hard to fathom that nobody in the band could do better than this guy, who puts out the same boring shouting vocals for half an hour, like a weaker and higher pitched version of Dismember. He needs his vocal chords removed definitely. The band would have been better of typing their lyrics into a computer voice generator. That would have been more death metal than this droning hack. Lyrically the band focuses on, as the title implies, winter and war. It seems they thought their music would sound like what they sing about and they'd end up sounding like Operation Winter Mist or something. I feel bad giving this 1 out of 10, considering I gave Glen Benton the same score and he is miles above this spastic.

Overall Impression — 2
I was excited about this before I heard it, with all the glowing reviews and general hype surrounding the band, but this album is an abomination and I can't believe I actually bought it. It's going straight in the bin, I'm not leaving it on my wall where every dickhead can see what kind of atrocities I'm tricked into spending money on. If you want better value for money, go and buy a case of cheap, nasty beer or maybe even a couple of casks of bottom-shelf wine to help you forget that tripe like this exists.

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    Your complete and utter lack of respect for a vocalist who has fronted some of the greatest death metal bands in history, is astounding. You obviously know nothing of the genre and should never have reviewed this album. Go review a "Disturbed" album, you child.
    this album kicks ass...9/10 from me.oh,and the reviewer is a total jerk...he thinks he knows about death metal but the only thing he does is refering to dismember...
    Emenius Sleepus
    haha I just realised I read this review on MA. As I've said on another forum, this release is pretty much unnecessary. By the way, MH, don't you drink said wine? ie, goon? lol
    man I was looking at this cd and im like should I buy it? and decided not too, plus it was 20 bucks so I bought some better ones
    ^ I'll second that. The reviewer wouldn't know death metal if it bit him in the ass. A great album, definetly top 10 of 2008.
    Agreed. Totally agreed. The singer sounds like a ****ing pig that is being slaughtered. Damn. They're playing it at least once a day at the radiostation I'm always listening to.
    Your review is an abomination. If you really don't like that kind of music, please stop criticizing it. Maybe you should look on some metalcore bands if you want to write about "ripping-off" and copying swedish melodeath bands. You achived a higher level of trolling, shame for you.
    yes and i would much rather have bought 5 litres of it than this that is for sure!
    wait a second - boyan89, weren't you one of the many commenters on my deicide review telling me i should never write a review again? and now you take my word as gospel? even though i slammed this album nearly as hard as deicide?!?