Glory To The Brave review by HammerFall

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  • Released: Jun 27, 1997
  • Sound: 8
  • Lyrics: 8
  • Overall Impression: 10
  • Reviewer's score: 8.7 Superb
  • Users' score: 8.4 (8 votes)
HammerFall: Glory To The Brave

Sound — 8
The music of Glory To The Brave by Hammerfall it is an excellent simple of fast/power metal. The music is written according to the music-writting style of Jesper Stroblad. This style is usually based on speed and on amazing solos. In general speaking, Hammerfall in order to give more exposure to their work and try for a professional recording deal, a short live performance was recorded and sent to the Dutch label, Vic Records. The musicians soon received a deal and spent the whole of the following year writing the album Glory to the Brave. The album was initially released in the Netherlands and obtained positive feedback; it is also worthy of notice that the band's mascot, the knight Hector, first appeared on the cover of this album. As HammerFall grew in popularity, the time available for members of the band to dedicate to other projects became limited. Jesper and Glenn were committed to In Flames and Fredrik was committed to the thrash metal band Beyond. Thus, the HammerFall's line-up soon underwent changes. Stefan Elmgren assumed the lead guitar and Patrik Rfling assumed the drums (they joined the band in the end of 1997 after the release of Glory to the Brave album) and Fredrik decided to remain in the band until a suitable replacement for him was found. This happened in May - 1997, when bassist Magnus Rosn joined the band. Stefan Elmgren played some of the guitars on the Glory to the Brave album (such as the acoustic guitars on "I Believe") and Patrik Rfling actually played the drums on all songs in place of Jesper, but only as a guest performers, not members of the band. In early 1997, German label Nuclear Blast approached HammerFall with a contract for a European release deal, which included four albums. The deal was accepted and the band proceeded to record their first two music videos "HammerFall" and "Glory to the Brave". After the release of a promotional single, Glory to the Brave was released throughout Europe. The results were quite unexpected, even after the intense marketing campaign made by Nuclear Blast. The album reached position number 38 on the German Music Chart on the week of its release, something which had never before been achieved by a debut heavy metal music album. Siding with bands Gamma Ray, Jag Panzer, Lake of Tears and Raven, several tours through the European continent ensued. The concert on Wacken Open Air was performed to a crowd of over ten thousand people. Towards the end of 1997, Glory to the Brave was released in Japan and the United States. Sales of the album reached one hundred thousand copies. HammerFall was also nominated for the Swedish Grammy award in the Best Hard Rock act category.

Lyrics — 8
The lyrics, which are written by Cans, are talking about war, fights, courage, victory; however sometimes the lyrics have got a special meaning. For example the lyrics of the song Glory To The Brve are a blaze to a fallen hero and the lyrics of the song I believe are against the war. The Compliance of the lyrics with the music is excellent. Joacim Cans has got amazing skill in singing, specially in his young years: and this is proved with that album.

Overall Impression — 10
The greatest songs of this album are: Glory To The Brave: it seems like a rock ballad from 80s.Hammerfall have not other song like this one and I believe, because is the basic song of their first album and their firs single, we should respect this song. Hammerfall: it is the song of their band. The solo of this song is greet(The music in general is great too) Steel Meets Steel: ok.It is not their best song, but I really love its music. Also, as I have notice, the first time that people listen to it, they don't like it.But, then they start like it, when they listen to it for second and third time. Its weird, isn't it? Stone Cold: I just say: What a rythm! I want to say those songs above are in my personal opinion the greatest frim this album.That doesn't mean the other songs are bad. All the song are good. Well, if this album were lost, of course I woulds buy the same one again. So I say: Metalheads,purchase This Album As Soon As Possible.

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