Dreamin In A Casket review by Hardcore Superstar

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  • Released: Nov 12, 2007
  • Sound: 9
  • Lyrics: 7
  • Overall Impression: 9
  • Reviewer's score: 8.3 Superb
  • Users' score: 9.7 (7 votes)
Hardcore Superstar: Dreamin In A Casket

Sound — 9
Hardcore Superstar is a Sleaze rock band from Gothenburg, Sweden formed in 1997. They were discovered in 2000 (I think) by Lemmy of Motorhead before they even had a proper record put out. Lemmy was so impressed with the bands on-stage performance, that he wanted Hardcore Superstar as Motrheads opening band. Since then the bands popularity has risen by every album release and they keep on touring Europe and Japan. Dreamin in a casket is the fifth album by Hardcore Superstar and takes further their heavy hard rock sound that was established with their fourth, self titeled album "Hardcore Superstar". Before the "Hardcore Superstar" album the band had tried different kinds of rock genres to find their sound, which almost cost them their fans, but after their self titeled album they found their genre (which was the same as their first album Bad Sneakers and a Pia Colada had)and got more confidence (and fans). "Dreamin in a casket"'s sound is more melodical but still has the same attitude as the earlier album. The sound of the album relies on heavy guitar riffs and heavy drumming aswell as the signature element of the band: the vocals. The drums have gotten a more important role and the they are a lot louder mixed on this album than in many other rock albums. This is a good thing because the drummer Adde Andreasson is very talented. These guys don't sound like a glam band and definetley don't look like one. It's a kick-ass rock album that doesn't sound like any other album from the older days. Dreamin In A Casket is an album with "a fist full of attitude," the album lacks ballads which can be debated if it's a good thing or not. I'd say it's not a problem because the songs don't sound the same and the energy level is so high that you just have to listen to the album over and over again. These guys aren't decadent guys, but they are great rock musicians and they like it loud.

Lyrics — 7
The song titels aren't that common though the lyrics might be. Titels as "Sophisticated ladies" "Medicate me" "Dreamin in a casket" and "Silence for the peacefully" are doubtfully titels you'll find in other rock albums. The songs also have an idea behind them, it's not just a cool titel made into a song like too many bands do nowadays. Despite the cool names of the tracks the overall lyrics are average, and the only disappointment I had while listening to this album. The album has a certain amount of a mystical feeling in it and the songs can be seen as one story divided in parts. The opening song should get people to realise that this is something new. Vocalist Jocke Berg (not the same guy as in another band in Sweden "Kent") has got a very special voice and is a every 80's bands dream frontman. His voice is high pitched and hoarce and truly one of a kind in the music scene today. His vocals are as strong onstage than they are on the record. He's also a very charismatic frontman onstage and immediatley captures the crowd. Jocke Bergs voice is the thing that makes Hardcore Superstar stand out from the sleaze band wave that is emerging. He's a very talented singer with a unike voice. If there's something I am serious about, it's this.

Overall Impression — 9
I haven't found any other modern rock artist that would have the same kind of energy in their music as Hardcore Superstar has. It's a shame that Hardcore Superstar isn't that widely known in the world because they deserve a lot more fame than they have. This does not disturbe them cause they have implied that they're happy with the modern music scene and are comftrable with the level of fame they have at the moment. Dreamin in casket is as good as any huge rock 'n' roll bands albums are and I would definetley recommend people to check it out. I'm not saying that everyone likes it but if you're sick of the new hair metal bands that look exactly the same as the old ones, Hardcore Superstar is something for you. The music is the same, just better, and their looks are better. The best songs of the album are "Medicate Me" which is one of the heaviest song on the album, the titel track "Dreamin In A Casket" is also one of the best songs on the album but I've discovered that it lacks the same energy when they play live, because the keyboard background sounds aren't there. Other good songs that stand out are "Sophisticated ladies, No resistance, Sensitive to the light, Spreadin the news". I love the albums attitude and energy. The album is one of the greatest rock albums to be released in 2007, and even the swedish media claimed that Dreamin in casket is the greatest rock album to be released in over 11 years. The only thing that disturbes me a little is the overproducing of the albums sound. The riffs are great and the vocals are great, but all the background sound that come out of keyboards aren't used in live performances, which kinda takes away the energy from the song. It adds the melody and takes the song to the next level but it should be used live aswell. The good thing is that keyboards are only used in a couple of the songs. This is one of my favourite rock albums and if it would get stolen I would definetley buy a new one.

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