Pressure The Hinges review by Haste the Day

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  • Released: Mar 20, 2007
  • Sound: 9
  • Lyrics: 8
  • Overall Impression: 9
  • Reviewer's score: 8.7 Superb
  • Users' score: 8.9 (45 votes)
Haste the Day: Pressure The Hinges

Sound — 9
Wow, the sound? Got a lot better, although Jimmy is gone and Stephen has joined, the sound is still amazing. Now there is more singing since When Everything Falls, but I'm thinking there is more because now the new screamer sings too. And they even added the bassist to sing a few times. The vocals are now a low low scream. But the best part about them, they kept the killer breakdowns, pretty much every song has a fricking crushing breakdown. If you have an amazing sound system, subs, that type of stuff; it sounds amazing. I have 2 12 inch subs in my car, and the breakdowns just thump.

Lyrics — 8
I don't know about them, old Haste The Day, I could pick up the lyrics easy with out even looking them up. But it's a little harder to decipher them now. Otherwise the lyrics still have the same Christian theme, happy lyrics. Ya know. I typed up the lyrics to one of their songs so you can read them for yourself. Have you seen the sun? Have you seen the sun? or has the darkness dragged you further from your door? Take each others hands. Look into the clouds. Such a beautiful song we sing. Oh no, this is no time for excuses. We've signaled you out and the leaders keep running away. The sound of trumpets will carry you home. The sound of trumpets will resound and we all sing. Take each others hands. Look into the clouds. Suck a beautiful song we sing. Finally finding our own way back home. Such a beautiful song we sing. Re-break the bone to assure the healing. So that we might know you again. Re-break the bone. Re-break the bone. Re-break the bone. Sound the alarm like a vulture on the nation with silver. Oh no, have we sealed our own destruction? Walking away from the only thing that matters. Re-break the bone. Re-break the bone. Re-break the bone to assure healing. Re-break the bone. Know you again. Take each others hands. Look into the clouds. Such a beautiful song we sing. The sound of trumpets will carry you home. The sound of trumpets will carry you home. Re-break.

Overall Impression — 9
Well, I just saw them live last week, and just to say, he's a lot better than Jimmy live. But overall, the CD was amazing and a blast. I recommend buying it. And don't give the new guy a hard time because he's not like Jimmy, yea it don't sound the same, but it's still all there.

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    are there any songs on here that match the brilliance of American Love?
    It seems to me that HTD might have been wanting to do an album like this for a long time. Jimmy was great but Stephen is holding all parts of a leadman down. HTD has always been great and will always be great proud to be from their hometown. The breakdowns in the new album are amazing. I really like the mixing on this album. By chance does anyone know if gg Garth did their recording?
    i still believe that, with no disrespect to the new vox, the old albums were absolutely better. Some select songs could make the cut though. i like a chorus of angels.
    This album is amazing. It has the perfect amount clean and scream vocals. I really liked the old Haste the Day a lot, but I like this better. The old stuff just sounded to me like Zao or Mortal Treason with different guitars.
    The music is really good... but nothing different from the prev. sounds like a continuation of When Everything Falls. Cant compare the singing cause they are very different. I like Jimmy cause he didnt sound like every other singer. Overall: I'd stick to When Everything Falls.
    haste the day is pretty different now. and i love it. the vocals are a lot cleaner, and overall, it just sounds better. if you're more of the metalcore man, you might be turned away with all the vocals.
    Oh...and is it the bassist which does the majority of the singing? I always get confused. Either way, Haste The Day for me has the best clean vocals in the genre IMO.
    Bazooka_Joe wrote: So if I liked "Burning Bridges" and "When Everything Falls", will I like "Pressure The Hinges"? Keep in mind that I like both Metalcore and Post-Hardcore...
    Yeah, you will. its still pretty heavy there are just a lot more clean vocals especially in choruses. great cd.
    I loved When Everything Falls, and when I first heard Pressure The Hinges I hated it...but after listening to it a few times I really like it. I'm not usually really into this type of music, but I feel Haste The Day have always done it really well. As for the vocals, I much prefer Jimmy's screams, however Stephen has good screams too and he can sing very well.
    I really like PTH, but I haven't heard of their other stuff. Makes me want to get into their catalogue though. I *really* like the melancholy feel to PTH.
    To say that Stephen is better than Jimmy live just seems crazy. It was always amazing to see Jimmy live, you could always tell he was having fun. Stephen just seems kind of boring and stationary. If you don't believe me just watch the DVD that comes with the special release. I will admit I like the majority of Stephen's vocals, but the intro to track 3 seems annoying with his whiny emo yell. The lead guitarist in my band play with August Burns Red on their latest tour with Haste The Day, so I got to spend a fair amount of time talking to them. They are all spectaculat guys so I will always support them.
    They lost that certain something they had tbh.
    thats what I've bin thinking
    I'm probably the only one but I like Stephen's sreaming better than the screaming on When Everything Falls. I liked the album but still think the Burning Bridges is the best. They need more songs like American Love, now that was a perfect hardcore song.
    well im not into the hardcore stuff.. im into more metal stuff.... i dont know what it was but i heard one song from them on this cd and they can keep it heavy while singing lol while most bands cant... so this cd got me into them but today i decided to buy burning bridges and i liked that alot better