Pressure The Hinges review by Haste the Day

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  • Released: Mar 20, 2007
  • Sound: 9
  • Lyrics: 9
  • Overall Impression: 9
  • Reviewer's score: 9 Superb
  • Users' score: 8.9 (45 votes)
Haste the Day: Pressure The Hinges

Sound — 9
It's time to explore your dakrer side. While this sound may not be the darkest in the land, the drumbeats are heavy and the guitars duel for the spotlight. While some songs like "Janet's Planet" and "Eremus" do sound lighter, the other cuts are heavy. The screaming is good, it's understandable (for the most part, just read the lyrics) and is not like those annoying bands who scream as low (or high) as humanly possible.

Lyrics — 9
Their a christian band(though you wouldn't be able to tell if you weren't told or closely examined the lyrics), so there are no swear words or sexual references. The lyrics are good for the most part. They really did a nice job of mixing in a singing/screaming combo. Tracks like Chorus of Angels(much heavier than the name would lead you to believe) and stitches plead for you to sing along. I thought the lead singer wielded a very strong ability to screan and sing, something that is unfortunately lacking in too many metal bands.

Overall Impression — 9
This may not be the greatest album ever put out, but it is very good and does not dissapoint. If you are looking for something new to get into I would reccomend it. I was most impressed by the cuts "Pressure The Hinges", "Servant Ties", "Stitches", and "Chorus of Angels". The only dissapointment in this album in my opinion, was the lack of any long guitar solos, but the guitar in the songs still impressed me, I just have a fetish for excessive guitar solos. This album stays in my 2 disc CD player.

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    I can honestly say that Haste THe Day brought me to metal/sreamo/emo/harcdcore/ all those. the way their albums have progressed its just showing how they have progressed through this music industry, and with God. they are still growing into God, and you can tell, notice the album titles. Burning Bridges; they will seperate themselves from the world to get closer to God, When everything falls; they will stick in it for God, Pressure the hinges; if you heard the song, you realize he is trying to get some one to realize who God is. and also you can tell maturity cause you can read the emotion through the guitar, and through the lyrics in most songs. I agree with them moving to Stephen, cause he has a much wider range in his voice, if you notice, Jimmy only tried to sing in one song from Burning Bridges, concerning the way it was, and he didnt do too hot. Stephen is lead singer/ sreamer. its also with a chorus or Guitarists and drummer, but Stephen can hold his own. they have matured into a great young band, which if the metal genre can avoid the dropout that it did during the 90's, HTD can be leading the front with Underoath on the christian side of metal. and hey, for the record, just cause your christian does NOT mean you like everychristian band. I really dont like Underoath. but I know that they are the most popular, so I will support them, as long as they can keep on reaching to people.
    haste the day definitely brought me into the metal scene too man i can't wait for the new cd soon and i love their old and new stuff, it's all so great
    brought me into the metal scene too; if you don't like this new album, then think of it as NOT haste the day. just another band you heard. you can't compare the band with they switch vocalists. you just have to support them because things change when you lose/gain a different member. think of NEW album "dreamer" coming out on the 14th. they lost Jason Barnes, and it still sounds amazing. bands change. get over it and don't freak out on them because "you're not into it." chances are, if you don't like them anymore because they changed their style, then they will have a FLOOD of new fans flocking to hear their new music. you win some, you lose some. jsut don't disrespect them by saying they lost their edge. GREAT band.
    I think if you haven't listened to Haste the Day's previous albums, this would probably be a good album to you. But yeah, I just can't get my head really banging with their new stuff.
    im glad that Christians can like metal music and still be able to to keep our values other good ones are Mychildren mybride, Zao, and Norma Jean. plus many more
    Only thing I didn't like about this album is that it seemed like all vocal melodies were practically the same...
    Can anyone tell me what parts clean vocals by Stephen Keech? Also, who sings the verses in stitches?