Fury & Flames Review

artist: Hate Eternal date: 03/05/2008 category: compact discs
Hate Eternal: Fury & Flames
Release Date: Feb 19, 2008
Label: Metal Blade Records
Genres: Death Metal
Number Of Tracks: 10
Directly inspired from a friend's death, Hate Eternal's latest CD is an emotional roller coaster that still remains musically intact.
 Sound: 7.8
 Lyrics: 7.8
 Overall Impression: 8
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overall: 9
Fury & Flames Featured review by: UG Team, on march 05, 2008
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Sound: Hate Eternal frontman Erik Rutan told Ultimate-Guitar recently that his latest CD Fury & Flames was undoubtedly a product of having to deal with the death of former bandmate and close friend Jared Anderson. Fury & Flames delivers exactly what you might assume a grieving friend might create - turbulent, emotional compositions that come right from the gut. But Rutan gives his classic death metal sound much more than just emotion, and his latest record is truly a success in terms of arrangements and the general cohesiveness of his band.

Having a band sound this good together is actually pretty incredible, particularly considering Rutan is the only member to have remained in the group all 9 years of existence. New members Alex Webster (bass), Shaune Kelley (guitar), and Jade Simonetto (drums) all have a heavy presence, with Simonetto actually standing out as one of the best drummers out in the death metal scene today. While Rutan could have made a record to suit his needs as the vocalist and guitarist, Fury & Flames showcases all 3 new members' talents throughout the entire record. That being said, even with all the talent aboard, Hate Eternal is not for the fainthearted and Rutan gives you a lot - and I emphasize a lot - to take in during the 10-track record.

Hell Envenom is a fitting opener and a solid example of what you'll find on the rest of the album. You at first hear growls that build slowly, and the guitars don't wait too long before making their entrance as well. Rutan could have written an overly dramatic intro that was several minutes long, but there is no time wasted on Hell Envenom. The fury is unleashed within seconds, and it becomes a double bass extravaganza. All of the speed could become tiresome, but Rutan has a great sense of when to change things up a bit. He wisely breaks the song up into several interesting sections, with an absolutely amazing guitar solo inserted at about the 3-minute mark of the song.

Whom Gods May Destroy shows off the band's sense of melody, and there's an underlying riff that sounds a bit like if you injected an old-school Metallica song with speed and steroids. It may be a bit exhausting for the average ear, but there are some cool structures going on underneath all of Rutan's growls and Simonetto's unceasing percussion. The lead guitar only pops up intermittently, and that's the only complaint. Rutan actually could have added a bit more of his work into the mix. However, when you do hear a lead riff surface during the rhythmic storm, it is a really satisfying sound. // 9

Lyrics: Not to say that other bands aren't writing from their personal experiences, but Rutan has some extremely heartfelt lyrics on Fury & Flames that stem directly from Jared Anderson's passing. There is no doubt that Rutan is laying it all out on the table (if you want more insight, check out the entry on his MySpace page), and it's a beautiful tribute to his friend. The best example comes in Tombeau (Le Tombeau De La Fureur Et Des Flammes) in which he sings, In remembrance; Grievous in this state; So solemn in this mourning; In your passing; May you find eternal peace. The first few songs on the record might revolve around more dramatic, over-the-top themes, but the last half seems extremely focused on Anderson, and in a way feels very much like a requiem Mass. // 9

Overall Impression: In terms of the death metal genre in general, Hate Eternal's Fury & Flames delivers. The average listener might find their ears bleeding by the end of the record, and it's true that there is rarely a low-key moment in the CD. That isn't to say there is not an abundance of things going on in each composition, and each section works together pretty seamlessly. Rutan deserves plenty of credit for being the creative force behind it all, but the band as a whole is what makes the record work. Some of the songs are ridiculously complex, but Hate Eternal - even with a lineup that's fairly new - still play like they've been together for years. // 9

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overall: 8
Fury & Flames Reviewed by: ZyklonDoom, on march 24, 2008
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Sound: Upon what line does "brutal technical death metal" cross and tread into the zone of "Unintelligible Blasphemy"? Maybe when you listen to "Hell Envenom", the first blistering track off of Hate Eternal's "Fury & Flames" CD. A crushing force of fast, unstoppable destruction. This CD is extremely heavy, and by no means an album you should use as your first delve into metal. I couldn't believe the brutality that comes with this CD. Erik Rutan is a very passionate vocalist with an endless supply of stamina. // 8

Lyrics: The lyrics are the selling point of the album this time. A lot of influence being drawn from Jared Andersons depressing passing. You can see the anguish and sadness coming through the endless drums and crunching guitar riffs. Songs like "Bringer of Storms" show such an immense lyrical theme, and others like "Para Bellum" and "Thus Salvation" also show these traits. You may want to refer to the CD booklet in case you can't understand what Erik is saying. (Don't worry. I had to, as well). // 8

Overall Impression: I love this kind of metal, so I found it very pleasing. Maybe someone who is more acquainted with bands like "Sky Eats Airplane" may have some trouble listening and in the long run have some gastrointestinal issues appear, anyone who is a fan of Morbid Angel or any extreme death metal band should give this CD a whirl. // 8

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overall: 5.3
Fury & Flames Reviewed by: MHDrunk, on april 25, 2008
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Sound: While it is a step up from I, Monarch, a step in the right direction you might say, it certainly is not a triumphant return to their glorious first two albums. It definitely is a lot more similar to Conquering The Throne or King Of All Kings than I, Monarch was but it lacks the 'moments' that were on the first two. What I am referring to by 'moments' are those short passages of amazing, killer riffs that were scattered around the first two albums: think the solo in Dogma Condemned, for an example. Another thing lacking in this latest offering is the atmosphere that was created on the first two. While there is nothing technically wrong with Fury & Flames, it is simply bland. As mentioned before, there aren't any stand out moments and all songs merge to create one 40 minute drone. // 5

Lyrics: As usual, Hate Eternal triumph in the lyrics department. The lyrics fit the music as does Erik Rutan's ever brutal vokills. The only real area where this album is impressive, but then again, the same can be said for I, Monarch. I have rated this lower than I would normally, because lyrics and vocals for me are not that great a part of the music and I don't want it bringing up the average so that the end score is higher than what I really think of it. // 6

Overall Impression: After the disappointment that was I, Monarch, you can't be blamed for being skeptical about Hate Eternal's latest offering. If you're a fan of Hate Eternal, pick it up, but don't expect to love it. Pick it up also if you're a fan of brutal death, as Hate Eternal are still head and shoulders above that pack. If you like your death metal to have personality, prepare to be disappointed. // 5

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overall: 9
Fury & Flames Reviewed by: pazzle, on march 18, 2009
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Sound: As many have said before, the sound is great. I consider it to be very unique. Basically it's bass driven, which means that bass levels are turned up really high(mainly the bass guitar and drums). This gives the entire album an incredible strong and brutal sound. Guitar riffs stand for themselves, however due to they are low pitched, you may not hear them well. I, monarch had a (much) lighter sound compared to Fury & Flames, and to me, it was a great improvement. It's catchy, it's aggressive, however sometimes it's just unnecessary and more than it should be. I've heard people complaining about it, and I admit, it really depends on the person wether he likes it or not. Must give it a listen. // 9

Lyrics: Also, as mentioned before, lyrics are apart from other usual death metal lyrics like 'kill your mother rape your father growl growl growl', this time lyrics have a personal connection to Rutan, depicting his rage, his pain and his fury. Not to poetical, still stand for themselves. I can assimilate with them sometimes when I'm in my 'world demolisher' mood, they match my feelings, as the music in general as well. And anyway, you can barely understand them thanks to Rutans' brutal sonic power. It's incredible and fantastic again, one of the best voices killing out there. // 8

Overall Impression: I can't say anything but how much I love this album. It's very unique, there's nothing like this out there to date. Almost every song is a favourate, for example opening hell envenom, whom gods may destroy, para bellum, bringer of storms, the funerary march..there's no point in listing them, I like all of them. Some can say they are repetative, which is admitable, but I prefer to have uniquely new songs. I've been listening to this album since it came out and O still adore it. I think it's equal to I, Monarch in it's own way, because it's simply different, yet great. I like the power, the groovyness, the sound, the fast paced songs, the none stop brutality, everything. Give it a try and try to catch the feeling, once you're on, you will be unable to get off it. Oh yeah, I would buy it again 3 copies at once, in case I would loose them again and it would sell out. // 10

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