Smile It's The End Of The World review by Hawk Nelson

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  • Released: Apr 4, 2006
  • Sound: 10
  • Lyrics: 10
  • Overall Impression: 10
  • Reviewer's score: 10 Gem
  • Users' score: 9 (49 votes)
Hawk Nelson: Smile It's The End Of The World

Sound — 10
Hawk Nelson's much awaited follow up to "Letters To The President" continues their energetic pop/punk sound and fun but serious attitude on twelve new songs. I think they have taken their music to a whole new level and upgraded their sound to my liking. They sounded good to begin with, I think, and then this has proven their ability to create better music. The CD starts right off with a great song "The One Thing I Have Left" and ends with an okay song but good record-ending "14". Everything inbetween is awesome too.

Lyrics — 10
The lyrics are really good and meaningful, but I think that there isn't as much Christian based stuff. There are some songs about girls, a song about going to "The Show", and stuff like that and they are great songs, but aren't Spiritual. That's okay though, I'm not saying it's bad, just pointing something out. My favorite lyrics are from "Everything You Ever Wanted" The only song I don't exactly think has just great lyrics is "14". The lyrics are basically "ohhhh" and that's it. Other than that, awesome songs with awesome lyrics with awesome vocals. I wonder how long it took to record vocals for "Head on Collision."

Overall Impression — 10
This CD is kind of new for Hawk Nelson as they grow physically and musically. While they still have some stuff from the pop/punk genre, the rock band explores new ways of doing things; displaying some noticeable flickers of musical integrity. Although it doesnt have some of the more spiritual stuff that made their debut good, Hawk Nelson's record "Smile, It's The End of The World" is a great rock record that should please current fans and attract a few new ones that may have had difficulty liking their previous work. I think Hawk Nelson is great and this is no exception.

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    okay this is for the frags who think they suck.. you guys are the biggest fags of america if you think hawk nelson sucks yeah letters to the president kind of sucks but dont say there new album sucks because you only have lisnened to letters to the president and by the way they arent from america there from canada punk doesnt suck.. i agree with stragtmanjay3000 if you like blink-182 your a disgrace to punk blakk:jakk your a fag if you dont like punk.. your a fag who gives punk a bad rep
    everyone that gave a crappy review on this i bet you cant even get a record deal you guys get one then tell me what cd