Hate [EP] Review

artist: Hawthorne Heights date: 12/16/2011 category: compact discs
Hawthorne Heights: Hate [EP]
Released: Aug 23, 2011
Genre: Post-Hardcore, Emo, Pop Punk, Screamo
Label: Cardboard Empire
Number Of Tracks: 9
In the first of their new series of EPs, "Hate" is the angry, super aggressive song that really sends you back to their first two albums.
 Sound: 9
 Lyrics: 7
 Overall Impression: 9
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overall: 8.3
Hate [EP] Reviewed by: 3OddOnes, on december 16, 2011
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Sound: In the first of their new series of EPs, "Hate" is the angry, super aggressive song that really sends you back to their first two albums. The reason their doing EPs and not albums is because their on their own label now, so they can release music whenever they want to, instead of have to. Listeners usually love the album for a few months, then start asking for new music again. So they are releasing 3 EPs over 15 months. Because they have gone DIY now, the production isn't the same as when they were on "Victory" or "Wind-Up", however it is still a very well produced album. The best part? With the complete return of screams, curtisy of Micah, it really sounds like their old stuff. // 9

Lyrics: My Singer has a problem with JT's voice, saying it's too nasal. Now while his voice is nasal, it's not really nasal, just American-Ohio nasal. The lyrics have all been written extremely well, I only have a problem with two songs: "Is This What You Wanted?" and the EPs title track, "Hate". Now, until "Skeletons", we never heard JT swear on a record, and even there it was once. But "Hate" swears alot compared to the other songs on the album, and it feels a little excessive. As for "Is This What You Wanted?", the songs isn't bad overall, but the delivery for the intro at the beginning put me of the song. However, most of the EPs lyrics are tasteful and not cliche, "Passengers" for example, taking into account modern days fanacity about fame and everyones becoming vain and media dehumanizing everyone. // 7

Overall Impression: There is perhaps three albums I could compare "Hate" to: "The Silence In Black And White"; "If Only You Were Lonely" and "Tell All Your Friends" (Taking Back Sunday). Now, This EP has all the aggression, confidence and audacity of all of these three albums rolled into one. Except less of the relationship or musical problems and more political and mental problems. My favourite songs from the album are "Stay Awake/Stay Alive" and "Passengers". I love the new sound from the album, but I hate JT's new habit of cursing. I would buy it again if it were stolen as any money spent on it would go straight to the band and Cardboard Empire, their own label. // 9

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