If Only Your Were Lonely review by Hawthorne Heights

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  • Released: Feb 28, 2006
  • Sound: 10
  • Lyrics: 8
  • Overall Impression: 10
  • Reviewer's score: 9.3 Superb
  • Users' score: 6 (287 votes)
Hawthorne Heights: If Only Your Were Lonely

Sound — 10
I got my hands on this early so I decided to give y'all a heads up on this. It is a freaking masterpiece. They stuck to their sound but improved. This is where most bands mess up because they variate from their roots. So they met their mark. They expermient a little but always come right back with that typical HH guitar and the very stiff drums.

Lyrics — 8
It's typical Hawthorne Heights, and they are pretty much at their best right now. Lyrics and music go real well, and the whole album flows almost flawlessly. The singer broadend his note range a little bit, and it worked out fine.

Overall Impression — 10
This album is a great add to their one album career, and hopefuly they will keep up the very good work. This album has various amazing songs, but "This Is Who We Are" would be the best song out of there in my opinion. It's a perfect, absolutely perfect opening to their cd, with good tempo, energy, agressive screaming, it sucks you right in and makes you want to listen to the whole thing, it's brilliant. I love the whole thing, but the only thing I didn't really agree with was the fact the tried the whole "techno" electrica thing here and there, it wasn't bad it added a little variation but I'm affraid they'd abuse it and mess up later. If this album was lost or stolen, I would really buy it, hell I'd buy it twice. It's supposed to come out Feb. 28th, so mark it in your calendars and go get it, I really recomend it.

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    i agree with kevinmawae25. If there werent emotion in music, it WOULDNT EVEN BE GOOD! I say more things should be emo. Like my grass!That way it would cut itself!
    I'm not a HH fan, but i'll more than likely check out the new album, just to see what its like. I liked a couple of their old songs, but it was just way to freaking emo for me. a little emo is necessary in songs, but not as much as HH has in some songs
    saying goodbye makes me feel like cutting my wrist!! these guys need to grow up, and quit whining this isnt kindergarden. rated- 1
    Got it more than two months ago. I gotta admit, it's pretty shit. Every song sounds the same as one of the songs on the original album, but probably worse. '11- Where Can I Stab Myself In The Ears' is probably the highlight.
    Firstly, I'd like to say that not all emo is bad. However, Hawthorne Heights must burn for their transgressions that they've unleashed upon society. Its mass produced CRAP in a little disc shape. However, i will again emphasize my point that not all emo sucks. I'm somewhat inclined towards At the Drive-In, but only because im a Mars Volta fan. (SPARTA SUCKS)I dont think you should be closed minded, but EVERY HH SONG SOUNDS EXACTLY THE SAME AS THE PREVIOUS ONE! They take 3 guitarists to do the work of about half. And as far as lyrics, it's OK to put emotion in (in fact its almost required a lot of the time) but stabbing your wrists in EVERY SONG is just uncreative. And if The Mars Volta is not very encouraging, (my friend is just absolutely repelled by them) I also listen to Dream Theater, Fates Warning, Symphony X, Led Zeppelin, Pre BLack Album Metallica, Rush, Pink Floyd (can u tell im a proghead yet?) and other bands. So please, I'm not attacking you if you like HH, I'm attacking them for the evils they've unleashed in the name of corporate gain. ha HA! i have tickets to DT at Radio City Music Hall!
    Emotion is one thing but HH is goddamn pathetic...****ing whining about cutting their goddamn wrists they whine... THEY WHINE ABOUT BULLSHIT, your girl dumps you you dont go off and die, you get the **** over it, im disgraced as a musician after hearing "ohio is for lovers" and "if only you were single" ROCK AND METAL ARE DYING and by printing and buying bands like HH cd's we are only burying the real music faster not all emo is bad please do not consider this a shot at all emo, but i wish HH would just cut a lil too deep and bleed themselves dry
    I concur with DTFatesWarningX this dude has got it right HH its all the ****ing same "cut my wrists and black my eyes just so i can sleep tonight...or die" WHAT THE FUCK!!!!! Randy Rhoads, the late Dimebag Darrel, and every other fallen comrade who could even be considered a descent guitarist are turned over PUKING in thier graves listening to this pathetic string ensemble of three pussies doing the work i could with my left ring and pinky finger
    byrd. u're a freakin idiot. SOAD rules, and often their lyrics are social satires, which explains why you probably didn't understand some of it. And as for the song you were quoting, it's the lost art of HUMOR. Now considering that you're an emo, don't think about that word for more than ten seconds or you'll probably panic, since emos are born without a sense of humor. And by the way, I have a radio show of my own, and good luck playing most Slipknot on the radio without getting a $500,000 fine. I'm not ripping on HH or anything, but you need to calm down a little bit.
    Hawthorne Heights is so terrible. They are just barely dipping into the genre of emo. If you want real, good emo check out some saetia, and life at these speeds.
    Seth Shadow wrote: This is an amazing album, i got my hands on it early. People will really like it if they liked "Ohio is for Lovers" of their cd "The Silence In Black And White". I Liked EVERY track off this Album... It is amazing.
    you are so deprived...
    all emo is an acoustic guitar w/a whiny lead singer. these guys make money off of guitar work a street corner player who had no practice whatsoever cld pull off. they hardly work at all i hate the..... wait a minute. i just got why they do this. excuse me while i go make a hit emo album(then after the 30-50 minutes i use bitchin abt girls mayb ill get a few champagne bottles n me n my friends can rejoice in the fact that this society is dumb and depressing..... unless ur tha 1 milkin it. ohhhhh yea! then wen i get better ill start a metal band i actually wanna play for. anyone wanna join an emo band? c'mon, no work and all pay make jack a very happy boy.
    redrumydoolb wrote: Their lyrics are pathetic. There is nothing wrong with emotion in lyrics, they just aren't good at it. Brand New are ace at emotion in lyrics.
    Thats exactly my point. I have NO problem with emotion, it's what music is. However when all you hear is "she left me, and now I cut myself" and "she left me, and i'm so alone" wah wah wah. It's whiny BS, when people make funny of Emo, it's not for having emotion, its making fun of overally sensitive music, about guys who are 16 and claiming to have lost someone they "love." give me a break. :/
    heart grenade
    What the **** is wrong with everyone this band freaken sucks i can't stand their whiny additudes.
    Well guess what you know why people rant on Emo? A.Half of emo's SLIT THEIR WRISTS AND ARE DRUGGIES and the other half just don't care. Anyways I'm gonna get it, and they aren't really a emo band.
    Hawthorne Heights is a piece of shit band. It is a generation of immature human beings that find Hawthorne Heights appealing. And the HH fans that get upset when they are critisized are only going to show how immature and vulnerable they are when they don't hear something they like. It is really meaningless awful music that makes you more dumb for having heard it. Maybe when the "emo" generation grows up one day, they will realize how immature and brainless they used to look at life. That is the only good thing that could come from this new wave of shit.
    i hate you guys. the guitarists in HH arent that good, tehy wine(that's their genre)but they try.....
    I dont really care for Emo music, its the kids that try to act Emo, by cutting their wrists, and wearing all this black makeup, that I have a problem with. Hawthorne Heights has been a successful band lately, and I respect that. I still dont like their music, but I respect them by drawing a lot of fans to their concerts. But its there fans that annoy the hell out of me. They think that by cutting their wrists, and dressing up like Goths, and wearing all this makeup, is going to earn them some respect, when its gonna earn them a hard punch in the face. We have some Emo/Goth kids at our school, that: 1. Smoke drugs 2. Cut their wrists 3. Try to sell drugs to other kids 4. Are just plain annoying I mean, when you gets kids that are cutting their wrists, having suicidal thoughts, and doing drugs/trying to sell them to kids, they have problems. They also act like little freaks anytime you try to talk to them. Also, about S.O.A.D., I used to like them. When I heard Aeriels, I fell in love with them. I love their Toxicity album, but then when Hypnotize & Mezermise came out, I lost alot of respect for them. Most of their lyrics can get annoying, and confusing on what their saying. Also, its the repetitive notes that they sing for 6-10 words at a time that just drives me crazy. As for their actual playing, I think they have talent, but there are waaay better bands out their. I like to listen to some Dream Theater, Killswitch Engage, Cradle Of Filth, Arch Enemy, and Guns N' Roses. Now those bands have talent! Anyway, HH has done good in the past years, as being Emo/Screamo, but stop having little freak fans.
    okay, lets take a time out. ALL MUSIC IS EMOTIONAL. okay now that thats out of the way, hawthorne heights is pop punk with an annoying guy screaming once in awhile. Theyre just like every other emo/punk.pop punk/whatever the **** you want to call it. they're bad. anyone who read edgar allen poe in high school can write songs like theirs. Its music that appeals to 14 yr old girls who just broke up with their boyfriend, or 14 yr old dudes who are pussies. and i happen to be huge fans of death cab and brand new, calling them both emo is a HUGEEEE understatement. sure brand new's "your favorite weapon" was pop-punkish, but look where theyve gone from there. hawthore heights is atrocious, and so is that whole genre.
    ok heres the deal a)stop ragging on music its music get over it b)people ,bands make music ,good music,have any of us ever made an album??,written an entire album??,writing one song makes my head hurt let alone 20 or so,this is just boring i listen to all this emo music and i dont care what other people think,evry1 likes diffrent music,get over it,we cant all like the same things, i dont cut my wrists or nething,i love system of a down and i love HH and taking back sunday and dashboard confessional(people ask me howi can listen to mudvayne then listen to dashboard confessional 10 mins after mudvaynes pounding distorted guitar riffs) lets just finish this gay cyber argument here and go practise some more songs and get better at guitar and hopefully get big and write an album or just impress a few people whatever u want to do with ur guitar skills
    Hmmmmm... if your think that this so called "argument" is gay, than you have some issues. I dont see how its possible to have a gay argument over music.
    There are people in here jumping all over the emos, so I gottta get in on this: LEAVE FUKING EMO MUSIC ALONE! I happen to like it. There is nothing wrong with having emotion in your songs. Hawthorne Heights, I'll admit, can really only sound good after they clean up their sound with sound filtering and stuff, but they do have potential. I heard them in concert, and they're not half bad at all. They are a bit sloppy, but that can be fixed. The moral of this story is: Let people like what they like, and you like what you like. You don't have to agree with what other people like, but why not spoon out some tolerance? Let's all get along, okay? There is no need to rag on emo music, or SOAD. I personally like both. We're here to offer our opinions, and that's all they are is our opinions. It's not like what we say is fact. P.S.- There's nothing wrong with Edgar Allen Poe, either.
    alrite...Its good to listen to SOAD and sometimes its also good to cut back and listen to some emo. There's nothing wrong with SOAD or Emo music. but....there's one thing that really buggs the crap out of me...how people hate emos...if you think being emo is sick and stupid and that emos dont deserve to live...its not them thats sick and dont deserve to live...its you thats sick and doesnt deserve to live they're just sad and depressed becuz of the S**T the world shoves in their face...you know they dont deserve it...but you people who LOVE to HATE emos, still shove S**T at them...and thats just mean. i mean if you think about...theyre just sad and suicidal because of the people that hate them... anyway...can we quit complaining about emos and pay attention to the frigin topic?...i really think HH has improved since their last album...their lyrics have gone more "punk Rock" than "Emo"...and the bassist has really improved (i dont know his name but i dont care)
    Personally...I don't really care for HH, but I'm not going to go slit my wrists (no pun intended) if they happen to come on the radio. If you really consider yourself a musician or even an artist, you have to be able to accept the fact that there are always going to be people out there that aren't going to appreciate what you like or do. As for --insert emo genre here-- in general...There is a point where you have to be able to get over something like a break up and get on with your life. I, as well as many of you I'm sure, have experienced some really f****d up s**t in my life, but I'm still here keepin on keepin on. All this BS about slitting your wrists...I'll bet that more than half of the people debaiting "cutting" don't have a clue about how to do it right. (I haven't, but I know what I'm talking about...dont ask) I DO NOT condone suicide AT ALL, but If you say you're going to do it...THEN DO IT and get it over with. Otherwise, stop wasting everybody elses time and f*****g with their emotions. Because there is nothing more pathetic than a failed suicide attempt. If it didn't work...They didn't want to die (w/ some exceptions) Woah...got a little off topic, sry. Getting back to HH overall id give them a MEH at best for musical talent, but still far better than (and worse than) many bands out there...As for SOAD...Radio/Video rocks
    im gonna try to respond to eclypse's comment ... i dont really think the average person who likes emo cuts themselves and i dont think the average person that doesnt like emo hates emo kids ... what i think most people are bothered by is the fact that emo has gotten so big ... thats not a credit to the artists just to how stupid people are (my opinion) .... at least i can speak for myself when i say that i dont really hate the music i hate the fact that its everywhere .... you turn on mtv and its either rap/hip hop or emo ie: fall out boy or hawthorne heights ... i gave up hope for mtv a long time ago but now its gotten to where they will play emo when they say its a "rock special" that ****in pisses me off .... and now to the whole suicidal because people are mean thing ... the fact is in life people are gonna go after those that are vunerable ... nothing makes you more vunerable than being depressed and sad (i dont want to emo bash but some of the shit they were doesnt help them much either) and not standing up for yourself .... if someone is mean to you dont cry like a girl .. make sure they know not to do it again ... im not trying to sound macho im just telling you the truth about human nature ... and by being sad because the emo haters are mean to you just gives them more pleasure .... oh yeah and someone said something about emotion in music and how theres nothing wrong with having emotion in your music ... ya thats true to a certain extent .... blues music has tons of emotion ... its all about having the blues and being down ... but some of the best blues artists (robert johnson, son house, charley patton) have tons of songs about things other than being sad or break ups ... it shows absolutely no creativity to sing about the same topic over and over again ... oh yeah somebody said they that they were moving more towards punk ... WTF!?! they dont even sound like other pop punk bands like blink 182 which its even a far stretch for me to call them punk ..... i thought you had to have peircings, tatoos, play loud, and be a rebel to call your music punk???
    I too am very sick of people making fun of "emos" per se. However, there is a very fine line between being emotionally messed up (which i am but not emo) and just pretending to be to fit in. For those of you who love HH, its likely because you can "relate" to them. However, again I must restate how EVERY SONG IS THE SAME! My friend got me "The Silence in Black and White" as a sick joke, and gave it a spin as a joke. I thought my repeat thing was stuck! And the screaming...half the time its not even words! So let us sum up shall we? Emo=not all bad, BUT HH=corporate deception of modern youth. Also, Simple Plan=just friggin retarded evil. Sorry, had to throw in something everyone could agree on.
    Friar Tuck
    By Crybabies, for crybabies. It's fine to put emotion into your music, but I really wish some of these bands would cheer the f*ck up, life's not all bad!
    There are tons of better guitarist out there, just like there are tons of better writers out there, "shine on dainmond eyes, so you can give this world some color" is my favorite lyirc you d*ck haha, there are tons of shitty lyrics in other types of rock, there alot of main stream rock bands that write simple lyrics too not just emo, all songs were written with emotions, most emo songs are written about break ups and stuff, thats what was going on in their life thats their art. nowadays It's alot harder to find bands that gave it all they had and risked everything to get to the top (not that they arent out there), Those bands wrote about their lives. Metallica, Red hot Chili Peppers, etc... you all know the bands, you're telling me they did't write their music with emotions and didn't shed a tear once? Just like the bands from the 70-80s wrote alot about banging girls, partying and drinking (damn right they put some ****in badass drums and guitar solos) these guys are writting about girls and their sweet emotions, sounds pretty gay, but to me i can relate with the girl problems (not with the slicling writst and stuff), dont you guys have girlfriends? I havent heard their new album, but their old one did have some repeated stuff i noticed, but there some worthy songs, as for whoever said emo writers are not genious, you are mistaken my friend, there are some out there, Death Cab and Dashboard, especially death cab, that used to the Postal Service
    Forbidden Beat
    I agree on the lyrics, they are a bit overboard with emofits =P (slitting wrists, etc). But musically, it's quite impressive. At uni, people pay out on 'emo' music. Now they're saying 'emo' is anything that has anything to do with breaking up with girls and punk music...etc. But that's not the truth, I think that emo is just a trend, lyrics containing stuff like...'i'd kill myself for you, my life sucks'...whatever. And people who wrtie these lyrics have just happened to like Punk/Screamo music and fused them together....so now people say any type of punk/screamo music is 'emo'. So i'd say get your facts right before you go spreading around that bands suck because they're emo. I think that bands like Hawthorne Heights can be called emo, but leave bands out who write about breaking up with girls..etc....god..nothing wrong with those kind of lyrics....unless it has something about cutting themselves...suicidal lyrics...thats the point where the lyrics have gone too far. Whatever, there's a bunch of jumble for you to read =P
    Seth Shadow
    Guitarist-82 is right but also wrong, Tears in Heaven Is Alot different from a song like "Ohio is for lovers", or "Wake Up Call" I Agree. "So Cut My Wrosts And Black My Eyes, So I Can Fall Asleep Or Die Tonight" but keep an open mind about the Subliminal Messages in songs, If you hate emo, you hate it, you hate classic you hate it, theres nothing you can really do except to expose yourself to all ends of music. Don't Like it? fine, the emo fans dont need to hear about it. And Hawthorne Heights try their hardest, thats all I can ask...
    Seth Shadow
    This is an amazing album, i got my hands on it early. People will really like it if they liked "Ohio is for Lovers" of their cd "The Silence In Black And White". I Liked EVERY track off this Album... It is amazing.
    As far as I'm concerned, Hawthorne Heights would be better if they were so emo with their lyrics. Musically not bad at all. But good god, their lyrics are retarded.
    why does everyone in this fuccin community rank on emo music?... what the **** is wrong with putting alot of emotion in your lyrics?... i mean look into history, some of the greatest songs; Tears in Heaven, Sweet child o Mine, theyre all based on fuccin emotion... so these guys have different emotions, why is that a problem?
    They're music is alright, but I agree, it's a little to emo and I'm not one to go for that much emo. I accidentally borrowed Silence in Black and White and was disgusted at the "I cut myself for you" type of lyrics. Oh well, I'm just not a person to go buy this even if the music was good.
    Their lyrics are pathetic. There is nothing wrong with emotion in lyrics, they just aren't good at it. Brand New are ace at emotion in lyrics.
    redrumydoolb wrote: Their lyrics are pathetic. There is nothing wrong with emotion in lyrics, they just aren't good at it. Brand New are ace at emotion in lyrics.
    good call. There is a little too much stereotypical emo lyrics with HH. But I was just commenting on on brokenwingman saying that emotion is bad in music which is just plain assonine
    They sound to me like they're trying to be like any other emo/screemo band, but maybe I'm wrong
    idk i find them very unimpressive...and i heard they dont write ther own music has neone else heard that?
    Hawthorne heights isn't emo, and anyone who says that (Unless they're hating on emo, which is perfectly acceptable) is a ****ing moron. And the problem with this supposed "emo" is the fact that it IS NOT emotion. It was a untalenented vocalist writing two cds off of a handful of similar problems, either because he isnt talented enough to do more or because he recycles what he knows works with the pathetic, stupid masses of music-listeners.
    I like HH a bit but ya the emo doesnt cut it. Why are there so many people turning emo, jesus. And kevinmawae25 is Completely wrong, tears in heaven and songs like that are based on a completely different type of emotion, not sliting their wrists and blood this blood that. Emo musicians write songs as if their life is so horrible even though they make millions every song they write!
    Anyway, the actual review could have gone into a bit more depth. Personally, I don't like emo, but I'm not gonna rag on any bands.
    Eh...I agree with BrokenWingman... They're good musicians, but that guy's voice is freakin' annoying. And mixing screamo and emo together is the greatest either IMO.
    Seth Shadow
    Yah just dont diss other people's likes and dislikes. System of a down is a great band, dont just look at the lyrics, look at the music. Be Respectful and Get Treated with respect. Music is Music Like it or not, It's Here To Stay.
    i wasnt a fan of hawthorne heights, then suddenly i just liked them a bit, and they kept growing on me. cant often say that but I do think theyre a pretty damn good band
    I asolutely loved their first album, I mean it was typical "emo" but I loved it! I haven't been able to get my hands on it yet. but I will, I hope it's better than the first though, I mean lyrics, music and vocals were incredible