If Only Your Were Lonely Review

artist: Hawthorne Heights date: 09/21/2007 category: compact discs
Hawthorne Heights: If Only Your Were Lonely
Release Date: Feb 28, 2006
Label: Victory
Genres: Rock
Number Of Tracks: 12
It is a freaking masterpiece. They stuck to their sound but improved.
 Sound: 7.3
 Lyrics: 6.8
 Overall Impression: 7.4
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overall: 9.3
If Only Your Were Lonely Reviewed by: facundo_mundo, on january 05, 2006
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Sound: I got my hands on this early so I decided to give y'all a heads up on this. It is a freaking masterpiece. They stuck to their sound but improved. This is where most bands mess up because they variate from their roots. So they met their mark. They expermient a little but always come right back with that typical HH guitar and the very stiff drums. // 10

Lyrics: It's typical Hawthorne Heights, and they are pretty much at their best right now. Lyrics and music go real well, and the whole album flows almost flawlessly. The singer broadend his note range a little bit, and it worked out fine. // 8

Overall Impression: This album is a great add to their one album career, and hopefuly they will keep up the very good work. This album has various amazing songs, but "This Is Who We Are" would be the best song out of there in my opinion. It's a perfect, absolutely perfect opening to their cd, with good tempo, energy, agressive screaming, it sucks you right in and makes you want to listen to the whole thing, it's brilliant. I love the whole thing, but the only thing I didn't really agree with was the fact the tried the whole "techno" electrica thing here and there, it wasn't bad it added a little variation but I'm affraid they'd abuse it and mess up later. If this album was lost or stolen, I would really buy it, hell I'd buy it twice. It's supposed to come out Feb. 28th, so mark it in your calendars and go get it, I really recomend it. // 10

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overall: 1
If Only Your Were Lonely Reviewed by: Modernmusich8er, on april 10, 2006
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Sound: Hawthorne Heights are among my most hated bands in existence (which is very large considering how crappy todays music is). Whenever I hear "Saying Sorry" on the radio or see it on TV I want to blow my brains in. As a musician it infuriates me that I can create a masterpiece and still live paycheck to paycheck while people with no talent like this band can play the same thing over and over and sing crappy lyrics over and over and be stars. I ca't express through words how upset this band makes me and how badly I want them to fail along with every other modern band with no talent. // 1

Lyrics: The lowest you can rate on this scale is a 1 but if I could I would give the lyrics to this album a 0. When I went to my friends house(a fan of this band, a fact that almost threatened our friendship) I was subjected to listening to this album and I am suprised I'm still alive to write this review. Is it just me or are whinny lyrics about love with screaming in the middle unbelieveably annoying? If you want to listen to real music I suggest that you steer clear of this band or any other band in this genre and listen to classic rock. // 1

Overall Impression: I hate this band, period. I would rather hear microphone feedback for 24 hours straight than listen to Hawthorne Heights. I suggest that you join my crusade to revive the classic rock sound like Led Zeppelin, Aerosmith, The Rolling Stones, Rush, etc. If you listen to this album and know what real talent is you will see what this band lacks, and that is talent. // 1

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overall: 9
If Only Your Were Lonely Reviewed by: AVA_182_44, on march 27, 2006
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Sound: About a year ago, I heard Hawthorne Height's first hit, "Ohio Is For Lovers" from their first album, "The Silence In Black And White." And I knew it was love at first sight, sound I mean. Their first album was great, and their follow up, sophmore album, "If Only You Were Lonely" which came out Febuary 28th, with their third hit "Saying Sorry," was a phenomenon. Their alubm illustrates how lonely it can be, when you're away from the ones you love. The confusion, frustration, and heart breaking anguish, that leaves your heart broken in two, but then, you find that missing person, and everything's all right again. The two versions of "If Only You Were Lonely" illustrate a story when put together. I'm not exactly sure what it is, but my best guess is. A new kid moved to town one day, he was lonely, afraid, and scared in this new town. But then he met a girl who eventually became his best friend. They became inseparable. But then, the boy moved away again, and the two were heartbroken. They promised to stay in touch, and they did for years. But eventually they grew apart, and they both had dreams about eachother, trying to get to one another. The same recurring dream every night. Then finally, they found eachother, and expressed eachothers love for one another. It really is a great album. They take, emo, post-hardcore, and some hard rock, and combine the three together to make great music, with their own sound and originallity. // 9

Lyrics: J. T. Woodruff, lead singer of Hawthorne Heights, and their screaming back up singer, Casey Calvert, bring their own new sound, and originallity to the lyrics of their new album. They're like no other band out their, with their willingness to explore a whole new type of music, and the outgoing vocals. J. T. has a smooth, soft voice that really reaches out to you, and really brings you closer to the song. Then, blown away by Casey's rough and coarse vocals, that make you want more of this album. Their lyrics, tie into the guitars, and drums, which blend together to make great hits such as "Saying Sorry," "Where Can I Stab Myself In The Ears?" and "This Is Who We Are." // 8

Overall Impression: Hawthorne Height's new twist one emo, post hardcore, and hard rock makes a whole new orginal sound, which gives you "If Only You Were Lonely." Their somewhat of an outcast, with their different sounds of music, but still tie into the blend of all the other great bands out their. I love the three guitarists, with their insane guitar parts, and the out goingness of the drums and bass. The only thing that I hate about the CD is when I get done listening to "Decembers" then the CD is over. If I were to lose this CD, I would buy it again in a heart beat. // 10

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overall: 9.7
If Only Your Were Lonely Reviewed by: Jegel, on february 25, 2006
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Sound: Well lets just say Hawthorne Heights has improved 10 fold. This is without a doubt 10 times better than there last album. The band comes together really well on this one, everything has improved, plus they have kept true to there style. These elements make this album one to pick up. // 10

Lyrics: The lyrics have improved drastically. They remain true to the Hawthorne Heights style. I think the lyrics are a little bit more happy then the last album too, which makes this one alot better to listen to. // 9

Overall Impression: fantastic. The guitar work is great. First time I've ever heard Hawthorne Heights use pinch harmonics, theres also a little solo in one song which is very refreshing to hear considering what style of music they are playing. This album blows the last one out of the water, since I've heard this, I've pretty much lost the old one. This one is fantastic. Hawthorne Heights fans will love it, and people who used to hate them, will start to like them as they listen to this wonderful work. // 10

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overall: 4.3
If Only Your Were Lonely Reviewed by: unregistered, on march 20, 2006
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Sound: Hawthorne Heights sophomore album is, let's just say, somewhat of a dissapointment. After all the advertising they had for it, and how much they talked it up on various music shows, I thought it would be amazing. However, after hearing Saying Sorry, I was very dissapointed. I thought though, when I bought the album that there would be some really good songs on there. When I bought it, I was let down once again. There's about 2-3 good songs on there. "This Is Who We Are," "Language Lessons" and "December" are basically the only songs worth listening to. On top of everything else, the emo-ness is ridiculous. The vocals are so whiny. Their first album was a lot more real, this album, is them trying more to fit into the emo scene, and they really did it. The whole album, all they basically do is whine, it gets really old. // 4

Lyrics: The lyrics are decent. I like the first album a lot better. These lyrics are kind cheesy, especially on "Saying Sorry." The lyrics go very well with the music, but the music isn't the greatest I've heard anyway. The singing is horrible. Emo has reached a new low. They try so hard to be emo. I really think they could have done better with this album. // 5

Overall Impression: Hawthorne Heights first album is a lot better than this album. If this was your first taste of Hawthorne Heights, than I'm sorry. Because they really are an amazing band, but this album is sub-par beyong imagination. Best songs are "This Is Who We Are," "Language Lessons" and "December." The emo singing really needs to die. They try way to hard, and after about 2 minutes it just gets to whining. If this was stolen, I would not buy the same CD. I would download the 3 good songs on the album. // 4

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overall: 8
If Only Your Were Lonely Reviewed by: Austi_rocker, on april 24, 2006
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Sound: Hawthorne Heights. One of the coolest bands ever period. Their music is some of the best music I've heard! They stuck to the same style of music in their previous album "The Silence In Black And White" and then they gave me even more than I expected. Even though a couple of thier songs can be overplayed I will almost never get sick of listening to them. Truely this an album you should greatly consider buying. // 8

Lyrics: As a musician I would have to say that this band has some of the most impressive lyrics I have ever heard. The lyrics go great with the music. And their lead singer J.T. is awesome. Their backup vocals bring the whole thing together though. // 8

Overall Impression: I have to say that the most impressive songs on the album are: Language Lessons (Five Words Or Less) and Light Sleeper. The coolest intro to a song would definetly be Dead In The Water though. If I wasn't so broke I would probably go out and get another CD, that is how good they are. And of course what is there to hate, it's Hawthorne Heights! // 8

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overall: 3.3
If Only Your Were Lonely Reviewed by: xXbleed4meXx, on march 01, 2006
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Sound: The sound seemed muddy and thick to me. The guitars lack cutting power and the bassist seems content to sit in the pocket for every song. The drums were so-so, and the vocals lack any flare. I give it a 3 because at least they didn't change their entire sound into a highly polished pop melody band. // 3

Lyrics: "Seeing you cry, over my boring lyrics, makes me feel like saying sorry." This was the major downfall of this record for me. I had expected Hawthorne Heights to come back with different subject matter for an album than simply "I miss you." The lines are tired and generic. // 2

Overall Impression: The only part of this entire record I liked was the chorus to "Saying Sorry." Other than that, the lyrics are mediocre, the sound is less than desirable, and the overall work is just below the par of what I expected from musicians with such a dynamic live performance. I'll give it a 5 because they stuck to their guns and made their record, not mine. Better luck next time guys. // 5

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overall: 9.7
If Only Your Were Lonely Reviewed by: Love.Lies.Break, on april 14, 2006
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Sound: I think that HH has made so much progress with their latest release. They sound more mature, especially with their guitars. It is like their last album, but they have gotten better on so many levels. They blend pop-punk, emo and screamo so well. Their sound is one of a kind. // 9

Lyrics: Their lyrics blow me away. They are so true to not only themselves, but to their fans and the people who inspire them. They speak so honestly and their music conveys that. Together, the music and lyrics are a dangerous duo, especially with JT, Matt and Casey giving their all. They make their last CD sound, have to say it, so last year. // 10

Overall Impression: They have continued to get better and earn my respect and appreciation. I would say that this album is definitely in my top 5. The best songs, to me, would be Language Lessons, Dead In The Water, Cross Me Off Your List and Decembers. I love this cd because I can play it over and over and never get tired of it. I don't really hate anything except that it's only 12 songs. If it got stolen from me (let us pretend I didn't rip it onto my PC) I would definitely buy it again. Actually, I bought both version A and B. So I'd buy them both again. // 10

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overall: 10
If Only Your Were Lonely Reviewed by: unregistered, on june 23, 2006
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Sound: In thier first album (the silence in black and white) they showed a sighed of the band that is a lot darker then this album (if only you were only). For this album they showed a lot of aggresivness'and a punk rock kinda situation then their darker emo type on their 1st album. They put a lot of thinking into this album to show who they really are, and they really through this album at you before ur eyes. I never did like Hawthorne Heights, but when I listened to this album I was amazed and how rad it was from beginning to end. Overal this is a great albumm and one of my favs. // 10

Lyrics: In this album the lyrics were a lot stronger and agressive then their 1st, the lyrics in the 1st album are somewhat what the lyrics are in this one, but the lyrics in this album are really bold and the singer did a great job with the lyrics this album. The singer skills I think are a lot better in this album then the 1st, a lot more broader voice and really good screamo. The lead singer has a good voice, but I think if ur in band u dont need a real good singer so it's all good. // 10

Overall Impression: This album is amazing it doesn't compare to their 1st. I can't really compare it to other albums or anything it is just a raelly good album. I'd say that the most impressive songs on this album are "this is who we are" because its a great start for an album that is so aggressive and mind shredding it gives a new taste of what to expect from Hawthorne Heights but also a Hawthorne Heights that u new before listening to the album. Also another song that is really crazy is "Where I stab myself in the ears" this song is a good lyricaly well done song and it's really hardcore. If my cd was stolen I'd go buy 2 more if only you were lonely just in case one of them gets stolen again so I have another one. // 10

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overall: 9.3
If Only Your Were Lonely Reviewed by: xsv, on july 04, 2006
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Sound: The band was best at this CD. Personally this cd was so much more lively and better than the first. You could call it a better revised edition of the first CD. This album wasn't as creative, just because every song uses these 3 power chords 664, 442, and 220. Every single song is based off those 3 chords and it gets old after awhile. The story is about a guy and a girl moving away from each other I think, and then both of the parents on the girl's and guy's side get them frustrated, so the boy and girl move back to their old house. This CD was impressive though, with catchy lyircs and some really cool sounding guitar riffs.even though this cd has less screaming, it gets the job done. // 9

Lyrics: The lyrics were catchy, but not as emotional as the first CD. The music fit the vocals perfectly. The vocals of JT, casey and matt made the cd smooth and not flawed. JT's vocal quality isn't bad, and not the best but it gets the job done and was an excellent choice for vocals. Casey's screaming fits perfect on the right moments. // 9

Overall Impression: I don't really compare CDs, I really just listen to them and see the similar things. Well I listen to taking back sunday, Fall Out Boy, All-American Rejcts, Relient K and all that punk/pop/post hard core stuff. If this CD was stolen I would buy this again because my CD is autorgraphed buy the band, and I would chase the guy down who stole my CD. // 10

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overall: 5.3
If Only Your Were Lonely Reviewed by: Bored_2_Death, on july 13, 2006
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Sound: Hawthorne Heights is yet another emo band people now listen to. Their new album provides a cleaner sound than their previous album. I'm not sure but it sounds like there is a flanger or studio effect added. The bass is decent and the drums sounds the same like from most bands. One bad thing I don't like about the sound is that most of the guitar riffs sound the same on this album. One of the unique things about this band is instead of the basic line-up of rhythm guitarist, lead guitarist, bassist, and a drummer seen in most bands, Hawthorne Heights has 3 guitarists. // 6

Lyrics: The weakest point of this album is probably the lyrics. Some of the lyrics are kinda catchy but the others are just annoying. I especially hate the screaming thing that one of the 3 guitarists or the bassist does. It makes a song worse and it's just really annoying to listen to. The screamings is just plain shit. The lead singer's voice is decent but it gets annoying to listen after a while. // 4

Overall Impression: Overall, this is a very slightly above average album. It has strong points and really bad points. My favorite songs on this album are If Only You Were Lonely, Pens And Needles, and Saying Sorry. The thing I hate most about this album is the screaming. It's nothing special and it's just really, really, really, really, annoying. If you want to listen to bands that do the screaming good, take my advice and listen to AFI for Davey Havok's vocals and System Of A Down for Daron Malakian's occasional screaming. // 6

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overall: 7.3
If Only Your Were Lonely Reviewed by: fret13, on august 11, 2006
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Sound: I've always been an HH fan ever since I bought The Silence In Black And White and I thought that they were awesome. I bought this CD and still being awestruck from the first one liked it. If I wrote this review when I bought this CD I would have given the entire thing a 10 but now it's just obnoxious. The sound is very acceptional nothing wrong with it the lead singer sounds the same and the guitars have definately put in a lot more effort. The bass line is not much different from rhythm guitar. People who call this emo are wrong this is not emo, the lyrics sound emo, but the style isnt I can't put my finger on what it is though. // 9

Lyrics: The lyrics suck. that is all I have to say. All of them are about love and being apart and if it's not that then the lyrics make no sence what'soever. "Your such a light sleeper", "Breathing\in the same sequence." I mean who cares and why. HH has a good way of making a tune but they need to work on the lyrics. // 7

Overall Impression: This is probibly the wrost CD I own next to Thousand Foot Krutch Penomenon. If this was the first time youve heard of HH I'm sorry you should have gotten their first album. The only good song is This Is Who We Are. If I lost it it wouldn't matter I have both covers. // 6

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overall: 6.7
If Only Your Were Lonely Reviewed by: I am punk "BF", on september 21, 2007
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Sound: It was pretty good but it could have been a little better. The vocals were okay and the guitars were not to great. In "This is who we are" the vocals were a little better. Tdrums were okay but still they were not great. There was minor screaming in this album and it was pretty light. The first song I have ever heard from this band was "ohio is for lovers" but none of the songs on this album are that good. // 7

Lyrics: The lyrics were okay. They did not sing about bad stuff which is a really good thing. They also do not curse which is a thing I love about these guys. The lyrics could have been thought out a little bit more but other than that they were not to bad. The song called "On your side" sounded a little corny to me, but like I said they were not terrible. They were also not great. // 7

Overall Impression: Overall I was not to thrilled with this album. If I lost it I may not ever replace it again. The album was not terrible, but it was not what I expected. The thing I hated most was the "vicTorV" disc it came with. There was a lot of stuff on there that really did not need to be there. It was hosted by JT and since I saw that "VictorV" thing I stopped thinking JT was cool. // 6

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