Suck Out The Poison review by He Is Legend

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  • Released: Oct 3, 2006
  • Sound: 10
  • Lyrics: 9
  • Overall Impression: 10
  • Reviewer's score: 9.7 Superb
  • Users' score: 8.2 (73 votes)
He Is Legend: Suck Out The Poison

Sound — 10
This band has changed it's sound, but the change is an improvement. People expecting I am Hollywood Part 2 will be disappointed, but this band wanted to dig into their southern rock roots. The result is a heavier, rawer, and dirtier album than IAH. The guitar tone is dirtier, and Schuylar sings in a raspier voice. The bass work is as great as it was on their earlier work, as is the drumming. They add little things here and there to keep it interesting.

Lyrics — 9
The lyrics throughout the album are a sort of Southern fairy tale. There are definitely some lyrics that you wouldn't have previously heard by this band. They have taken a turn for the darker. China White II, for example, has downright nightmarish lyrics. Schuylar's words complement the new style of lyrics, no doubt.

Overall Impression — 10
In my opinion, this album beats IAH, and that album was one of my absolute favorites since it came out. I listened to it nearly every day. Now this album will get that amount of playing time. The best songs are Dixie Wolf, Attack of the Dungeon Witch, China White II, Serpent Sickness, and ( ((Louds. Pick this album up and give it a shot. There are some naysayers, but they are probably people that wanted a carbon copy of the last album.

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    criminal pan
    well someone hasnt listend to the CD they just heard Schuylars vocals and didnt like the album it's a fun album and it shows diversity among styles that this band plays so they chose not to make a poppy/metal/emo/rock and roll album like I AM HOLLYWOOD they chose to make a southern/poppy/metal/emo/rock/grunge/jazz album all they did was add more fuel to the fire and it's pretty much awsome
    Sweet CD, they are my favorite rock band. I really like Dixie Wolf and, well....pretty much every other song. Even the filler tracks are fun to listen to.
    now bare with me cause i like a broad variety of rock, but Lamb of God 's-"Sacrament ", mewithoutyou 's-"Brother,Sister " and He is Legend 's-"Suck Out The Poison ".are seriously the best music to come out in a long while! I've Seen He is Legend play in the smallest hole in the wall places in my area, and rock the hell out of 'um. damn what a great band(they definetly deserve the bigger venues this tour). plus ive had numerous conversations with Schular and Adam before and after shows and their cool ****ing people.My point is that anyone that liked He is Legend before and doesnt like the new CD enough to even give it a second listien, is a worst case scenario of what i call the "I'm so cool in my girlpants, Emo/Screamo polesitting posers." and in which case if that sounds like you this music is not for you anyway!!!....."I'm seeing children seeing things, that I think children shouldnt see."
    i love this album so much. top 3 songs: stampede, (((louds, electronic throat. i don't like china white II at all though.
    To papersun87, the song title is Attack Of The Dungeon Witch(Not Queen!). Jeez, you think you could at least get the song titles correct if you're going to review something.
    dude im so upset. the guitars are heavier but a lot of the songs sound the same. the lyrics are still great, but schuylar's singing was SO much better in "i am hollywood" he is legend was one of my favorite bands but this album is like shit compared to 91025 and i am hollywood. i'm trying so hard to like this album but i can't.