Suck Out The Poison review by He Is Legend

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  • Released: Oct 3, 2006
  • Sound: 9
  • Lyrics: 9
  • Overall Impression: 9
  • Reviewer's score: 9 Superb
  • Users' score: 8.2 (73 votes)
He Is Legend: Suck Out The Poison

Sound — 9
The album starts off with the track "Dixie Wolf (The Seduction Of...)", a sequel of sorts to "The Seduction" off of their previous album I am Hollywood. The track boasts the hammer and pull off sequence on guitars which He Is Legend are famous for. "Attack Of The Dungeon Witch" blends the newly acquired intense southern rock feel with the melody of their previous works to make one beautiful song. The next few tracks follow the trend of the beginning, mixing their two different sounds together to make great heavy music. He Is Legend are the first band I've heard in a while to really congregate classic rock, southern rock, and modern screamo into one. "China White II" another follow up to an old song is by far my favorite track on the album. One of the heaviest songs I've heard this year, the track definitely packs a punch. With two breakdowns towards the end of the song, you can't help but stop what you're doing and listen in full focus. The album slows down I feel a little towards the end and is a little too long, coming to almost an hour in run time.

Lyrics — 9
Lyrically, the album is just as good as their previous work, maybe not having as creative lyrics as they used to have, but that definitely gets picked up by the aggresiveness and down-right crudeness of the lyrics. You can't help but to grind you teeth when you hear lyrics like these: "With your father gone/And your mom in chains/Your mother never looked so good!" The guitars on the album are stupendous. Nothing is more fun to hear and play then some dirty southern rock and that's exactly what this is. Showcasing their talent, the beginning to "Electronic Throat" includes a classic southern riff which gets you excited for the song to come. "Stampede", "Mushroom River", and "(((Louds" include some of the best guitar parts on the album and are definitely worth a listen.

Overall Impression — 9
The production on the album is pretty good, a little foggy at times, but overall it has a good sound and feel to it. In final, He Is Legend have put out one of my favorite records of the year so far, and have definitely surprised me with their new material. Who knew a band could change their sound so much and yet still sound great. If you're a fan of dirty, heavy, southern rock then I highly suggest you pick this album up because you will not be dissapointed. Even if you aren't a fan of this type of music, I still suggest you give the album a try. They have changed their sound so much, people who initially did not like the band might like the more serious, gritty side to them now.

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