Suck Out The Poison review by He Is Legend

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  • Released: Oct 3, 2006
  • Sound: 8
  • Lyrics: 10
  • Overall Impression: 9
  • Reviewer's score: 9 Superb
  • Users' score: 8.2 (73 votes)
He Is Legend: Suck Out The Poison

Sound — 8
He Is Legend delivers an incredibly unique sound that borders on falling into it's own genre. Though more coarse than past albums, the sound is still undeniably He Is Legend. Even with a new guitarist, they remain the same musically, they deliver memorable songs that you can listen to over and over.

Lyrics — 10
He Is Legend is only half music, the other half of course being lyrics. Lead singer/song writer Schuylar Croom provides incredible lyrics with deep symbolism and meaning, that also sounds great. His voice has changed since older CDs, but the lyrics remain the same.

Overall Impression — 9
This is arguably the best album, though it's hard to beat I am Hollywood. Suck Out The Poison often connects to I am Hollywood through it's songs -examples are China White II and Dixie Wolf (The Seduction Of... - Getting used to their new sound took some getting used to, but once your used to it, you can learn to appreciate it. I would definitely recommend this CD, or any CD by this band.

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    This album is absolutely amazing and is far better than I Am Hollywood in just about every way.
    atlmetal wrote: I'm outraged guys. Who cares if they've changed? He Is Legend isnt a Screamo/Metalcore band anymore. There a southern rock/ metal band. I hate complaining over categories but they are. And SUTP and Maylene's debut are amazing. It's music for the south from the south.
    HIL has always been southern, they've only become darker, and eliminated themselves from the "scene" stereo type band. They've improved, and tehy are happy with what they have done. If people can't accept that, they can't accept music
    !normajean! wrote: but really, it does sound like hes worn out his voice. just listen to "Either They Decorated For Christmas Early, Or They're All Dead". then listen to "Electronic Throat". major difference. his voice used to be amazing. its bad now. but i still love them.
    He was still in his teens when he recorded 91025. You can't stop testosterone.... well you can...
    I am punk "BF"
    He is legend put out a song called "I am Hollywood". At first it may sound scary but once you read the lyrics and understand that it is talking about how Hollywood [the world] pulls you in and you will start to become part of the world.
    You people keep mentioning the same songs. No Widow of Mongolia? No Goldies Torn Locks? No Pot Bellied Goddess? My favorites by far. Though, they'll never live up to the previous masterpieces "Dinner with a Gypsy" and "Best in Mexico" they're on the road to greatness.
    well i am a big fan of them live. there is alot more screaming and they do a hell of a job putting on a show. the album is alright but these tracks are killer live
    D_Force 4 EVER
    I saw these guys live in St. Louis with KsE, Dragonforce, and Chimaira. They easily outplayed Chimaira. And their bassist is the SHIZIT!