The Devil You Know review by Heaven & Hell

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  • Released: Apr 28, 2009
  • Sound: 10
  • Lyrics: 10
  • Overall Impression: 10
  • Reviewer's score: 10 Gem
  • Users' score: 9.1 (102 votes)
Heaven & Hell: The Devil You Know

Sound — 10
Amazing. I don't know what else to say. From the slow impending doom at the start of "Atom and Evil" to the blasting bass groove of "Double the Pain" to the wonderful lyrics of "Breaking Into Heaven" the sound of this band is an impenetrable fortress. I am a huge fan of Tony's playing and he surely doesn't fail here. The beautiful and yet dark solo in "Bible Black" is great. The fast, in your face, solo on "Eating the Cannibals" is well, in your face! The slow solo in "Rock And Roll Angel" followed by the acoustic solo in the same song absolutely blew me away. I have listened to "Rock And Roll Angel" so many times, just because of the solo. Geezer's bass and Vinny's drums are always there pushing the song along. While there are no weak tracks on the album, some just push a little stronger than others. But once you listen to the CD a second, third, fourth, sixtieth, time all the songs spit in your face and say "You will never amount to how amazing we are."

Lyrics — 10
I could sit here and just type in "Dio" and that should be enough to buy this album solely based on lyrical content. Once again Ronnie's story telling is top notch. As he ages, I swear he is getting better. Not to mention his receding hairline is AWESOME! But let's not get into that. The lyrics are dark, mysterious, magical, and haunting. A caravan of darkness swirls around you as you listen to this man tell stories from dimensions not known. Take a gander at this, "Far beneath the world we missed the sun Why did we believe it shines on everyone so Now we're here to take away your light So you can go forever where the next day's still tonight." Ronnie never fails to blow my mind, and I honestly believe this CD has the best lyrical content he has ever produced.

Overall Impression — 10
I work at the local movie theater on an Air Base in Turkey. So the store here doesn't get many good products. So while I was working, a few buddies of mine busted through the door and said, "Hey man, the BX has Heaven and Hell!" My mouth fell open and I threw money at them as they rushed off to buy it for me. When they got back and gave me the CD, I started reading the lyrics on my break... I don't know why I even try in this life, all the glory has been taken by these guys. The lyrics absolutely melted my face on the spot. Once I got home that night, I put in the CD, and from the first drum beat to the last guitar solo, I was astounded at the sheer power the band throws in your face. And when I say powerful, I am saying sick, twisted, demented, beautiful, deadly songs straight from Hell. "Heaven and Hell truly is 'The Devil You Know'"

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    1st of, this hole "Heaven and Hell" sh*t is eexactly that, pure bullsh*t. EVERYONE knows that this is Black Sabbath. ok now for the new record. Sound = best ive heard from ANY Sabbath record (10) Lyrics / Singing = its Dio, nough said (10) Impression = this album is gonna be a pure Sabbath classic few others... Guitar and Bass = was better riffs and kickass harmonies from Iommi and Butler
    I severely underestimated this album. I bought it, and when I played it, I was blown away. It's so much heavier than I expected. A must have for any metal fan.
    Go all to vote TDYK to the Classic Rock Magazines homepage as the best album of the year. You dont want to see Metallica to win it, dont ya?
    this is the best album ive heard in my life and im really into doom metal since this album before it i alway asumed doom metal was slow death metal
    I remember reading the Rolling Stone review of this album and for some reason believeing it. I just recently decided to check out this album and I can't stop listening to it. Great lyrics, great singing, great metal - RIP Dio!