Everything's Watched, Everyone's Watching review by Heavy Heavy Low Low

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  • Released: Sep 19, 2006
  • Sound: 9
  • Lyrics: 8
  • Overall Impression: 10
  • Reviewer's score: 9 Superb
  • Users' score: 7.7 (21 votes)
Heavy Heavy Low Low: Everything's Watched, Everyone's Watching

Sound — 9
Heavy Heavy Low Low's sound is incredible. It's neurotic and fascinating, all over the place with it's intensity and charisma. Ryan and Danny's guitars speak to each other and they don't just chat. They scream and whine and drool and grind all over the tracks, and the guitars are what hit you the hardest. Andrew's bass is thumping and constant, groovy and melodic, a perfect contrast to the heavy guitars. Christopher's drums are genius, some of the most creative and wacky drum beats. His hits and thumps and crashes stay in line with the guitars, and together all this noise eats you. Robbie's vocals are top of the line, between his shrill screams on Eating The Porridge, Killing The Bears, to his low growls he remains king of, on There's A Bat.

Lyrics — 8
Robbie's lyrics are smart, angry, apathetic, and depressed, all at once. Obviously a man with a lot going on inside, he translates it perfectly into his lyrics. One of the strongest examples of his emotions would be "Buddy, You're Makin' No Sense" or "Mall-Nutrition". The first track, "This Is Really Testing The Patience I've Never Had" is a perfect song for the average minimum-wage drone, explaining his contempt for his job. Some songs stem from stories behind them, like "There's A Bat" being about a bandana that looked like a bat. One of the darker songs, "Eating The Porridge, Killing The Bears" is about abortion, keeping in line with Heavy Heavy Low Low's offensive reputation.

Overall Impression — 10
All in all, this CD is an amazing, complex, layered, yet seemingly simple contribution from a young, incredibly talented band. Buy it. Or die. Or get high, with HHLL if you please. Oh and to all the Heavy Heavy Low Low haters out there, I suggest you take some time to actually listen to this CD, and you'll realize how good it is. Also, while being somewhat short, it's still worth the ten bucks.

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    ha yeah id actually believe that *****'s story if he wasnt such a poser. if any guitar player paid someone to get ass ****ed it would be Danny because he's ****ed up like that and he ****ing rocks.
    Robbie's vocals are different on this release because the other singer is no longer with the band.
    Schizopathic wrote: iquitmyscene13 wrote: These guys partied at one of my friends houses after a show, and tried to give my friend 20 bucks to do one of the guitarists up the butt. Still like this band? for those of you who don't speak idiot, this roughly translate into... "I like to make up stories about bands that I don't like, in an appearance to make myself awesome...especially with a name like "iquitmyscene13", it's just because none of the scene kids at my school like me...Now let me go listen to bands like Hinder and Nickleback, instead as good bands like Heavy Heavy Low Low
    Fuckin owned lol! +2352354235235