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artist: (hed) p.e. date: 07/18/2007 category: compact discs
(hed) p.e.: Insomnia
Release Date: Jun 26, 2007
Label: Nze
Genres: Alternative Metal, Rap-Metal, Punk Metal
Number Of Tracks: 14
Songs on "Insomnia" are sometimes so weird and mix so many insane elements, brains in normal condition just can't invent anything like that.
 Sound: 8
 Lyrics: 7
 Overall Impression: 8
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overall: 8
Insomnia Featured review by: UG Team, on july 18, 2007
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Sound: Insomnia has inspired so many artists and in spite of the trite subject, it keeps inspiring even more. Following Faithless and a few hundreds other artists of different music genres, (hed) p.e. has discovered what a sleeping disorder is. A new record by (hed) p.e. is called (I bet you guessed already) Insomnia. Known for their love to experiment with different music genres, (hed) p.e. doesn't change in a new record. As the vocalist Jared Gomes describes it, has shades of different colors all at the same time, and that's why it's so powerful. Really, this record turned out to be more intense than their previous album Back To Base X. As per it's insane name, Insomnia is their heaviest up to date and show (hed) p.e. at their angriest. Writing it the guys set out for a darker record with such teachers as the Sex Pistols and Clash. There are almost no reggae and rare chilling songs sound boring against loud angry tracks.

The opener and the lead-off single on the album Suffa sets the pace right from beginning. It is more about hard core and Rage Against The Machine than hip-hop and Jay-Z. Don't Let Me Down is the only happy song. It features classic rockabilly riff, adding to it's fooling mood. Besides, it's almost danceable! Children is based on Buffalo Springfield's For What It's Worth. The cover with election speeches sounds intriguing and the song actually gets a new meaning. Even though I can't call the songs pop or the melodies catchy, (hed) p.e. somehow manage to make you remember the choruses and sing-along after the first listen. // 8

Lyrics: They claim they represent the truth. And they really do -- on any subject without thinking twice if it's too vulgar, rude or containing politicians' speeches. According to the band the world now is a mix of blood, sex and violation -- those three rule our planet and (hed) p.e. are pretty angry with that! First of all, of course, there are songs about war and people leading others to death, but they went a bit further, than just regular moaning about how difficult life is. They are actually very close to making a riot. Even the song Walk On By with seemingly peaceful meaning about just walking by if you don't like something, sounds so aggressive that you seek for a hidden sense in the lyrics. Mirrorbalin' is a manual for a teenage pervert. Make sure your dad isn't in the room before turning this on as this is not your usual Parental Advisory sign! After all it's life and everybody talks about what bothers him.

All through the record Jared Gomes yells like psychotic, which creates the atmosphere of a madhouse. When he rarely rests and sings in a normal voice, it sounds like he just took a pill to calm down. // 8

Overall Impression: I've always wondered -- do they feel special inspiration, suffering from sleepless syndrome? Now I'm sure at least some of them do -- the songs on Insomnia are sometimes so weird and mix so many insane elements, brains in normal condition just can't invent anything like that.

(hed) p.e. sees their aim in music in throwing the questions to the listeners and making them seek for the answer. And they are quite successful at it -- using straight-up lyrics and singing on the calamity issues, the guys make you at least think about the matter and want to learn more and maybe occasion a riot? // 8

- Kosh (c) 2007

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overall: 7.3
Insomnia Reviewed by: Bass Patriot, on march 20, 2008
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Sound: (həd) p.e.'s Insomnia has an excellent mix of Funk, Hardcore, and Punk/Rock style guitar riff in the album "Insomnia". Song's like "Don't Let Me Down" or "Game Over" clearly show their Punk/Rock guitar riffs with catchy Choruses and "Jump around your lounge room pretending you're at a live concert." style music. Songs like "Mirrorballin" shows their more Funk style music with a bassline covered with female vocals over the top that gets stuck in your head WAY too easily. However the song has a terrible intro and chorus that lets the song down by thrashing out the vocals and guitars a little too much. The album is without a doubt some of (həd) p.e.'s best music to date. The album also changes a little from their original style of music that had Hardcore style guitar with Funk bass filling out the background coupled with Rap style vocals. Instead it leans a lot more toward the Punk/Rock scene and going further away from the Hardcore scene. However the Hardcore influence is noticable throughout the album. // 8

Lyrics: The lyrics where alright. I wouldn't say they were great. It was too full of course language to be acceptable really. Although in some songs it added a crude humour that really enhanced the song such as "Mirrorballin". The lyrics show the band's "Don't give a f--k" attitude about life along without theme's of rebellion (Tienanman Squared), sex (Mirrorballin), freaking out children (Mad House), and Free Mason beliefs (Atlantis A.D.). // 6

Overall Impression: Overall the album sets the band apart from other artists once again in the sence that the Funk/Hardcore/Punk/Rock style music is a unique blend that could only be pulled off by (həd) p.e. The best songs on the album would be: Mirrorballin, Don't Let Me Down, Game Over, Comeova2nite. I love the way that (həd) p.e. refuses to conform to the norm of music by making a stand for what they believe regardless of how distastefull to most people it might be. However the language coupled with some blasphemy does make it a bit questionable to some people out there. Overall a great album. // 8

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