7 Sinners review by Helloween

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  • Released: Oct 31, 2010
  • Sound: 8
  • Lyrics: 8
  • Overall Impression: 8
  • Reviewer's score: 8 Superb
  • Users' score: 8.6 (70 votes)
Helloween: 7 Sinners

Sound — 8
Similar to fine wine, most artists tend to be better with age. The reason is virtually unknown but one could attribute it to the fact musicians want to conquer their previous material, pushing forth the loudest most raw/aggressive work to date. 7 Sinners is solid proof. The name Helloween is tarnished with 26 years and 15 studio releases reeking of speed metal, but the German group are no slouches. Claiming the new record is their heaviest material to date, the band don't hold anything back, powering through 13 tracks that are more fresh than stale.

Though artists constantly try to refine their sound, Helloween just makes a minor tweak by turning the volume up. The blistering guitar work on "Raise The Noise" and "Long Live The King" have that parents-basement-vinyl-feel to it, making a few songs seem like old recordings. Not that it's a bad thing; the pace at which the group work at is animalistic to the point it seems like its straight out of the 1980s', but it changes, dropping modern riffs ("You Stupid Mankind") and experimental pieces ("My Sacrifice") that test drummer Daniel Loble's talent. Almost clocking in at an hour of classic shred-hungry power metal, the record features the ability to drain you, but uses an impressive set of pipes to spike the adrenaline in your ears.

Lyrics — 8
Sure a band that formed in 1984 can still rock longer than a Guitar Hero credits song, but can it do so with vocals that don't fail to impress song after song? Andi Deris sure does try hard. The 46-year-old who once fronted Pink Cream uses his age to his advantage, showing expertise by knowing when to sway in and out of pitch and range. On "Far In The Future", the vocalist plays with words and leaves space for guitarists Michael Weikath and Sascha Gerstner to strut in while in other instances, he takes control when it's needed. "The Smile Of The Sun" and the single "Are You Metal?" spotlight his voice, pitting Deris against some of metal's most influential vocalists and songwriters. Rock has it's abundance of aging singers who haven't lost a step and the frontman is one that shouldn't be overshadowed.

Overall Impression — 8
Even if you don't appreciate heavy metal and it's monstrous sound, you'll appreciate the classic undertones hidden in 7 Sinners. It's release date says 2010, but it almost feels like a disc that influenced acts like Metallica during their early stages. It's overwhelming length can be hard to handle, but blame its constant pace that leaves little room for excess experimentation, allowing it to seem like just another video game soundtrack add-on. Then again, is metal designed to be altered? According to Helloween, the answer is "no"; it's just meant to be played at a high intensity.

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    You Stupid Mankind and My Sacrifice sounds excellent. Superb drumming by Daniel Loble whom recorded without a click track or metronome.
    What are people here crying about the "golden years" of Helloween? As a Helloween fan I can just say that ALL their albums are awesome! Every single one of them! There's no such thing as a bad Helloween album and after listening to the previews I'm happy to see that good album-combo is not going to break.
    k feo, en esta pagina no hay ni un puta solo comentario en espaol ..... que feo, pero o importa , HELLOWEEEN es la mejor banda del mundo y sera muy pronto la mejor banda del mundo, me realegro que a HELLOWEEN hiciera are you metal?, ademas de que expresa la usica tal y como nos gusta a loa metaleros tambien fue la cncion estelar de SAW VII eso fue lo mejor de todo, es por eso que tambien ya tiene un record en ventas ..... LARGA VIDA A HELLOWEE, VARIAS CONCIONES AUNQUE TODAVIA SON NUEVAS YA SON UN GRAN EXITO Y CANCIONES COMO I WANT OUT, EAGLE FLY FREE, KEEPER OF THE SEVEN KEYS, THE KING FOR A HOUSAND YEARS, THE INVISIBLE MEN, DR.STEIN, MRS GOD, MR TORTURE NUNCA DEJARAN DE SER EXITOS EN DONDE SEA QUE SE LOS ESCUCHEN ..... I'M METAL, ARE YOU METAL?
    i banged my head so hard to this album! love it to bits!!!! hail HELLOWEEN!!!!!
    Yesterday I stood in front of the "Brckenforum" in Bonn (GER) and nearly started crying, cause they canceled the show. Andi! Get back your health and keep your voice! This album has killer tracks and a good balance If you don't start headbanging while listening "Long live the king" or "Who is MR. Madman" I don't know when you start. Andi did a great job with the vocals and also the guitars and the drums sound as good as possible. I'd give a rating of at least 9.
    This is one of the greatest albums since Keepers!!!!I like it very much. Are You Metal?...I'm Metal))))
    I purchased the CD and it's amazing! Great band, great songwriters. Does anyone else think the production quality wasn't as good as it could have been? Maybe it's just me, but the production sounds a bit muddy and not as awesome as other CDs.
    h3llh4mm3r wrote: they're streaming the entire album on their myspace page. been listening to it for days now and i seriously thinking about buying it.
    Thank you for proving that free music on the internet is worth it.
    Raizer Sabre
    are you metal is pretty good and i haven't heard the full album yet, but in some of their other later releases, they've seriously toned down markus's playing which is a shame cuz he's a damn good bassist (eagle fly free, need i say more)
    they're streaming the entire album on their myspace page. been listening to it for days now and i seriously thinking about buying it.
    i bought the first mini lp back in the days helloween-helloween and still today is there best work, 2nd album was good but then they change singer, and that was the end for me, since then never really enjoy their work
    The strongest Helloween album in many, many years. Considering to write a review myself, if I find the time.
    I like the newer Helloween album like Dark Ride and Gambling With The Devil.This one I'll check out later. Are You Met'l,I am Met'l.