The Dark Ride Review

artist: Helloween date: 12/23/2008 category: compact discs
Helloween: The Dark Ride
Released: Dec 5, 2000
Genre: Rock
Styles: Thrash, Heavy Metal
Number Of Tracks: 12
 Sound: 9.5
 Lyrics: 9.5
 Overall Impression: 9.5
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overall: 10
The Dark Ride Reviewed by: unregistered, on february 02, 2004
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Sound: As im writing this part for sound most of my mind concentrates on the production in this album. Helloween were never great producing the albums, so I didn't expect much from this one... but turns out its the bes produced album ive heard from any album from any band. The Dark Ride is something Helloween never put out before, the power metal is different, is darker and more agressive I could say, but the guitars still dominate the album like in any other album, and all of the guys in the band write songs. They also use some piano in a few songs, sounds excellent. Also to the people who care about creepy, cool and good intros, this one is AMAZING. The album wouldnt be as great as it is if it wasnt for the production, thats what mostly makes this album so great, I mean the songs are amazing too, but w/out the production it wouldn't be as great. // 10

Lyrics: The lyrics on this album are a lot darker and with deeper meaning, but they still keep some humor in the album, youll know by reading the lyrics for Mr.Torture. The title track has amazing lyrics, with very deep meaning, also Andi Deris is amazing on this album, and he is credited to 5 songs. // 10

Overall Impression: This album is amazing, the highlights of the album are, Mr.Torture, All Over The Nations, Salvation, We Damn The Night, Immortal (Stars), and The Dark Ride. Also this album includes Helloween's heaviest song ever Escalation 666, turned out pretty good but for me its one of the weakest on the album. I know this has nothin to do but the cover is fcukin amazing. If I lost it I would definitely buy it again, and it is Definitely worth buying. So pick it up now. // 10

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overall: 9
The Dark Ride Reviewed by: aenimafist, on december 23, 2008
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Sound: Helloween in their later days have become experts at combining the symphonic sounds of power metal with the more modern sounds of thrash and heavier metal. The boys form Germany once again prove their prowess of music is legit with the Dark Ride. They continue their tradition of having an intro track with Beyond the Portal which breaks (although not loudly) into Mr. Torture, one of the band's best songs to date. You can't resist the urge to sing along with Andi Deris in the triumphant song about Spanish wife abuse. It's just too much fun! Helloween express their darker side with songs like Escalation 666 and We Damn the Night which, by the way, is by far the coolest song title from the band. Overall the band still seem to be at the top of their game. However the songs on Dark Ride are not as anthematic as songs on, say, Gambling With the Devil or Master of the Rings, but the album still holds it's own. // 9

Lyrics: Andi Deris may be one of the best and most successful replacement vocalists in music history. His crunchy voice is definately a good match for the band's very heavy sound. His vocal melodies are very easy to get into and it is difficult to help singing along to a part one already has memorized. Dark Ride contains some of this best performances like on If I Could Fly and All Over the Nations. Andi also did a lot of song writing on the record for both lyrics and music so he is multi-talented! // 9

Overall Impression: I liked Gambling With the Devil more personally but this may be my second favorite record from Helloween. It is very easy to listen to all the way through and it is easy to listen to with breaks between the songas so no problem there. This is not Helloween's best songwriting, despite their best song being on there, but the album still owns up to the traditional Helloween standards. The best songs are Mr. Torture, If I Could Fly, Escalation 666, and Immortal. A recommended purcahse that will not disappoint! // 9

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