Hate, Greed & Death review by Here Comes the Kraken

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  • Sound: 8
  • Lyrics: 8
  • Overall Impression: 9
  • Reviewer's score: 8.3 Superb
  • Users' score: 8.1 (17 votes)
Here Comes the Kraken: Hate, Greed & Death

Sound — 8
As many of you know (and to the ones who haven't heard of this band yet), Here Comes The Kraken is a relatively new deathcore band from Mexico. They debuted with their homonymous album in 2009 and in 2010 they released an EP called "The Omen". They are known for their fast (and I mean it) double bass kick, fast riffing, occasional shredding and deep down guttural vocals. Well folks, some of these elements remain while other things have changed a bit. HCTK used to be a five piece group (two guitars, drums, bass and vocalist), and here it is, the first change. They have added two more members to the line-up, one DJ and a clean singer / keyboardist. This add-up has been made (as some of us suppose) to bring a new sound to the table which leads me to the second and I think most important change, the genre. As I already said in the begging of this review, HCTK are known for their death-corish style, and they still will be, but this time they have decided to blend it up with another genre that had an impact a few years ago, Nu Metal. The fusion between these two genres, is actually very interesting, as not many bands are doing this kind of stuff. Another thing that I noticed is that as oppose to their debut album, the production of this one actually sounds pretty tight.

Lyrics — 8
One of the few things I complained about when they released their first record is that I couldn't understand a single word the vocalist was screaming (and by the way this has nothing to do with his screaming skills), but I think that problem is now fixed. Even though it's hard at some points to understand what the vocalist is screaming (like almost any screaming vocal) it's much easier to hear the words he's throwing at us. I've already talked about how the screams are handled but this time they have a new surprise, clean vocals. I must say not all of the songs have clean vocals (for the ones who are against it this should be good news for you) but almost every song on it does. At times the clean melodies reminded me to the ones As I Lay Dying make in almost all of their choruses, as HCTK uses them in the same way. Most of the lyrics deal with an apocalypse and just how the album is called "Hate, Greed & Death" kind of theme. We also have a special guest in the track called "Nu Metal", Mr. Eddie Hermida of All Shall Perish, which makes an awesome job incorporating his voice. And just to wrap up the lyrics topic I have to say it has some pretty good lyrical hooks like "They want fear, we gave them fear" in "Nu Beginning" or the chorus in their first single "Never Regret" (actually that song is a very catchy one in all aspects).

Overall Impression — 9
This album is completely different from their previous effort, so if you were expecting this one to be the "Here Comes The Kraken 2" you may be disappointed. The first time I heard this album I was wondering which album or band was reminding me of, and yes at times you will notice it too, there are some sections in the songs which are very Slipknot (mostly), Korn, Deftones and even Ill Nino influenced by, but with that HCTK characteristic deathcore in it too. Even though this album is less complex or technical than their self-titled, it shows a more mature HCTK in all aspects (including composition and performance). "Hate, Greed & Death" is an impressive album from start to finish, the die hard fans will maybe have a hard time adapting to this new sound, but if you're new into this band, it' a great CD to start with.

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    I heard a few tracks off this, not being a fan of much deathcore type stuff or nu-metal, i quite enjoy this, pretty catchy! I might be on my own, but i think the dj is totally pointless and ruins some otherwise good songs. Nice easy to read review
    This sounds like an insanely odd mash-up. Given your review, however, it really makes me wanna listen.
    I love how on the cover that 'thing', if you will, is throwing pesos haha I heard about these guys when i was visiting my fam in Mexico, sooo badass. Cant wait til they unleash the Kraken in the U.S.!
    They gott a new screamer and added a DJ. The new screamer, Eddie, handles the cleans too.
    I can't read this review without cringing. Edit. Edit. Edit. Keep writing and perfecting and you'll get better. Just keep working on it.
    Deathcore + Nu Metal sounds like the worst combination of genres possible. Just sayin'.
    AfroVic wrote: Deathcore + Nu Metal sounds like the worst combination of genres possible. Just sayin'.
    That's just like, your opinion, man
    Ladies and gentlemen, with this album I would like to introduce you... NUCORE
    Great review. It's not a bad album... It's just not the original HCTK at all. Maybe that's a good thing for new fans though.
    Personally I am pretty upset. I liked HCTK because of their Insane double kick and misheard lyrics. I'm actually gonna fix up some of their guitar tabs on this site. I listened to "The Omen" and i was pretty dissapointed. I Will give this album a listen despite the change ups. Either way, It's still Here Comes The Kraken!