Most Wanted Review

artist: Hilary Duff date: 12/26/2005 category: compact discs
Hilary Duff: Most Wanted
Release Date: Aug 16, 2005
Label: Hollywood
Genres: Dance-Pop, Teen Pop
Number Of Tracks: 13
Hilary Duff stares off the cover of Most Wanted with the look of a doe-eyed, feathered-haired criminal.
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 Overall Impression: 1.3
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overall: 1.3
Most Wanted Reviewed by: guitargal10, on december 05, 2005
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Sound: You would think on her second album she would try to make a effort to sing better. But no. When she tries to go high it sounds like she is screaming and it sounds like she has a cold, very strained and annoying. Also, I think that it is unfair to put out a greatest hits type deal when you have had only 2 cds. I mean c'mon all those girls are gonna buy the cd just for 3 new songs written buy Benji and Joel and the rest are remixes? Remixes? Do we care? 16$ for 3 new songs honestly. // 1

Lyrics: "Hey Girls are you ready for the shock/I'm living proof the girl can rock." You think with the amount her record label spends on songwriters they could come up with better lyrics then cheesy ones that try to make her look more hardcore then what she really is. Half the time I think they just wrote a word because it rhymes, not because it makes sence. Overall the lyrics in the songs have a theme from "I Am" to "The Girl Can Rock" to "I Can," and even singing about how she is "Supergirl" ovbiously all this singing about how she rocks and how good she is must mean that she is either self obsessed or that she has extremely low confidence and try's to cover it up. // 1

Overall Impression: Well ovbiously when somone puts out a album titled "Most Wanted" and think that everybody wants them, there is something wrong. I never bought this album I just listening to a burned copy my friend gave me, and if I lost it I wouldnt buy the CD. The only good song on the whole cd is "Beat Of My Heart," which she didnt write and didn't really contribute to as far as intrumental goes, she I would suggest just downloading the song. Be aware "if you don't like whiny high pitched strained screaming this CD is not for you!" // 2

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overall: 1
Most Wanted Reviewed by: fallinsuburbia, on december 26, 2005
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Sound: I just want to say I could be screaming at the top of my lungs and produce better music. Did I mention not to waste money on this thing? I was terribly disappointed with it, not that I bought it but other sources made me listen to this. And no, I do not appreciate the music styles used in this record. I bet I lost 10 points from my IQ just for listening to this CD. Not much to say about this except save your $10-$20 for this CD. I wouldn't even buy it for $1. // 1

Lyrics: My impression of the lyrics? For one, I could hardly hear the lyrics over this high pitched screaming on every song. Very annoying. Oh wait, apparently that was her singing. Whoopsie. No skills what so ever. // 1

Overall Impression: No this does not compare to anything else because let's face facts, pond scum is probably higher than she is. I least I care that it exists. I can believe I took time to write this. I would gladly pay someone to steal this CD for me. // 1

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overall: 1
Most Wanted Reviewed by: unregistered, on december 26, 2005
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Sound: I just want to be one to say never ever waste your money on this CD. I don't even know if I dare to call this stuff music. Exact same thing as Lindsay Lohan. I mean girls, just stick with acting. I can hardly believe I wasted my time to write this review. Oh yeah they are asking me all these questions about how I should write a good review. A story that follows alog with the CD? I got it how about "I am a spoiled brat that is needing cash fast." // 1

Lyrics: I was extremely disappointed. Singer skills? Zero. I can almost see the angry mob outside. Wait that mob was for the Green Day review I sent in saying that the radio stations overplay their song. I haven't noticed that any radio stations play anything from Hillary Duff. I wonder why that is? Oh wait I remember now, because no one likes her. As I say stick with what you know. And for her I guess that would be as close as you can get to nothing. // 1

Overall Impression: Does it compare to other artists? Only 2 spring to mind. Lindsay Lohan, because she is also bad, Ashlee Simpson, because both of them can't really sing. I find it appalling that these people are making money still. What do I love and hate about this album? No further comments are needed. If it were stolen or lost would I buy it again? No! I would actually pay someone to steal it for me. For now let's leave singing to the professionals. // 1

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