And Love Said No: Greatest Hits 1997-2004 review by HIM

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  • Released: Apr 6, 2004
  • Sound: 10
  • Lyrics: 10
  • Overall Impression: 10
  • Reviewer's score: 10 Gem
  • Users' score: 8.5 (48 votes)
HIM: And Love Said No: Greatest Hits 1997-2004

Sound — 10
At first I was a bit thrown off by the general sound of this album, considering my first HIM album was Dark Light, but it kinda grew on me. it's got some of HIM's slower songs (Gone with the Sin, Close To The Flame) and some of their faster, heavier (at times) songs (Buried Alive By Love, Wicked Game). The sound of the majority of the songs on this CD is very relaxing, and I find it really easy to listen to. When it comes to solos however, HIM fail to deliver, but guitar solos aren't for every band.

Lyrics — 10
Allot Of the lyrics are the same, just worded differently. HIM don't have very much variety in what they write about but they still manage to deliver the best lyrics you'll find. Ville Valo is also possibly the best singer I've ever heard as well. His voice changes so many times throughout the album that it's hard to keep track of. His talent is beyond anything you will ever hear. The emotion of the music is shared perfectly with the vocals. Overall, I say perfect lyrics!

Overall Impression — 10
Does this compare to other HIM albums? Well considering it has all the best songs from each album (excluding Dark Light) I would say it walks all over the others. it's a really easy album to listen to and it has a bit of variety (with pace, not lyrics). I think all of the songs on the album are great, but the sogns that really got me were Funeral Of Hearts, Gone With The Sin, Wicked Game, Poison Girl and among my favourite HIM songs, When Love And Death Embrace. When Love And Death Embrace sounds great at first, but then it hits the verse, which is a bit upbeat, but then it grows on you. amazing song, if you get this album (which you will) then make sure you give this song a listen. Totally worth it. I love everything about this album! It is perfect for people just getting into HIM cus it gives them a dose of all their stuff (again, excluding Dark Light). The only thing I would say this album needs is Vampire Heart, but that is only on Dark Light. And if someone stole this album? I would hunt them down to the ends of the earth and rip their eyes out! Even though I got it discounted at $10. If I lost it, I would tear my house apart looking for it. It is among my fave albums, I would coat it in gold if I could find where to get it done!

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    HIM is the most unique band I have ever heard and all their best songs are on this album! HIM rules
    they are in their own league. its not gothic rock or metal. it's love metal which they proved to be the pioneer of the genre!
    They created the genre Love Metal HIM is one of the greatest bands ever Even though every song is about love and death, which i admit gets boring after a while, i still cant stop listening, my favorite song is "When Love and Death Embrace"