Dark Light review by HIM

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  • Released: Sep 26, 2005
  • Sound: 10
  • Lyrics: 10
  • Overall Impression: 10
  • Reviewer's score: 10 Gem
  • Users' score: 9.2 (182 votes)
HIM: Dark Light

Sound — 10
Now as any HIM fan knows, each album as a different sound whilst keeping the melancholic atmosphere to it. Dark Light is the same, compared to Love Metal, Dark Light is a lot softer. It probably has the most in common with Deep Shadows And Brilliant Highlights, poppy sounds with heavy guitars. Although not all of Dark Light, well only a few tracks actually have heavy guitars in. A brand new album with a brand new sound, it brings different stories from different cultures of life.

Lyrics — 10
Ville Valo never ceases to impress, a lot of the songs have mythological lyrics whilst some are more real. In a lot of the tracks you'll have to look deep into the lyrics to find the real meaning, or just wait till Ville tells you. 01. Vampire Heart - a story of domestic violence, putting someone you love through hell. The lyrics are complex but amazingly poetic. 02. Rip Out The Wings Of A Butterfly - a poppy song telling part of a story belong to Greek myth. In which Cupid told Venus to rip out the wings of a butterfly to live forever. The lyrics are pretty straight forward, it tells a story about exitement then regret. 03. Under The Rose - this song is more poetic, the meaning isn't clear. One could put "Your heart under the rose," as a person being dead with a rose on their casket. It sounds as if he can't help falling in love with someone, but not wanting to show defeat by leaving. 04. Killing Loneliness - strange, one would first assume that the song was to a girl, but infact it is to the class A druge which is Heroin. The song tells of someone, believed to be Brian Novak, killing loneliness with heroin but knowing that it's wrong. Feeling now he's lost someone he loved that nothing else matters. 05. Dark Light - based on a book by a finnish author also titled "Dark Light". The song basically is was the book is, a girl who's hopeless but there is light at the end of the tunnel. Again the lyrics are poetic and scarce in their real meaning. 06. Behind The Crimson Door - after Ville's joke about the anal passage being behind the crimson door, one could assume that Ville is singing about a vagina. But all is not certain, obvisouly the crimson door is something special to be people, some protecting whilst the world happens around them. 07. Face Of God - amazing lyrics, again very poetic and the meaning is hard to justify. The song was written along time before Dark Light, some believe that the lyrics tell of Jesus trying to save someone but never escapeing the eyes of God. 08. Drunk On Shadows - a story about a fallen angel, or a person who's doing very badly. The are not as poetic as other tracks but aren't exactly straight forward either. It could be about a "good" egg gone "bad", metophorically speaking. A good sould turned bad and messing around with things that go with hell "Nightside of Eden" 09. Play Dead - a slow song with pretty straight lyrics, probably the first time HIM have released a song about the state of the planet. Someone feeling alone in our crumbling world. You don't want to play your stereo full blast with this track on, it begins with an irritating long "beep". 10. In The Nightside Of Eden - a story of which clearly tells of hell, "circle number four", "mathematic of evil", just two lines which reveal this. It tells of constant torture in hell, like forever being cruxified. 11. Venus (In Our Blood) - follows the same the basic story of Rip Out The Wings Of A Butterfly. But in a different area of Venus's life. Lyrics a deep and show a beauty that not alot of songs do now days, amazing song. 21. The Cage - the cage could tell a story about someone locking everybody out because of the horrors she's being put through.

Overall Impression — 10
It definately compares to the other albums in the sense that every albums as a different touch to it. This album as a sweet, tender and huge impact on the listener. I would definately replace it if it were to become lost or stolen, the only problems it seems to have with me is the fact that most of the songs have the same basic structure. Instead of having more verses or an interlude, but even with that fact it's an amazing album.

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    vampireheart666, that cover is from the cardboard sleeve on some copies of the album. i had such a sleeve (hehe)
    first Venus(in Our Blood) is the best song and razorblade romance doesn't even come close to deep shadows
    Also, whoever wrote the first review basically sucks at life and should learn to write reviews in a profession manner and not just expressing their opinion. god, it seems that reviews nowadays are just people saying "they suck" or "they rock". Reviews need to stop being mere opinion.
    agreed Kiotaka. also, its just HIM no His Infernal ending. good reviews though.
    cisco21c wrote: agreed Kiotaka. also, its just HIM no His Infernal ending. good reviews though.
    True, in the beginning it was His Infernal Majesty just as a joke to make an HIM an acronim (i know a botched the spelling), but they were origionally Him and Her, but because a band already had that they just used HIM. But ya for the record, they're real band name is just HIM, not His Infernal Majesty
    My favorite out of all the HIM albums by far. Now, had Killing Lonliness been on Razorblade Romance, it would've killed Dark Light but with a combination of songs like, Killing Lonliness, Vampire Heart, Behind The Crimson Door, Play Dead, and Drunk On Shadows even the likes of Razorblade Kiss, Wicked Game, Death Is In Love With Us, and Silligum Diaboli can't beat it.