Uneasy Listening, Vol. 1 review by HIM

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  • Released: Nov 14, 2006
  • Sound: 9
  • Lyrics: 10
  • Overall Impression: 10
  • Reviewer's score: 9.7 Superb
  • Users' score: 9.3 (14 votes)
HIM: Uneasy Listening, Vol. 1

Sound — 9
This album is definitely one of the masterpiece that vile, mige, linde, gas has to offer. this is an album which realises our dream to hear the alternate version of their best songs. I'm pretty sure you have asked yourself at least once 'how will this song goes like this? '. This album truly shows the idea that they have which is very wide and great. the alteration of every song is perfectly match with the lyrics. although some song is almost the same like join me in death and when love and death embrace but the song is truly a legendary songs of HIM. I found that it is not a waste of money to buy the album whicg contains the same song.

Lyrics — 10
I am definitely in love with the lyrics. All of them. even though every song pretty much have the same them which is love+death. I found that ville is very good in making lyrics. Plus his godlike sexiness voice. it is a surprise how a original drummer of the band have one of the nicest voice in the world. If a genie appears infront of me and wnt to grant me 3 wishes, I will definitely ask for his voice on the 1st wish. his years of experience in singing pays of with the perfect vibrato and deep-voice. his transition of voice is perfect in it's all tears. If you hear it's all tears live you will realise that his vocal power is almost the same like the soundtrack. I would definitely support if ville want to make a song or two with Amy Lee because their voice blends perfectly in my head.

Overall Impression — 10
I have to say that they have created a whole new genre in music industry. Love metal is something that you cannot easily follow. this kind of music you have to mix with feeling and creativeness. I'm pretty sure they are pioneer of this genre. They are one of a kind band, they are not gothic or anything like type o negative and sister of mercy eventhough they are HIM's influence. I love how they make their idea of changing different music of the same song. but I hate the fact that they make some of the remix very bad and it kinda shows that they are out of idea to make new songs. I don't know maybe it is just me. if somebody stole this my album, I will not get angry because I will gladly buy another copy of this album.

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