Venus Doom review by HIM

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  • Released: Sep 18, 2007
  • Sound: 4
  • Lyrics: 4
  • Overall Impression: 5
  • Reviewer's score: 4.3 Poor
  • Users' score: 9.1 (208 votes)
HIM: Venus Doom

Sound — 4
HIM is awesome! any fan of HIM would say this. They're Know for being a Finnish 'love metal' or 'Goth' band as shown in their icon the Heartagram, Heartagram meaning love & hate. Venus Doom their latest album to date is rather different. It combines alternative rock, with metal and goth and make it sound great! Venus Doom released in Finland on September 14, 2007, is said to be the bands heaviest material to date.

Lyrics — 4
The lyrics in Venus Doom work in sync with the instruments, I think They've really worked hard on this album. Their longest song 'Sleepwalking past hope' 10:05 fits together really well it doesn't drag on like most other 10 minute or more songs. And their shortest song 'song or suicide' being 1:11 even though little instrumental sound is played, is also good.

Overall Impression — 5
This album is definitely their most rock genre album, I still love it though! HIM is so different to any other singers or songwriters I don't think I can compare them with anyone else, because there so good, because they have suck wicked talents. there's nothing really about this album that I hate, apart from the fact I just want to listen to it all day! I think the most impressive songs in Venus Doom would be, 'Love In Cold Blood', 'Passions Killing Floor' well pretty much all of them! Great work guys!

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    First of all, HIM is not emo. they're not even one of my favorite bands, but you sir, are closed minded when it comes to music. lets see you try to write catchy melodies on top of decently constructed music. I'm really big into metal, of all kinds. its called, stop stereotyping, and being a little bitch to everyone who thinks different than you. if you're looking for no talent, look more towards hip-hop. HIM does not claim to be as "hardcore" metal as you may like, they're goth, ok? theres a difference, especially when they say they play "love metal." its there own idea, and style. so stop bitching and clumping goth and emo together. theyre not the same thing.
    Fly-swatter wrote: Sameagleye wrote: HIM isnt goth either dumbass! theyre not anything but HIM, HIM is the greatest ****ing band ever! hands down! and for reviews, you might want to get their names right, the guitarist's name is Mikko Lindstrom, *****s, you people are a disgrace to real HIM fans as myself, ive been listening to HIM since thier first demo came out, before anyone knew who they were. THEYRE NOT GOTH, EMO, ROCK OR ALTERNATIVE, THEYRE H.I.M.!!!!! they're not H.I.M..ville has said countless time they are HIM
    chill the f*** out dude, give these kids a chance ,will ya?
    This album is brilliant and (so far) my favorite album by HIM. Venus Doom is a lot darker and heavier than I've heard them (which is why I love this album). Best song is Sleepwalking Past Hope
    Brilliant album, my favourite band, and Linde is GOD. I'm that devoted that i use the same headcab and guitar he uses! His tone is amazing!
    This is their best album, second would be Love Metal. razorblade Romance would be my least favourite album cause it did have some god dam,n awful songs liek gone With the Sin which were only saved when hearing Linde transform them live. Infact as an album if they didn't include Razorblade Kiss I doubt it wouldn't be half as good. Don't get me wrong I'm a die hard HIM fan and I have no shame in saying they've done a shite album. Just wanted to stress my opinion how I feel about RR. Venus Doom is ftw! =] (Obviously people will disagree with me but everyones entitled to thier own opinion.)
    up at the top it says that Venus Doom is their strongest recording yet. then why did this only get an 8. this diserves at least a 9 maybe 10.
    chads_in_hi_fi wrote: i deffinately love this album. probably my favorite HIM album along with Razorblade Romance
    Yes "Venus Doom" is a great album but I didnt so much like Razorblade Romance. It was ok. But I prefer "Love Metal" Thats HIM's best album
    some people like Him, some don't. Some think this is the best album by Him, some don't. I'm just gonna say Randy Rhoads is the best guitarist ever. yup
    greatest HIM ever....some of the other albums have gotten annoying to me i guess but this album is amazing, kiss of dawn and sleepwalking past hope both have like uberly-awsome guitar riffs and song or suicide is totaly ****ing cool HIM IS NOT EMO. no talent = fall out boy, hawthorne heights.
    Deth is iminent
    im only posting a comment to bash him. this is the most talentless excuse for music and those like me who play metal are offended by this bullshit being listed as such. anybody who finds this band talented has never heard of a recording studio, a synthesizer, and many pedals. the guitar is lame. the piano is gay. and the vocals blow. they were more makeup then strippers and hookers, and i hope all those who like him just cut themselves, like they love to sing about, and die so that we can put this trend of emo bullshit behind us and never list this crap as metal again.
    I bought this album the day it came out, and I was sick toy too, sure made me feel a lot better, definetly my favorite CD of all time by my favorite band, it's amazing.
    To be honest, I think this is one of their strongest releases. I don't mind the "pentatonic wankfests" as they're a definite improvemnt over Dark Light's complete lack of any solo. Don't get me wrong, I loved Dark Light, I thought it was a brilliant album, just in a different vein than their other CD's. I think you guys are just pigeonholing them.
    Man-Made-God wrote: him are dying slowly.just like red hot chilli peppers,and nightwish ever since they got that ****ing pop singer.and this album is just proof of that.
    How is RHCP dying?? Stadium Arcadium had the potential to be theur best if they would have narrowed the songs down to 14. Nightwish dyed when they made album after another and nothing chanced. It freaking sucked to the point that Olson came to the band.. HIM is dying slowly, with that we can agree. Like timi_hendrix sayed the solos really dont fit. Kiss of dawn had a ok solo but it didnt belong to the song...
    him are dying slowly.just like red hot chilli peppers,and nightwish ever since they got that ****ing pop singer.and this album is just proof of that.
    MentalityBand's my 2 cents... 1st of all, I agree with timi-henrix with the solos. They can be annoying. 2nd, if you listen to much Scandinavian metal, they have conformed to the rest of them. You know how people didn't like STP because they started changing to try and stay popular? That's what HIM are doing. Trust me.
    I kinda though this album was ok and This is coming from someone who really dislikes HIM
    All I know is that if you sell a good meal at a decent price, they'll be back - that and Nirvana was the most over-rated band of all time.
    I like this album, but there are a few things that get on my nerves. 1) Terrible production. 2) The solos. They're just plain boring, every single one is a pentatonic wankfest. nothing like his best work, where did all the melody go??? 3) The track "bleed well". Poppy drivel. 4) The way that love in cold blood's chorus is so choppy and unnatural. Ruins the whole song. It's a hell of a lot better than dark light, but it's not their best.
    Its hard to say that i would hate any album to the core but Dark Light in very close.. What ever you people say that album just sanked HIM as average. Love Metal is still the best album along side with Greatest Love Songs vol.666 Razorblade is partly too popish. And all there is this and Highlights album. DSABH was and still is great but this album is so mediocre.. Few greats and few really bad ones.. Still i think there is some potential for the next relise.
    An homage to the music greats. Somewhat less romantic than previous efforts (perhaps a relief to some?) but their presence is still recognized throughout the entire album. Don't be too disappointed if you didn't get a special edition with the bonus CD. The only bonus track that makes it worthwhile is an acoustic version of Bleed Well in which Valo twists the lyrics somewhat (only in the book edition which I've gotta admit I forked out the extra for...) If you don't like the album cover, there's always the special editions
    Just sharing my favs, from most liked to least: Razorblade Romance Venus Doom Greatest Lovesongs vol. 666 Darklight Deep Shadows.../Love metal (About the same for me, maybe I like Deep better =/ )