All American Nightmare review by Hinder

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  • Released: Dec 7, 2010
  • Sound: 8
  • Lyrics: 9
  • Overall Impression: 8
  • Reviewer's score: 8.3 Superb
  • Users' score: 4.6 (88 votes)
Hinder: All American Nightmare

Sound — 8
I thought that compared to extreme behavior this one took it to a whole new level. Although extreme behavior did have songs like. Lips of an angel and better then me. I thought they had a little of everything in this album sex, drugs, rock n roll. (The holy trinity) and alot of other things in this album. I thought it was very innovative to make a song like put that record on, it was kinda like a tribute to all those who have rocked and still are. And to all those we salute you.

Lyrics — 9
I think Austen Winkler has a very good voice and its so different from all the other singers now, and he can actually sing live! I mean who could ask for more? And he's from Oklahoma? Holy crap I'm from Oklahoma! And I thought all there lyrics went perfectly with there riffs. The lyrics in songs like 2 sides of me hey ho red tail lights and striptease were just pure genious. And while I mention striptease I think that song was writing especially for Myley Cyrus. I mean if you listen to it it fits. "Your a wanna be striper with a microphone" she is "I'd respect you more if you just took off your clothes" I probably would "your a waste of three minutes and a dance rutean" etc.

Overall Impression — 8
Again I don't like to compare people to each other because every one is different. To me the most impressive songs on the album are "2 Sides Of Me", "Hey Ho", and "Red Tail Lights". "2 Sides Of Me" perfectly describes how at times we can act like little angels and then when people aren't watching we wake up the devil. (See what I did there?) And I thought "Hey Ho" was just one of those songs you turn the volume up all the way and just start singing along with it. And last but not least "Red Tail Lights", my favourite song off the album. A powerful and heart breaking song that many can relate to. It's seems to me that this girl believed everything she was told ("If you believe every word you heard, I'm probably better off letting you leave"). If I lost this CD I would tear my room apart looking for it. And if it was stolen I'd find who ever stole it, but I wouldn't confront them, oh no I have better plans. I'd send a death threat to the president with they're return address on it. I say that this album was powerful and if you buy it, one thing is for sure, you wont be disappointed.

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