Extreme Behavior review by Hinder

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  • Released: Sep 27, 2005
  • Sound: 8
  • Lyrics: 8
  • Overall Impression: 8
  • Reviewer's score: 8 Superb
  • Users' score: 7.9 (95 votes)
Hinder: Extreme Behavior

Sound — 8
Some bands claim they're playing something extremely new and can't even differentiate their style, some say they're just playing whatever they want to, without any style... These five guys from Oklahoma City, naming themselves Hinder, appeared on rock scene, saying they just want to bring back the best traditions of rock-n-roll and here's the result of their work for four years ? debut "big label" album "Extreme Behavior." The record, out September 2005 on Universal Records, was produced by Brian Howes (Closure, DDT) and engineered by Mike Fraser (Aerosmith, AC/DC). It starts off with the first single "Get Stoned" -? a very intense song about "sex is so much better when you mad at me" -- time of the relationship -- something everybody can relate to. The song has some wonderful guitar riffs and powerful rock drums. Lead singer Austin Winkler's voice adds to the song's roughness. "Better Than Me" has with an easy-sounding acoustic guitar in the beginning, evolving into distortion by the end. Tearful voice of a broken man tells us another story, full of bitter sentiments, about how difficult the relationship is. "How Long" and "By The Way" has very catchy choruses. The only songs that falls out of the whole context is "Room 21." The band has probably already regretted they put the song on the album, as it's been slammed almost in every "Extreme Behaviors" review. "Room 21" should be Hinder's attempt to create an irresistibly cool wild song about "wild times" -- girls, sex, panties, hanging on the door. First off, the singer makes some kind of sounds, like he can't wait to f--k that slut, which is a bit funny, than the lyrics are too plain and common, the track starts with drum beat that always reminded me of horse races and the whole song sounds a bit redneck-ish. Hopefully the band's next version of a "wild song" would be better. Guitar riffs and solos are the best part of the album, though sometimes dual lead guitars create a mess-up of sounds on the background. In those rare moments, when you get a chance to differentiate a guitar line, you notice, that there are actually great solos and very good catchy riffs, going into distortion at it's most intense moments.

Lyrics — 8
Listening to the songs assure you that lead singer Austin Winkler drunk a whole lot of shots of Jagermeister (as shown in their CD booklet) and smoked tons of Marlboros to work out soaring rock vocals. Winkler's vocal is pretty good and rusty for a dirty rocker, but sometimes it obviously needs to be stronger. To create some variety in songs, the voice is multiplied in choruses. In those rare moments when Winkler roars, it's done with a great effort. Lyrics are clear, story-telling about the girl next door or failed romance. There are some very good lines in songs, like "I don't wanna know it's over/So save your good-bye kiss."

Overall Impression — 8
Hinder's songwriting is surprisingly mature and has a huge sexual energy behind it. Each song on "Extreme Behavior" has a memorable hook -? something not very catchy, but easy to single-along and remember. The anger that almost every song consists, as it was probably written with it, only adds to their beauty. The band says that by writing music they try to get things off their chest, therefore the songs turn out to come very truthful. They are aiming to bring back the times, when Guns N' Roses and Aerosmith rocked, when huge rock shows were necessary events in everybody's life and "Sex, Drugs, Rock 'n' Roll" was the prayer. I wouldn't say there's something about music in here, as a lot of bands are playing the same type of thing (think about Nickelback or Dark New Day), but more about the way of making shows (my guess is -? either the guys don't like "civilized" way of making music or they just couldn't come up with a better idea of how to differ from other bands around). But when it comes to music, I should say -? it's been a pleasure to listen to the album.

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    I seriously think if you replaced winklers voice with chad krogers from nickelback people would think it was actually nickelback, lol
    This review is one of the most painfully stupid things I have ever read. But I guess this guy does like Hinder, so that explains a lot. Man do I feel bad for those people (including this guy) who got duped by the record companies into liking Hinder. They are the worst band on the planet! They rip off Nickelback!!! The second worst band on the planet!! Bland lyrics about beer and girl problems...great. Poorly written ripoffs of other people's bad music. Try listening to stuff other than what's on the radio. Record companies just find bands that sound just like whatever's popular, and then payoff radio stations to play the hell out of their music. And you buy it!! Come on. Just because he radio plays doesn't mean they like it, they're just getting paid to play it. And just because something isn't on the radio doesn't mean it's not good. There are a ton of really good bands out there. Go find them. And please stop listening to crap like Hinder, they are a joke the record companies are pulling on you.
    I think with Lips of an Angel it was almost like they ripped something out of a Guns N Roses records and put some Kroeger-esque vocals in it... I've been ashamedly getting addicted to the song. And hopefully, by listening tons and tons and tons of times to it, I'll get tired of it... (hopefully) fast!
    OMG; I am soo terribly annoyed at the singer's voice! I want to strangle him! x_x; --nothing much; just wanted to add that. ;
    This is a terrible album that does nothing new for rock whatsoever. I agree with hammettKirk. These guys are nothing more than mediocre. Lyric writing is some of the worst i have ever seen. Sounds like there was too much alcohol involved in both the writing and production of this record.
    the only thing worse than nickelback is a nickelback imitation band that thinks they're the gunners. I'm all for hardrock revivalism, but this album is so formulaic that hinder now joins jet on my list as one of the world's most tieous bands to listen to. lyrics are poor, riffs are worse ... we played this in my store today, and even my manager (who is the world's biggest kylie and madonna fan) thought it sucked. i agree with frothies ... strangle the bastard
    i think hinder are alright good rythem on lips of an angel. iy's so catchy. I agree M@ he does sound like chad
    Stonewall X
    Hinder are trying to combine hair metal, emo, and classic rock. Not a good combo, if you ask me.
    Hinder are an amazing band. Even if you dont think they sound good on the cd, go see them live. I've seen them with Three Days Grace and Nickelback twice and both were total kickass shows. Austin is a little weird to watch with the way he always hangs his right hand, but he is still an awesome frontman. They fit in perfectly with the other 2 bands. And for people who are going to say shit about them, THIS WAS THEIR FIRST RECORD!!!! of course their not going to have this amazing cd but i think they did a pretty good job for 5 young guys with no previous professional experience. I'd give this album a 10/10
    I really like this cd, but I hate hate HATE room 21. I LOVE better than me.