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artist: His Name Was Yesterday date: 11/08/2010 category: compact discs
His Name Was Yesterday: His Name Was Yesterday
Released: Nov 09, 2010
Genre: Metal
Label: Catch 22 Records
Number Of Tracks: 12
This album is absolutely an album the world should hear. In no way is His Name Was Yesterday a "generic metal" band.
 Sound: 10
 Lyrics: 10
 Overall Impression: 10
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His Name Was Yesterday Reviewed by: VicerExciser, on november 08, 2010
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Sound: His Name Was Yesterday's self titled full length opens with hard hitting, mosh friendly "Where It Ends" displaying extraordinary guitar work by guitarists Ron Lepine and Andy Watts, brutal drum beating courtesy of Mike Kauffman, powerful screams induced by John Green and Charlie Beyer hamming it up on bass. In my opinion, this is the perfect track to open this astounding album with. There are angry tunes on this album, as well as mellow tunes. His Name Was Yesterday shows their true talent by being completely spine-crushing heavy at times, as well as being harmonious and symphonic at times. The opening riff in "Killshed" screams "this is going to be a real heavy track" and it sure does live up to that. There are a countless number of creative riffs and solos throughout the record, and drum fills are absolutely flawless. The sound and music of this record astonishes me to no end beyond what I can explain. // 10

Lyrics: Singer John Green exhibits phenomenal emotion with eloquent lyrics throughout the record, for example, in the radio-friendly, mellifluous track "Again and Again", lyrics such as "This fate seems empty yet again, I climb from where I fell, I won't live in this hell, I will overcome again and again"...shows that Green is pouring his heart out in the best way he can, with his lyrics. My personal favorite track on the album, "In Hell" begins with a familiar guest vocalist, Joe Cafarella of Niagara Falls legends, STEMM. The Green and Cafarella duo works out fantastically as it starts off with Cafarella "I've built my life from nothing" and Green finishing off "And I've given everything". The track is filled with similar 'take-turn' verses. Throughout the whole album, I am seriously beyond impressed by how well the music fits the lyrics. It's similar to a puzzle, the puzzle board are the lyrics, and the puzzle pieces are the guitars, drums and bass. In conclusion, the puzzle looks quite amazing when finished. // 10

Overall Impression: This album is absolutely an album the world should hear. In no way is His Name Was Yesterday a "generic metal" band. His Name Was Yesterday doesn't fit in a specific genre, nor do they generalize themselves. They demonstrate their musical abilities with such magnitude and glory, they are undefinable. If you like variety with an insane amount of talent, listen to this album. With heavy, brutal tracks such as "Killshed", "Where It Ends", "Strength in Separation", "Echoes of the Past", and melodic, passion tracks "Again and Again", "No More Tomorrow", and "Goodbye to Yesterday", there's something for everyone on this album. Caution while listening to "Killshed", you might get a sudden urge to headbang excessively. In closing, do not underestimate His Name Was Yesterday. If you listen to their EP, "Witness To A Dying World", you may ask yourself, "Wow! Is that the same band?" They have grown tremendously in an indescribable way. They're on the right path to success, and will only continue to gain fans and gratitude around the world. As the music industry is declining and lacking in talent, hard work and heart in today's day and age, His Name Was Yesterday is a true gem in the music world, exposing true and real talent, unbelievable work ethic and truly putting their heart and soul into this record and what they do. // 10

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