Notes From The Underground review by Hollywood Undead

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  • Released: Jan 8, 2013
  • Sound: 8
  • Lyrics: 7
  • Overall Impression: 8
  • Reviewer's score: 7.7 Good
  • Users' score: 6.4 (126 votes)
Hollywood Undead: Notes From The Underground

Sound — 8
Hollywood Undead are a great mix of Hip-Hop/Rap and Rock/Metal. For me, this album was a great follow up to the previous album "American Tragedy and I had been excited for it since I heard that it was being recorded. It is the 2nd album with the singer Danny who filled Deuce's place after his departure. The album cover isn't brilliant but don't let that put you off... The album opens with the song "Dead Bite" which is one of the more rock orientated songs on the album which features a contribution from John 5. The lyrics are lighthearted and it is a great opening track. As well as rock orientated tracks this album also features a number of party tracks. These include "Pigskin", "Up In Smoke", "Delish" and "One More Bottle". This adds a nice variety to the album and these songs are good fun. "From The Ground" also proves that Hollywood Undead have a heavier side with the screamed pre-chorus and the double-bass pedal fueled bridge.

Lyrics — 7
Like the last two albums, this album also features fun party lyrics and more sincere ones. Charlie Scene is known for his fun lyrics and he has added to his arsenal with this album. For example "You got nowhere to run too, so, don't try hiding, 'Cause I'm known to be like Jack Nicholson from 'The Shining'" and "Who created this madman, who puts a match stick in your a-s crack, and makes you lap dance on a gas can." He also has some more serious and meaningful lines like: "You know that some of us grow old, with no homes, Some of us die in a cold house, with no hope Still surrounded by the people you don't know, so don't go Cause once it's over the time fades your photo How many goodbyes can fit in a lifetime?" The song "Delish" in which Funnyman takes all the verses makes me laugh even though I don't want it with the line "I'm so high like Mary Poppins, Super-Cali-Fraja, Yo suck my d-ck!" Yes, I'm ashamed. The song "Lion" is allegedly the next installment carrying on from the Johnny 3 Tears songs "Paradise Lost" ("Swan Songs") and "S.C.A.V.A." ("American Tragedy"). "Remember an army, of all those little kids Living life like they only get a little bit It's hard to fight when you're born in the middle and I'd rather die, won't watch you giving in I'm sorry daughter but your father's not the same I can look into your eyes and I'll swear that I will change But tomorrow is tomorrow so forgive me if I stay You can hide beneath the covers while I hide behind the pain" Overall, the lyrics are good, but I don't think they live up to the standard they set on "Swan Songs" and "American Tragedy".

Overall Impression — 8
I still haven't got bored off this album and I have had it on a loop since it came out on the 8th. I think it is a solid follow up to "American Tragedy" and has the perfect balance between more sinister songs and party based tracks. In this album, Hollywood Undead show that they can make a perfect fusion between genres and they make it work brilliantly, from the rock anthems like "We Are" to the fun songs like "Up In Smoke". My favorite song on this album is "Kill Everyone" which is Charlie Scene's solo song. It is heavy with a cool guitar riff in the background and starts with him chanting the line "You got the motherf--king right to remain violent!" What could go wrong? The only criticism I have (apart from the album cover but that isn't important) is the production on the song "Pigskin" since the transitions are awful. There is something on this album for everybody and I appreciate that not everyone likes the whole rapping thing, but there is no excuse to not give it a go (even if it's just for the 2 or 3 heavier songs!).

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    Picked up the album yesterday and after 2 listens through ill admit its not better than the 2 previous albums but its certainly not bad. UG is the last place i would expect people to like these guys.
    Hollywood Undead is the best cause their music keeped me fron killing myself so if you dis them it's like dissing me and no one dissies me and gets away with it so you people should go f*** Yourselves cause you dont know good music you *******s