Every Man For Himself review by Hoobastank

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  • Released: May 16, 2006
  • Sound: 9
  • Lyrics: 10
  • Overall Impression: 9
  • Reviewer's score: 9.3 Superb
  • Users' score: 8.2 (116 votes)
Hoobastank: Every Man For Himself

Sound — 9
This album was the first without the original bassist Markku Lappalainen. It counts with participations by former Tool bassist Chris Cheney and vocal participations by producer Howard Benson and Hoobastank's webmaster Dan Berman. This is a album that will certain shock some Hoobastank "hardcorefans." They continue to make good rock songs but in this album they tried new stuff, they transpose their creativity into a new level. Prepare to hear some inovation in Hoobastank's music. They tried a lot of new instruments along with some new styles that weren't used by them in previous albums. Guitar, Bass and Drums parts are all perfectly fit. Also prepare to hear some short solos on the guitar. The production very insteresting, and the quality of each instrument is very good. You can hear two bonus tracks in the Japanese version of this album: Finally Awake and Waiting.

Lyrics — 10
I must say that one of the things that most impressed me was the vocal part. Remembering Hoobastank's previsious albuns all I can say is that this lyrics are now much more accurated. Some of them put me thinking about what I've done, I do, or what I will do. I can see that Doug Robb now talks about different subjects, instead of the theme "relationships" that was boarded by him in most of the songs from their previous works. About the melodies I think Doug Robb explored new ways in his singing and you can see he shows totally new things in his permormance. From all the songs, the ones I recomend thinking about the quality between singing/lyrics are "The First Of Me" and "Don't Tell Me."

Overall Impression — 9
This is a very different "Hoobastank" comparing with the "other" that we were used to, probably a more mature one. This won't probably sound like anything you ever heard from them. For me, they improved, and they didn't want to do just a another linear album, they wanted to surprise everyone, but above all, to please themselves. I must say that I never thought that they were going to do something like this. The tracks I recomend are "Born to Lead", "Don't Tell Me", "Without A Fight" and "Say The Same", but I totally think that this album is very solid. I think I can consider Hoobastank's best. It was one of the albuns that I most enjoyed heard! Certainly a good buy.

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    uhh hoobastank. they are horrible live. and still untalented on cd. I don't mind people listening to them as long as they're in a room with soundproofing.
    I Agree Hoobastank are Excellent. There's loads of beautiful elements in the new Album which are simply amazing including Doug Robbs voice as well as THE MUSIC! Love The New Album...
    chris cheney is the lead singer/guitarist of ausiie band The living End who like Hoobastank are excellent
    The Reason was their worst song i've ever heard. i remember when they played it like 3 times in one hour on the radio. all of their other songs are good. new album sounds promising.
    These the fukkers who did the world cup song? www.stagknight.com -yeah! Support england and be a patriot. Or just sign up to the mailing list and watch the trailer. typing it up in google would help a lot too.
    ApplesforAndrew wrote: uhh hoobastank. they are horrible live. and still untalented on cd. I don't mind people listening to them as long as they're in a room with soundproofing.
    Have you actually seen them live? I've seen them live 6 times, and they are way better live than in the studio. Anyway, I've heard 5 or songs from the new album, and so far the stuff is more like "Old School" Hoobastank. I like it. A lot. Take a listen to "First of You" - it's my favorite so far.
    I know of a Chris Chaney . He's a studio bassist that played for Alanis Morisette for a long time, then he joined Jane's Addiction for their reunion, and now he's in Dave Navarro's new band The Panic Channel. Actually, this is probably definetely not the same guy. ...so sorry for wasting your time.
    Crap man... i hate when people judge a band by one F***ing song. The Reason sucks. It's the worse song in the world, but i love Hoobastanks other stuff. Maybe you should actually listen to them instead of judging one song all you ignorant people
    Stevie B
    is this album heavier than the previous ones? or by different do you mean shitter?
    i think they suck in general and the singer is really cracky on stage live
    I just like the one soft song...what was the name? Yeah exactly: "the reason" that's great but i don't like any other song of this band
    Wow i listen to the song "if i were you" and this song is the best! Another song, "Born to lead", is damned great! You should give a try!
    I just bought this album today... Yes, it is different, but in a great way. Seriously, please give it a chance before downing it. It's got more talent and catchiness.