Every Man For Himself review by Hoobastank

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  • Released: May 16, 2006
  • Sound: 9
  • Lyrics: 8
  • Overall Impression: 10
  • Reviewer's score: 9 Superb
  • Users' score: 8.2 (116 votes)
Hoobastank: Every Man For Himself

Sound — 9
I have always liked hoobastank's sound. But in this album they have experimented with different sounds. By using instruments like flutes, trumpets, toy pianos and things that you wouldn't usually associate with rock songs. The musical variety isn't actually a BAD thing. I bought this album after hearing songs like Crawling In The Dark, Same Direction & Out Of Control, thinking that I'd get pure rock songs. I was surprised to hear the "experimental" type music. Although surprised I clearly wasn't dissapointed. The band had an unusual way of making this record though: during their tour, Dan would come up with ideas and make a demo; he then hands it off to Doug for melodies and lyrics; the whole band would then fly back home to record the finished product during non-tour weekends. Nothing more to say about the new record's sound. It's just different from their previous records. Although I'm sure that you won't be dissapointed.

Lyrics — 8
The lyrics (just like the music) are varied. A lot of topics are in this album. Not just about love and shit like that. Doug has a great voice in the album (although they say that he sucks live). Amazing lyrics to go with the sound. With that said here are my impressions on the lyrics: 01. The Rules - not really a song. Just an intro to "Born To Lead". It was interesting cause it had a real drill seargent. 02. Born To Lead - good song. About wishing for your dreams instead of actually doing something about it. 03. Moving Forward - not a big fan of this song. Basically about moving forward. 04. Inside Of You - now this is a great song! It took me a long time to figure out the lyrics. But I eventually found out that it was about a guy wanting to have sex with a hot girl. Great video to go along with the song (for obvious reasons). 05. First Of Me - again, not a fan of this song. The lyrics though, are pretty good. About Being original and being yourself. 06. Good Enough - another song I don't like that much. About not being good enough for someone. 07. If I Were You - now this is probably one of the best songs in their new record. The song is about people taking for granted what they have. Great song! 08. Without A Fight - also one of my favourites. Not really sure what the song is about. But great song none the less. 09. Don't Tell Me - the only thing that I liked about this are the verses. The chorus isn't that good. About not doing what you say. 10. Look Where We Are - another good song. I really liked the riff on this song. This song is about looking back on life and realizing what a wild ride it was. Also about realizing that there's still so much left to go. It isn't over yet. 11. Say The Same - my favourite song in the album. I love playing this on the guitar. Suprisingly, it isn't that hard to play. The song's about saying goodbye to a friend/loved one, and hoping to see each other again someday. 12. If Only - although I didn't like this song at first, it kind of grew on me. Another song I love playing on the guitar. Also, suprisingly easy! About losing someone and wishing that they were still with you. 13. More Than A Memory - I really didn't like this song. Although the band says that this is the most epic song in the record, it seemed a bit too long & repetative for me.

Overall Impression — 10
I really can't compare this to their past albums. Since this is the only hoobastank CD I have. The best songs on the album would have to be Inside Of You, If I Were You, Without A Fight, Look Where We Are, Say The Same & If Only. There's nothing to hate about the cd. Since it has a lot of variety, there's something in here for everyone. This is definitely for people who like music in general. Nothing more to say actually. Unfortunately, I wouldn't buy any CD twice (it's just a waste of money). So If it were stolen, I'd just hunt the guy down, break his legs & steal it back (basically).

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    O..M..G, what have u done Hoobastank? Where are the songs like Out Of Control or Pieces or even Let It Out. I feel like a damn schoolgirl listening to this garbage you call "music". If you ever make another album PLEASE go back to harder music, otherwise you'll lose alot of old fans and pick up a HEAP of teeny boppers who don't even know what good music is...BTW, lucky i downloaded this album cos i wouldnt even pay $5 for it...absolute trash
    hoobastank used to be one of my favorite bands the 1st 2 albums were good but this one sucks in my point of view apart from the song inside of you but the reason i think this album sucks is coz there is NO BASS
    What do you mean there is no bass?? You are a fag! Hoobastank rocks and this is their best and most diverse album to date you stupid ****!
    Although I preferred the previous two albums, I still love this one. It has probably my faviourite Hoobastank song on it. (Say The Same) And what's this "No Bass" crap? They have a bass player called Josh.
    This CD is weak compared to their other efforts. I was a huge fan of the first album and second album (even though The Reason got REALLY old) but this album disappointed. Maybe it was the mainstream success or maybe it was just a lack of effort, but if you want to really enjoy Hoobastank i'd say to check out their first record.
    Chris Chaney was Alanis Morrisettes bassist, then he joined Jane's Addiction and then The Panic Channel. He's also a studio musician of course. Get all of your facts straight.