Every Man For Himself Review

artist: Hoobastank date: 08/16/2006 category: compact discs
Hoobastank: Every Man For Himself
Release Date: May 16, 2006
Label: Island
Genres: Rock
Number Of Tracks: 13
They continue to make good rock songs but in this album they tried new stuff, they transpose their creativity into a new level.
 Sound: 8
 Lyrics: 8
 Overall Impression: 8.2
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overall: 9.3
Every Man For Himself Reviewed by: louro_8, on may 06, 2006
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Sound: This album was the first without the original bassist Markku Lappalainen. It counts with participations by former Tool bassist Chris Cheney and vocal participations by producer Howard Benson and Hoobastank's webmaster Dan Berman. This is a album that will certain shock some Hoobastank "hardcorefans." They continue to make good rock songs but in this album they tried new stuff, they transpose their creativity into a new level. Prepare to hear some inovation in Hoobastank's music. They tried a lot of new instruments along with some new styles that weren't used by them in previous albums. Guitar, Bass and Drums parts are all perfectly fit. Also prepare to hear some short solos on the guitar. The production very insteresting, and the quality of each instrument is very good. You can hear two bonus tracks in the Japanese version of this album: Finally Awake and Waiting. // 9

Lyrics: I must say that one of the things that most impressed me was the vocal part. Remembering Hoobastank's previsious albuns all I can say is that this lyrics are now much more accurated. Some of them put me thinking about what I've done, I do, or what I will do. I can see that Doug Robb now talks about different subjects, instead of the theme "relationships" that was boarded by him in most of the songs from their previous works. About the melodies I think Doug Robb explored new ways in his singing and you can see he shows totally new things in his permormance. From all the songs, the ones I recomend thinking about the quality between singing/lyrics are "The First Of Me" and "Don't Tell Me." // 10

Overall Impression: This is a very different "Hoobastank" comparing with the "other" that we were used to, probably a more mature one. This won't probably sound like anything you ever heard from them. For me, they improved, and they didn't want to do just a another linear album, they wanted to surprise everyone, but above all, to please themselves. I must say that I never thought that they were going to do something like this. The tracks I recomend are "Born to Lead", "Don't Tell Me", "Without A Fight" and "Say The Same", but I totally think that this album is very solid. I think I can consider Hoobastank's best. It was one of the albuns that I most enjoyed heard! Certainly a good buy. // 9

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overall: 9.7
Every Man For Himself Reviewed by: sithian476, on may 23, 2006
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Sound: Of course, Markku left to leave open the bass spot, but don't let that disappoint you if you are a Hoobastank fan. Most certainly more than a trio, this album captures a lot more elements than their previous albums. Using horns, flutes, and occasional guitar solos, most fan's of music in general should be able to appreciate this album. It's definately different, but I found it didn't take very long to get used to like most albums do. Overall, all the songs sound very complete and the complete opposite of what most would call "rushed". Slightly poppy but more melodic, it's a pleasant change. // 10

Lyrics: Many people have drastically different opinions on the singer Doug. The most sparking comment I hear is that he is ok on CD but horrible live. Personally, I have seen them live and I thought he sang great other than the poor EQ from where I was at (too much treble). He's even better on CD in my opinion and this album is not any different. He's broadened into a better choice of lyrics, regardless of what he's trying to say. With this, it seems to flow a tad bit less than previous albums but still an awesome effort. // 9

Overall Impression: This is definately their most solid album and I'm sure they have a lot left under their belt as long as everything works out. So far, I don't have any favorites from the album considering they're all pretty unique but fall together. I love it's change toward a more progressive and skilled style while keeping it catchy. If you're the slightest fan of Hoobastank, definately give this one a try. // 10

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overall: 8
Every Man For Himself Reviewed by: Rock God #1, on may 31, 2006
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Sound: Well seeing as though this a great album, I will explain each song individually. 01. The Rules - a basic intro to the album. It is a commanding officer telling his recruits what (you guessed it) the rules are. I won't rate it, because it isn't a song. 02. Born To Lead - well, now this is a good song. A nice little riff to begin the song, along with a somewhat amthemic chorus. Don't like it? Keep listening to it, because it soon grows on you. 03. Moving Forward - you may have seen my tab on this. If not, put it on your to-do list. But seriously, this is probably my favourite song on the album. A great sing-along chorus and mellow verses, with a "na na na na na" to not only break, but obliterate the ice covering the album. 04. Inside Of You - crude though it may be, this song has a very sly chorus that will be clinging to the walls of your skull for a while! I certainly had a laugh when I heard the chorus. A raw, slightly aggressive, straight-talking song. 05. The First Of Me - another great song that has a nice chorus (and an even nicer outro to let it all sink in). 06. Good Enough - a nice song with a very atmospheric feel to it. It gradually gets heavier, but retains it's mellow mystique. Not a song that you'll remember though. 07. If I Were You - with a very Beatleish intro, the album radiates around this one track. This is Hoobastank at their best. 08. Without A Fight - a very raw and powerful intro. The screaming I could do without, but without this, it just wouldn't be the song it is. It loses its edge slightly after the first verse, but is a good song none-the-less. 09. Don't Tell Me - are those synth keyboards at the beginning? A very mellow song that keeps it real through-out. It has a great message that is maintained throughout: "What you say will be forgotten some day. But what you do will be remembered." 10. Look Where We Are - a nice country/blues/jazz riff at the start, along with a 'clap your hands' drum rhythm. A nice one this, that reaches beyond Hoobastank's past boundaries. Sadly, they could have done better. 11. Say The Same - a great song this one. Nice one Hoobastank. This is the kind of stuff that you should be doing (since you're good at this). Another easy song that will stay on your iPod. 12. If Only - the beginning of this track sounds like something U2/Keane would do. However, it soon returns to Hoobastanks standards. A nice little breather to (almost) finish the album off. 13. More Than A Memory - pipes and an acoustic guitar? Well if you insist. A nice one to round the album off. Astonishingly, it works. If you listen closely to the pre-chorus, you will notice that it sounds very much like 'Running Away'. // 8

Lyrics: Overall, I think that the lyrics are good. On a few songs (i.e. Good Enough) I think that he needs a rhyming dictionary. It is true, that both Daniel Estrin (guitarist) and Douglas Robb (vocals) write the songs. Noticeably, The lyrics that Dan Estrin writes (alone) are not as good as the ones the pair write together. Nonetheless, the lyrics are maybe a notch lower than they have been on the past albums. However, this album has a totally different feel, and so the lyrics are different in their own rights. Overall, the lyrics are good and monumental. Can Douglass Robb sing? You'd be a fool if you thought he couldn't! // 8

Overall Impression: Sadly, it just comes short of the past albums ("Hoobastank" and "The Reason"). Yet, this album seems to take it up a new (more experimental level). What I would like to see now, is for them to break the boundaries and for Douglass Robb to write better lyrics, and use different song formats and progressions. The best songs are: "Say the same", "If I Were You" and "Moving Forward". All of these songs are great. Download them now, you'll be missing out on so much. I love the fact that Hoobastank did not throw it all away with this album. That could've done (so easily in fact). However, some songs do seem rushed. In which case, they should've taken more time over them. This album is a must buy for any metal/nu metal loving fanatic! // 8

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overall: 4.3
Every Man For Himself Reviewed by: raging247, on june 01, 2006
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Sound: Whether you love or hate this album, you cannot say that Every Man For Himself isn't a departure from the sound Hoobastank have built over the last two studio albums. Gone are the riffs, and in general, the quicker tempo songs. The album has a much more smooth, slower feel to it, with a lot of emphasis on the vocals. Also, the few higher tempo songs tend to have a simple drum beat and both Inside of You and Born To Lead have a basic off beat hi-hat, which means they sound quite similar. This is one heavily produced album. Howard Benson's production on the last album was tight, but not over the top. However, I feel that multiple vocal layers, use of synths and general over production ruin the raw energy that they had on their self titled album. Don't know about everyone else, but Hoobastank's crunchy and catchy riffs first got my attention, and it seems they have now scrapped them all. They are a very, very different band now. // 4

Lyrics: Same old same old from Mr Robb. Fairly general lyrics that either refer to nothing specific or that go on about how "People won't hold them back." He may sound like Brandon Boyd, but he doesn't have anything like his lyrical ability. // 5

Overall Impression: I really regret spending my money on this album, and I used to be a huge fan of theirs. However, it seems the success of "The Reason" single and corporate pressure may have got them to produce a slow pop album, which is exactly what Every Man For Himself is. I will not be seeing these guys live when they tour. // 4

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overall: 9
Every Man For Himself Reviewed by: turnfoot, on august 16, 2006
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Sound: I have always liked hoobastank's sound. But in this album they have experimented with different sounds. By using instruments like flutes, trumpets, toy pianos and things that you wouldn't usually associate with rock songs. The musical variety isn't actually a BAD thing. I bought this album after hearing songs like Crawling In The Dark, Same Direction & Out Of Control, thinking that I'd get pure rock songs. I was surprised to hear the "experimental" type music. Although surprised I clearly wasn't dissapointed. The band had an unusual way of making this record though: during their tour, Dan would come up with ideas and make a demo; he then hands it off to Doug for melodies and lyrics; the whole band would then fly back home to record the finished product during non-tour weekends. Nothing more to say about the new record's sound. It's just different from their previous records. Although I'm sure that you won't be dissapointed. // 9

Lyrics: The lyrics (just like the music) are varied. A lot of topics are in this album. Not just about love and shit like that. Doug has a great voice in the album (although they say that he sucks live). Amazing lyrics to go with the sound. With that said here are my impressions on the lyrics: 01. The Rules - not really a song. Just an intro to "Born To Lead". It was interesting cause it had a real drill seargent. 02. Born To Lead - good song. About wishing for your dreams instead of actually doing something about it. 03. Moving Forward - not a big fan of this song. Basically about moving forward. 04. Inside Of You - now this is a great song! It took me a long time to figure out the lyrics. But I eventually found out that it was about a guy wanting to have sex with a hot girl. Great video to go along with the song (for obvious reasons). 05. First Of Me - again, not a fan of this song. The lyrics though, are pretty good. About Being original and being yourself. 06. Good Enough - another song I don't like that much. About not being good enough for someone. 07. If I Were You - now this is probably one of the best songs in their new record. The song is about people taking for granted what they have. Great song! 08. Without A Fight - also one of my favourites. Not really sure what the song is about. But great song none the less. 09. Don't Tell Me - the only thing that I liked about this are the verses. The chorus isn't that good. About not doing what you say. 10. Look Where We Are - another good song. I really liked the riff on this song. This song is about looking back on life and realizing what a wild ride it was. Also about realizing that there's still so much left to go. It isn't over yet. 11. Say The Same - my favourite song in the album. I love playing this on the guitar. Suprisingly, it isn't that hard to play. The song's about saying goodbye to a friend/loved one, and hoping to see each other again someday. 12. If Only - although I didn't like this song at first, it kind of grew on me. Another song I love playing on the guitar. Also, suprisingly easy! About losing someone and wishing that they were still with you. 13. More Than A Memory - I really didn't like this song. Although the band says that this is the most epic song in the record, it seemed a bit too long & repetative for me. // 8

Overall Impression: I really can't compare this to their past albums. Since this is the only hoobastank CD I have. The best songs on the album would have to be Inside Of You, If I Were You, Without A Fight, Look Where We Are, Say The Same & If Only. There's nothing to hate about the cd. Since it has a lot of variety, there's something in here for everyone. This is definitely for people who like music in general. Nothing more to say actually. Unfortunately, I wouldn't buy any CD twice (it's just a waste of money). So If it were stolen, I'd just hunt the guy down, break his legs & steal it back (basically). // 10

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