Fight Or Flight review by Hoobastank

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  • Released: Sep 11, 2012
  • Sound: 8
  • Lyrics: 8
  • Overall Impression: 7
  • Reviewer's score: 7.7 Good
  • Users' score: 7.5 (36 votes)
Hoobastank: Fight Or Flight

Sound — 8
These guys certainly are one of those bands who can be categorized for making soft, loving songs, which can be love ballads. I am glad to hear that this is a solid effort though. I felt as if their past releases were all lacking something. They all seemed to be so cliche-ish. Although this is not the type of band to bring forth great guitar licks, and such, they still bring forth some heartfelt, calming, and sometimes rock your head type tunes.

Lyrics — 8
Lyrically I thought this album was much better than any of their past albums. This one just seemed right on. In the opener track, "This Is Gonna Hurt", it starts out with a dunnehdunnehdun. This took me by surprise when I slid the CD in the stereo of my car to be met with this sound. "I've been living for too long. With a feeling something's wrong. Like a thorn stuck in my side. Just out of reach for me to pull it out. Now the picture's crystal clear. I can see that the end is near. We no longer to have pretend. All things have got to come to an end." This was met up for the first verse after I drove out of the Best Buy parking lot, happily gripping my hand on the prized possession. Then came a red light, and I was utterly angry by the time being 12:27, and I had to get back to class at 12:30 (yup this was in between classes and I was half an hour late to be exact). This song took a fork in the road though as I was driving, or... Er... speeding, ravaging this gift of music. 2nd track comes on, called, "You Before Me". "Tell me everything you need. All the secrets that you keep. Even if it takes all day. Even if it takes all night. I can put the world on hold. So you and I can be alone. Even if it takes all day. Even if it takes all night. I would do anything for you. I always will put you before me." The next song called, "The Fallen", would probably have to be my favorite song off the album. The intro, which starts off with, "Everything I know will change, I'll never be the same. So I'm told as a voice repeats "Again, again and again" What if it doesn't feel like everyone said it should? What have I become?" I liked the transition from spoken soft, to sing loudly with distortion. I'm skipping the next 2 tracks, not because they're bad, but there wasn't anything quite noteworthy enough. "Slow Down" has such a catchy chorus, by the way. Up until this point of the album, each song seems to link towards each other, which in a way threw me off. "A Thousand Words", however, is fantastic. A nice slow song to close out the album. "It's hard to say goodbye. And leave a part of me. These walls will hold so many memories. Underneath my smile. Holding back a scream. Packing up a box of broken dreams."

Overall Impression — 7
Say what you want about this band, but I think they've still got it. I think that they've finally got it together again, and they're not just some Incubus clone. I love the way tey do their love ballads, and their heartfelt songs, but I think they still need to get on the ball with some more in your face type stuff, and maybe they'll get more recognized. Overall, this was a great album. Not sure if I'd go out of my way to buy it again though.

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    This band's sound somehow stood out from all the others back in 2003, but it never really stuck with me. I'm surprised they're still around.
    I'll be picking this up today. Not because of the review, but because these guys put out solid effort after solid effort. I still think their best album is Every Man For Themself. They're more than capable of some very heavy songs, and i think they do that best out of everything they do.
    Mr Winters
    I think The Reason is their best album, despite how shitty the title song is. It's an almost perfect album for me. Basketball Shorts is also awesome, but I don't count it because it's a totally different style.
    You're going to find this album terribly boring if you think it's going to be hard-hitting and rock-anthem oriented like their self-titled and The Reason. This album starts off decent, but from about the 4th song on, it's all soft ballads which I find pretty boring, but if you dig songs like "The Reason" and "If I Were You", you'll probably really like it.
    Hooba of cheesy ballads? they made Crawling in the Dark and Remember Me, so Ill say this is not my typical hoobastank album, I really liked The Pressure and This Is Gonna Hurt
    hoobastank, probably the best band name Ive ever hear(aside from goblin cock). gonna check them.