The Satellite Years review by Hopesfall

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  • Released: Oct 8, 2002
  • Sound: 9
  • Lyrics: 9
  • Overall Impression: 10
  • Reviewer's score: 9.3 Superb
  • Users' score: 8.9 (10 votes)
Hopesfall: The Satellite Years

Sound — 9
On this album (came out in 2002) Hopesfall created a new sound that I've haven't heard from a metalcore/hardcore band. They fused astronomonical space rock kind of feel with their metalcore sound. I'm not sure it's been done before, but they managed to do it so well. Jay Forrest was added as the new vocalist after their previous vocalist left the band. I think the band was lucky enough to find him, his vocal skills is one of a kind that fuse very well to the bands space sound. Even his screaming has gravity that makes the song pull you into the whole escape feel. The instrumental moments where I could have thought it's a new song is out of this world. The band must have practice hard to get the whole song's structure flow easily without missing a beat. The theme, escape, seems to fit in with the space feel, so that is a clever way of representing the lyrics and the whole aspect of the sound. The drums may be a bit everywhere but it feels natural to the songs. The drums also, with every beat works with the songs, especially in "Dana Walker". I recommend any person who wants to start a band this album, cus it shows that you have to work very hard with the band create a tight sound like Hopesfall.

Lyrics — 9
As I said before the theme is escape, the lyrics seems to address the feeling of escape in different aspects. It seems the lyrics have a bit so-called "emo" kind of feel to it. But it works with the songs, so it doesn't matter. Jay's vocal range is quite good, he gives each song a good feel to the songs. I would say he fits so well with the songs that it he's there to stay. There are moment where you wish he could have push it further with his vocals. Otherwise he makes the album a worth while to listen. I'm not sure who's the other vocalist who helps him with some of the songs. The songs he shines well is "A Man Exist", "Curves Like Decoy", "Dead in Magazines". Actually every song(except the instrumentals "Andromeda" & "Red Shift") are one kind songs that blows me away. BTW, There's a guest vocalist from the band called Hum on "Escape Pod For Intangibles." This song would play well to soft rock fans.

Overall Impression — 10
I don't have any of their previous albums. I don't know if I could compare it to any of their old albums, but I would say this a good album, I mean a brilliant album! All of the songs are the best I heard so far. But to choose the best ones, I would say: "Dana Walker," "Decoys Like Curves", "Escape Pod For Intangibles", "The Bending" & "Only The Clouds." I love the way the progression of the songs like they on a journey for me to follow through, probably one of the reason why I like the album, plus the vocals.

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    One of my favorite metalcore albums ever, and I never knew the vocalist from Hum did the vocals there. I guess it would be a great idea, since you can see the obvious Hum(and other space rock) influences.
    rubberfactory wrote: ps, to call this record metalcore is an insult.
    thank you. i've already burnt a hole in one copy, and i almost have another hole in this new one. most inspirational album ever.
    great album, a little repetetive at times, unlike a-types, if you dont mind the whole not screaming part anymore.
    hopespaul wrote: great album, a little repetetive at times, unlike a-types, if you dont mind the whole not screaming part anymore.
    A-Types was my least favorite album (though I still like it), and not because of the lack of screaming. I would say The Satellite Years and No Wings to Speak of are their greatest albums. Magnetic North definitely recovered some of their past novelty that I liked. The two times I saw them live (right after Satellite Years came out) they were great. Really put together. Of course the band line up has changed since then, so I can't speak for them anymore.
    Looking back this review I wrote, gosh, I really sucked bad... Haha. I wish I could undo this, but hey its here for guys that really should check this album out. Maybe I should write a new proper review. Maybe...