King Amongst Many review by Horrorshow

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  • Released: Aug 2, 2013
  • Sound: 8
  • Lyrics: 7
  • Overall Impression: 8
  • Reviewer's score: 7.7 Good
  • Users' score: 7 (1 vote)
Horrorshow: King Amongst Many

Sound — 8
In terms of the music, it can be argued that this is the best Horrorshow album to date. From the funky, soulful keyboard riffs in "King Amongst Many" to the haunting ecstasy and entrancing ingenuity of the piano in "Dead Star Shine" (which sounds like a piano was broken up into individual parts to create), DJ Adit Gauchan has brought Horrorshow's music to a new level. While the album musically has low points, such as the painfully cheesy keyboard of "On the One Hand" feat. Grieves and Suffa, the majority of the album is a testament to Adit's omnipotent songwriting ability. On a lot of the songs where the lyrics are mediocre, the production makes it well worth listening to.

Lyrics — 7
Solo continues the Horrorshow tradition of rapping about subject matter that is rarely seen in hip-hop music (previously seen on The Grey Space's "Waiting for the 504" and Inside Story's "Inside Story") on the track "Listen Close" when he discusses how the beautiful old buildings in Sydney are taken down and replaced with uninspired modern architecture. The inventive lyrics of this song go well with Adit's music to create a vivid picture in the listener's mind of Sydney's fantastic architecture. Lyrically, the strongest song on the album is "Own Backyard" feat. Jimblah, which delivers the chilling tale of Australian racism towards the Indigenous population that is often swept under the rug. The collaboration on this track with Jimblah allows two perspectives to be provided, emphasising it's message. The single "Unfair Lottery" is inspirational, but not in the cliche Bliss n Eso "believe in yourself" way but in a more "Fight Club" sort of way. Apart from this, unfortunately, the rest of the album's lyrics don't maintain the same power or originality as Horrorshow's previous albums. A lot songs discuss cliche topics, such as "Nice Guys Finish Last" feat. Joyride, "Dead Star Shine" and "On the One Hand" feat Grieves and Suffa. Other songs have gibberish lyrics that seem to signify practically nothing, such as "Human Era," "King Amongst Many" and "Can't Look Away." For the most part on this album, Adit brings his A game and has developed as an artist, and some songs of this album show that the same has happened with Solo, yet for the more part he seems to be lacking in inspiration.

Overall Impression — 8
Fans of Horrorshow's previous albums "The Grey Space" and "Inside Story" have learned by now to expect the unexpected with the Inner West hip-hop duo. And right from the soul stirring introduction on the opening track "Human Era," the listeners know that that is exactly what the album "King Amongst Many" has delivered; the unexpected. The group have developed as artists, boldly exploring new ground yet at the same time maintaining their integrity as musicians and staying the same Horrorshow we know and love. Solo is still humble while Adit is still composing interesting music. "Own Backyard" is the most sombre song Horrorshow have made so far, topping The Grey Space's "Celephram." However, while it has some standout tracks, as a cohesive album it is not worth listening to start to finish. There are many songs worth skipping. Having said that, the more impressive tracks on the albums are definitely not to be sneezed at, and some of them such as the upbeat "Make You Proud" will go down as Horrorshow classics, along with "No Rides Left," "The Rain", "All Summer Long," "Note to Self" and "Walk You Home." If you give this album some time then the more favourable tracks will grow on you. Highlights on the album include "Human Era," "Unfair Lottery," "Listen Close," "Waste Your Time," "Own Backyard," "Dead Star Shine" and "Make You Proud."

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