The Mechanical Hand review by HORSE the band

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  • Released: Sep 20, 2005
  • Sound: 10
  • Lyrics: 10
  • Overall Impression: 10
  • Reviewer's score: 10 Gem
  • Users' score: 8.2 (39 votes)
HORSE the band: The Mechanical Hand

Sound — 10
Horse The Band's second release "The Mechanical Hand" is an awesome hardcore/metal/nintendo/technical album. The first song "Birdo" starts off with "mmmm eggs" spoken by a weird voice, then goes into a synthy hardcore part, then a variety of metalcore breakdowns and build ups. Then "A Million Exploding Suns" starts with a nice keyboard intro that sounds alot like a guitar being two hand tapped, which is really cool, and has a lot of cool breakdowns and build ups. Then comes "Manateen," which starts off sounding like something The Killers might do, I thought this song was going to just be a filler track, but one the singer screamed "I'm a piece of shit!" I knew this one was a keeper. "Lord Gold Throneroom" starts off with a sample of people having sex, then goes into an cool keyboard riff, followed by an awesome rhythm and bassline. These guys make such appealing riffs and are awesome musicians. Their keyboardist is not the only thing that sets them apart from other bands, everyone in the band has a unique talent and individuality that make Horse the Band so awesome and appealing to the listener.

Lyrics — 10
"I could be a sex machine... That would be hot," "And Get A Burrito!" and "Slaves... masterbate to a single note." Those are some of the example's of the thought provoking and instantly classic lyrics that Horse The Band have to offer. The singing on this album is mainly punk/hardcore influenced, and the screaming is metal/metalcore/screamo and at some parts death metal-like. That singer must really mess himself up badly to be able to scream like that. My favorite scream by the singer would be in "The Black Hole" when he says "I'll face the stars of the abyss or face nothing at all!"

Overall Impression — 10
I really like this CD, mainly because I have never heard anything like it, but at the same time this CD reminds me of everything I like to listen to. The most impressive song on this album has got to be "Lord Gold Throneroom," this song is so catchy and the bassline is so sweet. I like just about everything about this album, but I hate the fact that this band get shit on by every elitist teenage douchebag that calls everything "emo."

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    Horse The Band has opened up a whole new world of music ( or atleast one rarly, and often times poorly used), and the Mechanial Hand is just a great example of them leading a new revolution.
    discovered them when they opened for the dillinger escape plan, ****ing awesome. not too often you get a scar on you face from the first of four bands to play a gig
    ^ I don't really think its possible to take them seriously, but their music is fun.