Made In The Dark review by Hot Chip

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  • Released: Feb 4, 2008
  • Sound: 7
  • Lyrics: 7
  • Overall Impression: 7
  • Reviewer's score: 7 Good
  • Users' score: 7.9 (11 votes)
Hot Chip: Made In The Dark

Sound — 7
Hot Chip straddles the line between new wave-pop and techno-flickered/modern electronica on their latest album Made In The Dark released by Astralwerks. The house beats on tracks like Bendable Poseable and Hold On' are liken to the robotic movements of Daft Punk, and the melodic synth textures of "We're Looking For A lot Of Love and Touch Too Much have the craftsmanship of The Pet Shop Boys. The band's music made of eclectic sounds, avant-pop guitar retrospection's, marshes of melodic synths, and the click-clop of their downbeats are forward thinking and club floor ready. Produced by Hot Chip, the album shows wavelets of diversity like the nursery rhyme rhythmic patterns of Wrestlers and the esoteric art-pop designs of Don't Dance. The liquidity synth and guitar phrases meshed with softly fanned rhythms of Whistle For Will and In The Privacy Of Love are complementing, and the warm sonic synth spreads of the title track and One Pure Thought are harmoniously wedged with a touch of calypso fringes in the rhythmic beats of the latter. The electro-pop splashes of Out At The Pictures are reminiscent of Devo's art-pop matrix, and the mixture of new wave synths with hip hop-tinged electronica for Shake A Fist has a modern approach. Hot Chip's songs revitalize new wave-pop with a modern finish.

Lyrics — 7
Hot Chip's lyrics read like slogans that represent their generation with phrases such as I'm only going to heaven if it tastes like caramel from the song Hold On, and Looking for a nighttime to bring back my youth from the title track. And then sometimes, the lyrics are sentimental like In the privacy of our love/We are in each other as hand in glove from their tune In The Privacy Of Love. The G-rated lyrics are generally very light and made for most people to connect to and find pleasing.

Overall Impression — 7
Made In The Dark is Hot Chip's third full-length album and finds the band in similar form to their two previous discs, The Warning and Coming On Strong. Members Felix Martin - drums, Owen Clarke - guitar, and Alexis Taylor and Joe Goddard - vocals and keyboards, have in many ways stayed true to their electronica roots. The songs are permutations showing influences of the '90s Ladytron and the '80s Bronski Beat with a contemporary twist. Hot Chip take synth textured melodies into the 21st century and make it their own.

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    Glad someone does reviews for music like this. Hot Chip... Had one of the best songs of this century with Over and Over but their recent single hardly filled me with confidence. Glad you rated War Stories by UNKLE higher.
    (y).. This isn't msn.. On topic, this is a great album I love the song ready for the floor!