Hello From The Children Of Planet Earth Review

artist: Hundred Year Storm date: 10/04/2007 category: compact discs
Hundred Year Storm: Hello From The Children Of Planet Earth
Release Date: Jul 25, 2006
Label: East West/Floodgate
Genres: Adult Alternative Pop/Rock, Alternative Pop/Rock
Number Of Tracks: 12
The album explores everything from your basic love song to a nine minute instrumental that uses NASA loops as opposed to lyrics.
 Sound: 10
 Lyrics: 10
 Overall Impression: 10
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Hello From The Children Of Planet Earth Reviewed by: sweetpeasuzie, on october 04, 2007
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Sound: Imagine cascades of reverberating waves and melodious atmospherics with sonic crescents and ravines made from synth-textured nettings and juxtaposed by firmly keeled beats and you can imagine what Hundred Year Storm's second full length album Hello From The Children Of Planet Earth sounds like. Released by Floodgate Records and produced by David Dreesen, the 4-piece ambient-pop/experimental rock quartet from Austin, Texas are presarios at erecting lush, spacey soundscapes that are similar but not quite like the material of Coldplay, Doves, and The Rapture. Their melodic rock atmospherics on tracks like Yesterday, We Had It All and Walking Away From What You Deserve inflict dreamy, lacey landscapes with pivotal rhythmic beats that enliven the glittery melodic textures. The whispering sonic sputters of August On Fire are lamenting while the sashes of electro-pop passages on Where Beauty Never Dies are tapered by folksy-tinged acoustic pop bindings. There are predicates of space rock and satiny ambient-rock channels liken to Klaxons and Shiny Toy Guns on Reach and Winter Is Always Good For Broken Hears. The band's display of aero-dynamics and melodic harmonies are immeasurable. The rich guitar density and sci-fi vortexes of Crash And Burn have a cinematic scope while the silky prismatic tones of All This Time and Beloved are tender and poetic. Hundred Year Storm work from a palate that produces synth-textured soundscapes while embroidering each song differently as if each song is another piece to a giant puzzle. // 10

Lyrics: The lyrics vary from being metaphorical like on the track All This Time with words like: Your kisses were like the truth as water in my mouth/Speak to me and I'll taste again, or philosophical like Crash And Burn with statements like: An army of skeletons, a desert full of people/Dying to know the breath of life again/Reaching at the end/Where a heart can feel and a voice can sing. Other songs are a series of felicitations like on 00:01 echoing, Here's to new beginnings, here's to a new start but most are very personal and intimate like on Reach with phrases like: I call your name/Across the ocean/I'm still here/And your love reaches me. The lyrics seem to go in different directions and yet they all come from the same life. // 10

Overall Impression: Band members Bill McCharen (vocals, guitar), David Kiesel (guitar/backup vocals), Brandon Johnson (drums), and the band's bassist on the record, Shane Fling, who early in 2007 departed ways from the band and has been filled in by Michael Delaney, create music that they enjoy playing. Their footprints have similarities to other ambient-pop/experimental rock artists, and yet Hundred Year Storm seem nothing like anyone else. They balance sonic beauty and melodious tunage with being sturdy and highly active. Their album Hello From The Children Of Planet Earth, the follow up to their first full length album Only When It's Dark Enough Can You See The Stars, is an easy album to like regardless of what musical preferences you may have. The band's ability to make excellently crafted songs is what comes through in their music. In this way, they have managed to transcend the delineations put up by music genres. The band who got their name from the movie Point Break should be just beginning the ride of the hundred year storm referred to in their name. // 10

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