Let Go review by Hundredth

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  • Released: Sep 27, 2011
  • Sound: 9
  • Lyrics: 9
  • Overall Impression: 9
  • Reviewer's score: 9 Superb
  • Users' score: 7.5 (2 votes)
Hundredth: Let Go

Sound — 9
This band... This band knows how to give a good roundhouse kick to the face. I've heard comparisons all over from Stick To Your Guns to The Ghost Inside or both bands combined. It's almost like a combination I guess, but I still think they have their own sound. And personally I think they kick much more a-se than those two bands. Anyway, I just heard about them yesterday, and I couldn't believe how they aren't getting much recognition! Vocally, this is most like the best part about them. Granted, they aren't the type of band that does many low growls, but (and I'm not an expert on screaming) his mids and highs are pretty damn powerful. I can hear the emotion. I can hear the voice being heard. I can tell he does this passionately. And obviously, as a Christian hardcore band, lyrically, it's going to effect things. And I respect that, even as a non-Christian believer. Clean vocals I think are also a huge part on this album. They don't show up too much, but when they do, they really set in the tone. In "Hurt", which is actually originally done by Nine Inch Nails, and Johnny Cash even did an amazing cover of it as well, it's difficult to listen to Hundredth's version of it at first. And I think it's because when I listen to screaming, I'm used to hearing a fast-paced style. "Hurt" is a slow song, and Hundredth didn't change anything pace-wise. I must say, the song itself came out beautifully, though. Even if it wasn't completely my cup of tea, towards the end of the song is what made me fall in love with it. Literally a chant comes in with nearly every member of the band. It's just touching. Guitar-wise is not too complicated, but it most certainly gets by and fits in with the music. You can't complain either about the drumming. And that leaves us with bass. I usually never have anything to say about bass unless he really affects the band, so I'll just leave it as fine.

Lyrics — 9
Lyrically I'll do what I usually do when I write reviews. The lyrics that really stood out to me. The first track (not including the intro) titled "Weathered Town", reminded me of when I moved. It almost seemed like they knew how I felt about where I used to live, and I still sort of feel the same way. "Looking in the rear-view mirror at everything that I'm leaving behind. I know this is right, I know it's my time. Now is my time to escape this weathered town and what this place is all about. I've gotta get out of here, but the memories I'll take with me. Everywhere I go, to everyone I know. These memories will stay with me. To escape this weathered town and what this place is all about. These memories will stay with me... will stay... will stay with me." And believe me, it's like telling a story of your life, another chapter. Another road. This is what makes this song so uplifting to me. It's telling me to not dread on the past. It's telling me that that town wasn't everything. All it is is memories that will stay with you forever, and that's honestly the way of life. "I'm gonna live today, live to make a change. There's comes a time in every life when it's time to move on. and well hey, that what it is today, it's time to make a change. I was never awake, just dreaming of the days When things were said and never done. But now this is the life I lead, living only to breathe hope into humanity. I made a promise to myself. I promised I'd never go back to thinking of this place as my wishing well." - "Live Today". Those lyrics also really spoke to me. From "We Can Take Them All": "I know they're all... I know they're all... LIES. Question everything, 'cause nothing's what it seems. And they gave fake a face, force-fed the American dream. Shipped us overseas to be all we can be. We can't justify murder with freedom isn't free." I read these lines and thought, wow this is really true. In "Humane", it almost seemed like we, as a nation must stop the violence and stop hurting ourselves in order to thrive. Again, I could be wrong but that's the beauty of lyrics making you think hard. Same with "I Hold The Key". I think it's about him meeting himself in a dream in real life, and is trying to overcome failing that person in his dream, rather than who he really is in real life. "Restless" almost seems like a song where his soul is taking over himself, and it's tough to get through to himself. And that's when I think this ties into "I Hold The Key" and "Restless". "If I had a fist for every time I've been trapped, I'd fight my way out and I'd never look back. I'm lying down in the darkest places. I'm losing touch. I can't see faces. I feel like I'm alone, am I alone? Dreams never come when I feel this way. I am a victim to everything around me. They present deceit, packaged with lies, and try to unravel my demise. I have to drive them out of my life. Pull the trigger on oppression. I'm ready to fight. I'm rising up reminding myself: dark is the absence of light. If you saw the depths of my soul, the sights they could never escape you. My broken soul will try and haunt me, to the day that I die... to the day that I die. My broken soul. I'm cheatin' on the sun... cheatin' on the sun... Cheatin' on the sun... cheatin' on the sun... cheatin' on the sun with the moon. Cheatin' on the sun... cheatin' on the sun... cheatin' on the sun with the moon. Soul... My broken soul." This song probably made me think the most. Again, in this song he talks about his soul is going to haunt him forever, and how dreams are just not there when he needs them. Nothing is there. He is alone.

Overall Impression — 9
This band definitely has given me more power and empathy in life. Whenever I listen to their music, it just chills through my bones. I feel like the messages in these songs really mean something. It gives me an inspiration. And believe me, lots of bands give me inspiration, but these guys are different. I think these guys do it best emotionally. I can just hear it. If anything, I think it's a lot similar to Architects in that aspect, but overall these guys guys I think are more comparable to Norma Jean, The Ghost Inside, Stick To Your Guns, August Burns Red, Oh, Sleeper, and Texas In July. A must listen to hardcore fans. I don't own the CD yet but once I find a good paying job (I'm literally broke at the moment :[) I will buy both of their CD's. Good things to come from these guys. God bless.

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