Goodbye To The Machine review by Hurt

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  • Released: Apr 7, 2009
  • Sound: 10
  • Lyrics: 8
  • Overall Impression: 9
  • Reviewer's score: 9 Superb
  • Users' score: 9.2 (52 votes)
Hurt: Goodbye To The Machine

Sound — 10
From one who has loved HURT's Vol. I and II, this new addition was anticipated highly, and I bought it the day it came out. The sound, for those who have never heard the band, is most broadly described as soft/alternative rock, yet even this categorization places too many restrictions on this band. It is really it's own genre, combining vocal harmonies with acoustic and electric guitars, electric basses, and violins. The thing that separates this band from many others of it's type is it's progressiveness and vocals - the latter being extremely unique. I have not heard anyone with a voice similar to Loren's, it is slightly grungy yet very clear and soulful. I don't really know how to describe it, other than too perfect. As far as influences are concerned, I can really detect none. What also makes it amazing is that included in the CD is a code you can use to download super-high quality versions of all the tracks taken from analog 1/2" master tapes, for people who really love music, and also available are three bonus tracks off the site. And for a person like me who loves to lay down and listen to music and let it fill every crevice of my body, it is perfect. Compositionally amazing, and utterly powerful.

Lyrics — 8
The lyrics of HURT are the sole reason why I started listening to the band; on previous albums they have been compared to Tool, and I have always compared them to System Of A Down, yet in reality they have a much deeper edge than either of those by being not only deep but very real at the same time. Also, they tackle entirely different subjects than the other two bands. HURT likes to play with audible puns (tactfully) along with paralleling syntax and especially powerful metaphors; the songs are written more like poetry than actual songs. Unfortunately, I had rather high expectations from Vol. II that this album didn't quite meet, and although they are good, I liked the previous album's better. I'd cite examples except that the album did not come with lyrics, which is one thing that I don't like.

Overall Impression — 9
This album is by far the best one I have purchased this year (and I buy plenty of music), and I find I am immediately drawn to the tracks Jealousy and Pills, even though I'm sure that will change after a few weeks. The songs are powerful and sang with incredible emotion, and the bonus track that comes in after the last song is well worth it, it adds comedic relief to the intensity that HURT can put into music. I couldn't really compare this CD to any other band's music, but as far as previous HURT CD's go I think I liked Vol. II better. But that may change over time, as I have had time to grow attached to those songs. Definitely in my top 10 CD's of all time, and I've only had 24 hours to listen to it. That means a lot, coming from a person who loves to buy music.

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    The girlfriend is heading out to buy this album today. Hopeing she likes it, as she too has high expectations. I may give it a listen as well (like a few of their songs here and there).
    great band, seen em twice live, the first time was ok (used too many vocal effects with a processor though) the second time was amazing, i was surprised to see how much they'd improved their live show after Vol. II was out. Vol. I is still my favorite effort from these guys. but this album does deserve a buy, its quite a good one. HORRIBLY UNDERRATED BAND HERE. How the hell did anyone with this musical talent get dropped from a label? Oh well, doesn't matter, you dont need a big label to make good music, here's the proof.
    Awesome album and band. I think Tool is a good comparison for this band, not musically, but artistry. A truely original band. Their fans are typically die hard music fans, which leads people to think that we are pretentious. The truth is bands like this deserve all the praise they get. It is sad to say, but America just doesn't have the capacity for music like this in the mainstream, and I agree that can be a good thing. Metallica will always outsell bands like this and Tool, but they will never match their effort.
    This album is amazing.. The first time listening to it, i was a tad bit disappointed. But after i sat down and really payed attention and listened to it, it blew my mind. I like it just as much as Vol. I and Vol. II (both 10/10 albums). The songs Dream Away and Role Martyr X are the best off the album so far. But my favorite changes daily, ha so tomorrow Wars and Pandora will be my faavorites. Although i would love for this band to be HUGE, the fame might change their humble song writing mentality. And thats what makes them so great anyways im Rambling.. 10/10 album
    OP here, I gotta say that I find World Ain't Right to be one of the most powerful songs this band has ever released, but then again all the songs are powerful. I maintain everything I have said before, reaffirming that the bonus tracks are essential downloads off the website. After listening to the CD for a few weeks I can honestly say it has met my expectations and it is at the same level of musical excellency as Vol. 2.
    1331 and dreams away are his besy lyrically. ever. i have a deep love for this band. but i disagree with the fact "they should be huge" call me selfish...whatever but do you as fans really want fan girls/boys to ruin them? i wish them all the luck in the world with their music...i just don't want fame to ruin this band...and i don't want to have to punch screaming girls at's just a pet peeve of mine tho. i'm also glad that i found a review where fans seem to get it. most don't seem too...its good to know there are still people who are in it for the music.
    well got to say that this ablum is a little differnt than vol.I and II, but they kept that edge that makes each song so amazing! "world ain't right" and "wars" are to me the most best songs on the ablum! the other song are like there missing somthing they got good parts but to much of a gap in between good stuff! Hurt is so talented though! i'd give the cd a 7 out of 10!
    I love hurt, they are so underrated, they should be huge! i have to hear this album.
    Bought it yesterday. Solid album, I'd say 7.5-8 out of 10. The opening track, 'Got Jealous' absolutley kicks ass!! 'Wars', 'World Ain't Right', 'Role Martyr X', and 'Fightiung Tao' are all killer tracks too!!
    I want to hear this, Vol 1 still holds the honour og being the most unexpecadly amazing record i have ever heard and Vol 2 is up there also
    I absolutely love this band. even though I only have Vol.I, and two off of Vol.II, I believe this CD will be almost as good as the rest.
    Hurt's best album by a mile and i would say best album I have heard in two years... But I don't know about Hurt's lyrics being deeper than TOOL's... I don't think you can even compare the two bands yet... Still HURT put out a VERY kick ass album and they are SOOO underappreciated.
    Vol I, Vol II and Goodbye To The Machine are great albums!! Hurt rocks!! I love the vocals and their style in all the albums. Got Jealous is such a powerful song!!
    Best band ever! There understanding of music and lyrics is paralleled by no one. Every time I listen to one of there CDs I get hooked on another song.
    i have to agree with being selfish about them... as much as i wish them luck, i want them to continue making music for the sake of it, not just because some major label told them too. and i also agree that tool is probably the closest comparison you can make as far as artistry, since they both make much different music, the soul and creativity are both there. i was a little skeptical when i heard the album wasnt going to be Vol III, but it turned out to be just fine. as always, took a couple listen throughs for it to really sink in, and now i love it, and hopefully it will be a good break for them so they can get back to Vol III =] also, i laughed my ass off at the hidden track. that song brightens my day everytime i hear it! "people who sing when they dont know the words..." funniest part was i was singing along with it on my first listen through, it was that catchy >.>