Jaw Dropper review by I Am Abomination

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  • Sound: 8
  • Lyrics: 8
  • Overall Impression: 9
  • Reviewer's score: 8.3 Superb
  • Users' score: 5.6 (7 votes)
I Am Abomination: Jaw Dropper

Sound — 8
I Am Abomination is a band like no other that I have heard. They are indeed a metal band with music similar to The Devil Wears Prada's album With Roots Above And Branches Below or We Came As Romans' To Plant A Seed album, but they are one of the better ones in my opinion because there is no screaming present in their music. Jaw Dropper is full of mind-blowing guitar and good singing. Personally, I love heavy music and solos, but I also like punk rock. I was searching for the perfect fusion of punk and the heaviness of some other music. I had tried metal with no luck. I liked the clean singing, but I really don't like screaming that much. Then, a friend who is really into metal turned me on to a little known band from Michigan called I am Abomination. I was immediately impressed. I needed more, so I searched and found the rest of the music they had released. I came upon Jaw Dropper, a 7-song EP released by them. The music itself, save for the vocals, is metal, but the singing saves it. I find them to be one of my favorite bands now. Here's my impression and thoughts on each song on the album. 01. Prelude: A good opener to the CD. It's an instrumental with piano and strings. It fades very nicely into the first full-length track. 7/10 02. Heir To The Throne: A wicked song. Starting off with some incredible sweep-picking and some very heavy metal notes behind, it has a very nice rhythm that can get stuck in your head. The two guitars mesh very nicely in this song. There is a good distinction between them. My favorite track on the album. 10/10 03. Ornaments Are For Hanging: It starts off with a very nice keyboard intro similar to something found on a Prada album. The singing is a little off in this song, in my opinion. But the music makes up for it. The outro with the piano is the best part. His singing is more composed and sounds better. 7/10 04. The Next Great American Tragedy: One of the cooler songs on the EP. The keyboard intro is matched with guitar after it stops and it makes the music seem heavier and heavier as it goes on. The singing is the best in this song, in my opinion. He doesn't overdo it and he sounds very much like a 90's punk band. This also has one of the better solos. 8/10 05. Ex-Tinction: An excellent song. The combination of soft singing and heavy singing fits together very nicely. The distinction between the lead and rhythm guitars is very nice too. There is also a very impressive breakdown in this song. The gang vocals really fit the song, as does the keyboard right before the final chorus. 8/10 06. Music Gone Wild!: Starting this song off, it sounds like 1980's metal, but once those low C notes kick off, it turns back into a metal song. The keyboard comes back after the first chorus and in the first breakdown. It's not the best song on the album, but it is still quite good. 7/10 07. Roll the Credits: This is, unfortunately, the low point in the CD. I don't find it very good. It's too long and sounds like a mesh of all the other songs. The keyboard just kind of lingers in the verses and doesn't really add to the song. There is a very nice instrumental outro on this track though. 6/10

Lyrics — 8
I find that the lyrics to be reminiscent of 90's punk rock. They are not about anything in particular, they just tell a story. The singer himself is quite good. He has a good vocal range for the music. Unfortunately, he does try notes that he cannot make in some songs, but those notes are short lived, and he returns to safer ones. His vocals fit the music very well. He's aggressive, like the music, but he can become composed when the music slows down. All in all, he is a good vocalist.

Overall Impression — 9
I believe that this album does compare to other metal albums such as Prada's With Roots Above and Branches Below album. I find it better. The lack of screaming makes it more accessible to other crowds. It can be listened to wherever because there is such a gap between screaming and singing. The most impressive parts of this album are the fast paces guitar riffs that are reminiscent of Metallica or Iron Maiden. They know just where to put them to fit perfectly into the songs. I really love that there is no screaming. Like I said before, I find that screaming ruins the music. There isn't much that I dislike about this album, other than there isn't many songs on it. I will be sure to purchase their next album when it comes out. I think I would probably buy it again if it were stolen or lost. It's right up my alley of music that I like. To conclude, whether you like screaming or not, if you like metal, you'll like this album.

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    EpiExplorer wrote: I'm going to ACM so I can't do it much anymore.. shame really.
    Make time,make time...My day isn't complete without one of your hateful slurs.
    EpiExplorer wrote: Infact, ignore me, I'm on a pissrage at the minute..
    Man you're getting old,you use to be on a pissrage all the time now just on weekends.
    Yet another 10 minutes of my life down the drain,truly mediocre at best.
    i have this and their full length album. the full length is better imo. not anywhere near as bad as some people play it out to be
    LightxGrenade wrote: i have this and their full length album. the full length is better imo. not anywhere near as bad as some people play it out to be
    agreed. Full length is much better.
    The music is great. It's the vocals (and also the lyrical themes) that ruin it for me.
    They are indeed a metal band with music similar to The Devil Wears Prada
    That's where I stopped reading.
    "Starting this song off, it sounds like 1980s metal, but once those low C notes kick off, it turns back into a metal song."
    Haha are you ****ing serious? This isn't punk rock. This is mod-faggotry. Saints Never Surrender O'nd this genre over before they broke up.
    krvolok wrote: Yet another 10 minutes of my life down the drain,truly mediocre at best.
    I actually like em. If this is mediocre to you then I'd love to know what you actually like. What's a band you actually find amazing?
    How the hell do you find this mediocre? The musicians are amazing at what they do. And the vocalist is much more tolerable than a lot of the vocalists who taint the post-hardcore genre, if you can even call this band post-hardcore.
    However, I must agree that this review is quite worthless, considering this guy must not know the difference between his genres. "..metal band with music similar to The Devil Wears Prada.."? Really? TDWP will never be metal and neither will I Am Abomination. But that doesn't keep the later from being a good band. However, the former just soaks in the typical, emocore, chug-chug mediocrity.
    We need some reviews of other IAA CD's. ESPECIALLY their new one. They've gotten wayyyy better
    Do I hear 'Protest The Hero' much? Except the vocalist is just like EVERY OTHER WHINEY EMOCORE VOCALIST that ever existed. Nothing new, nothing unique. Well, apart from the fact that THEY COVERED RICK ASTLEY, I find nothing good about this band or album.