New Demons review by I See Stars

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  • Released: Oct 22, 2013
  • Sound: 9
  • Lyrics: 9
  • Overall Impression: 9
  • Reviewer's score: 9 Superb
  • Users' score: 8.2 (9 votes)
I See Stars: New Demons

Sound — 9
I See Stars' new album "New Demons" is taking electronicore to a completely new level. With intense dubstep breakdowns mixed with personal, and at times dark lyrics, "New Demons" is the best of electronicore has to offer at the time being. They have come so far from their first release "3-D." Joey Sturgis produced the album and what a fine job he did. Zach Johnson, the unclean vocalist/keyboard player, has a much bigger role in the bands vocals and Devin Oliver, lead vocalist, is spot on for every amazing high note there is on the album. The drummer Andrew Oliver, is even featured with some vocals as well. There is some speculation that the album was not finished but I would say they did a pretty good job anyways.

Lyrics — 9
The first single to come off the album was "Violent Bounce (People Like You)," which actually is probably my least favorite song on the album, it's pretty much the same old lyrics about a fake, cheating girlfriend but something about it just makes you like it. The second single was "Murder Mitten" which also came out with its music video. "Murder Mitten" features very personal and deep lyrics about Denvin and Andrew Oliver's mother. At the very start when Zach screams "You won't see me die here!" and it goes into a electronic/guitar breakdown, you will have your jaw drop. It also gives you chills when Andrew is singing "Can you give me my breath back?." Here are the lyrics:

"Can you give me my breath back? [x4]
Do you hear me now?
Screaming at the top of my lungs all night
Do you hear me now?"

Easily my favorite song from the album, and the music video is good too. The last single to come off of the album before its release was "New Demons." The verses are pretty standard but the way Zach's voice screams the lyrics at the start of the song probably makes it the best part of the song. The chorus is very easy to sing along with and is catchy and well written. Here it is:

"Open up your eyes and you'll see,
That I'm not perfect,
That's what I'm trying to be,
'Cause I know you're worth it.
These new demons are changing me inside,
Changing me inside."

For the most part, the lyrics are well written and creative, but even on the best albums some of the songs might have to use "generic" lyrics. Also the use of electronics combined with guitar riffs and breakdowns pulls you in to the head banging mood.

Overall Impression — 9
The other most significant electronicore band is Issues which I will also be writing a review on their debut self-titled album. I See Stars and Issues both incorporate the use of synthesizers and electronic beats but I See Stars uses a more dubstep-like sound for their breakdowns and instrumentals. The most impressive songs to me on the album were "Who Am I?," "Murder Mitten" and "New Demons." Although at some points in the CD it seems as tho a little of it was rushed (going back to the idea that it might not have been finished) but overall was very impressive and their sound has matured.

- Nearly every song will get you moshing, head banging or raving. 
- Zach's screams are featured much more and do not disappoint.
- Rockin' electronic breakdowns.
- More mature sound then their previous albums.

- Maybe it was a little rushed at some points.

Overall it is a very big step forward for the metalcore/electronicore genre and is one of my all time favorite albums. If it were stolen I would download it back in a heartbeat. Might I also add they are good live as well. Here is a link to a live performance of "10,000 Feet."

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    9 is pretty high for something this repetitive. There are too many tracks without much going on, and too many of them just sound the same. That being said, "Ten Thousand Feet" is just incredible, everything about it is amazing, from the moombah sounds at the beginning to that fake-out end (legit did not see that coming at all). And I back these guys over Falling In Reverse 100%.
    yeah sorry about the part about violent bounce, I didn't realize it was about Ronnie Radke. But yeah I See Stars 100% over Falling In Reverse
    I absolutely love Zach's vocals. I still dont quite love Devin's, but I think theyre getting better, and I think their next release will be even better. Awesome electronic/dubstep parts. The title track and Ten Thousand Feet are my favorites.
    Audible Warfare
    Violent Bounce isn't about a cheating girlfriend. It's about Ronnie Radke after he kicked ISS off of a FIR tour. Anyways, good review.