You Can't Spell Slaugter Without Laughter Review

artist: I Set My Friends on Fire date: 10/13/2009 category: compact discs
I Set My Friends on Fire: You Can't Spell Slaugter Without Laughter
Released: Oct 7, 2008
Genre: Post-Hardcore
Label: Epitaph
Number Of Tracks: 12
All songs written by I Set My Friends on Fire except "Crank That", written by DeAndre Way.
 Sound: 8
 Lyrics: 9
 Overall Impression: 9
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overall: 8.7
You Can't Spell Slaugter Without Laughter Reviewed by: RainBeforeDawn5, on november 19, 2008
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Sound: First off I would like to ask the reader a question. Is there anyone in the entire world besides me with a good music background who enjoys this cd? The internet is littered with just awful reviews of this CD and I am not gonna lie I do not understand it at all. I Set My Friends On Fire's first CD is not only groundbreaking it is one of the only cds that has come out this year with staying power. The album begins with the seemingly pointless intro involving the band and an alien offering the band to play on their new planet. They ask the alien if the plant has people who talk sh** and he replies "no" so they say... cool... let's go. Right off the bat this band lets you know that they don't take themselves too overly serious. They are here to have fun and know that most people will dislike their music because it is not mainstream and like nothing anyone has ever heard before. The first track (and I am going to shorten all the names because they are pretty long) "Brief Interviews" begins the record hard and I believe works as a great intro to the next song. One of the most epic songs to come out of 2008 is the instant classic "Beauty is in the Eyes of the Beerholder" The piano is dark an ominous and adds a great touch to the song. It was also nice to hear a much better redone version of "ASL" where Matt and Nabil sound completely spot on within every single note. The spots that truly shine on this record are Nabil's clean vocals mixed with a sort of pop sensation that if they were in the song alone would probably be played on MTV (Not an insult in anyway). The only problem I have noticed with this CD is most of the songs follow the same song structure of a hard beggining, slow chorus like vocals, a breakdown, really poppy clean vocals (Best part) and then ending with a throwaway breakdown. The screaming in the album is sub-par in places and unneeded in songs such as "Things that Rhyme with Orange." However, Matt's screams really shine on songs such as "WTFWJD" and "Reeses Pieces." The best song on the CD "Things That Rhyme With Orange" is really a departure from what the rest of the album offers. This seems more like Nabil's song and offers the best vocals and message. Matt sounds good in the background such as when he says "It's something we define" but I think the song could live with possibly a better produced scream or less screaming all together. The band has a great ability to create an environment completely different from any band out there. They truly make you feel like you are listening to something new. A great example of this is the ending to "WTFWJD" when Nabil sings "Drinking the moisture from the air, I am so dry" and the piano slowly dies away into the blackness of the song. Suddenly the album takes a wrong turn however. This song stands out because the songs prior and the songs afterwords lack the ingenuity of the other songs. "Ravenous Rhino's" seems almost like filler and could have done better with more work. I realize why they placed "hXc 2 Step" on the CD but I could have really done without it. It's kind of a fun song worth listening to but it's more a guilty pleasure. You can't be rollin with your friends and blaring it because of the overly sexual lyrics and you can't listen to it with your girlfriend because you will get slapped in the face. And of course here comes what made the band and what ruined them. The infamous "Crank That" cover. I wish I could write this review without talking about it but it is unavoidable. Although the song is fun and well done, and frankly better then that Soldier Boy crap, it does not need to be on this cd. It ruins the environment, the emotion, and the creativity. Thankfully the CD is saved with the final two songs. "The Nuns" is a great song with fascinating lyrics and a great beat. The screaming is perfect and the vocals are right one. The clean vocals are amazing near the end of the song and completely unforgettable. The CD is made great by the ending of this song in my opinion. Then comes possibly one of the greatest finales in Screaming music history. "Reese's Pieces" The song is fast, brutal, violent, and everything you could love in a song. The breakdown at the end is unforgettable. // 8

Lyrics: The singers definitely have skills. I am truly excited to see how Matt fairs on tour using his screams so much. The lyrics are sometimes amazing and make the song, however sometimes, when you pay attention to the lyrics, they can ruin the song. For example, "Things that Rhyme With Orange" sounds like it could be a good luck at the corporate game when they say things such as "blame it on the corporate sky scrapers in the clouds, but if it wasn't for you we wouldn't have all these multiple crowds." until the lyrics just turn silly with Matt screaming "I put the toilet seat up, that's the way I was taught." maybe that is the charm to the album, but I find it brings down the overall mood. Sometimes the funny lyrics work however, in the epic "Beauty is in the Eyes" gang vocals proclaim "Don't drink and park accidents in cars cause population." This brought a smile to my face. The song where the lyrics truly shine is the one I keep referring to "Reese's Pieces" near the end of the song when Matt and Nabil trade off screams and singing they say "In Love With this machine, how could you do this to me? Next time you won't get up so easily" this is truly powerful and the way Nabil sings is heartwarming. The lyrics to this song however are much darker then anything one would expect from listening to the rest of the album. I am not going to ruin them for you, I am just gonna say if you are not the kind of person that can understand what they are saying when they scream check out the lyrics to this song. They are not only completely original, but violent and compelling. I would give them a 10 here but sometimes they let their joking side get the best of them // 9

Overall Impression: Listening to this CD is truly a great experience. From beginning to end you will experience all different kinds of emotions and if you listen hard enough understand the story and, hell, just have some fun. The ending to the CD could not be more perfect with the unforgettable breakdown ending "Reeses Pieces." I wish some of the breakdowns were more thought out and there were less guitars and more synth, possibly a couple more poppy clean vocals. I am really hoping that the bad reviews of this band don't stop them from creating more music. There large fan base and Mavericks like me (Obama 08... I apologize... I watch too much SNL and Colbert) are still behind them and eager for more. Overall what I'm trying to say is by the damn cd. You will enjoy it and give it a try. It might be in your CD player for longer then you think. I know a month down the line it still is staying in there for me. // 9

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overall: 8.7
You Can't Spell Slaugter Without Laughter Reviewed by: FlapJack85, on october 13, 2009
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Sound: This was ISMFOF's first album. And it certinly has it's ups and downs. As far as ups, Nabil Moo is a very talented musician as far as guitars and bass go. Also with mixing, considering they recorded this whole album at their house. He's also not a bad singer though sometimes the auto tone is nessacery. Matt is also talented in some ways. His lyrics are amazing and seventy precent of the time, his screams are well done. As far as downs, well in some songs, I will admit, most of the time it just sounds like random noises and gets very annoying. Other times their are too meny screams and not enough clean vocals. This is just my opinion sence I'm not a huge screamo fan. And sometimes the screams just sound like Matt is throwing up and it wont match the rythem of the song at all, thus sounding like random noises. Never the less, I do enjoy this album for the most part. 01. Sh!t It Talks... I'm Out Of Here: just an intro, pretty funny and a good start. Brief Interviews With Hideous Men- Eh...? One of those NOISE tracks. The beggining is catchy though, with the grindcore beat. Not a very good start though? 02. Beauty Is In The Eye Of The Beerholder: an Amazing song! Just when your about to pop it out of your CD player this comes up with the random screaming and then hilariously changes into a piano solo. I love the screaming and clean vocals on this track along with the guitar. 03. Things That Rhyme With Orange: the hit single! It was the song that got me into them and I really it. It stands out because it is compoased a lot better then the rest of the tracks. And has a lot more clean vocals. 04. ASL: another good one. But it does get old after a while. It also has a lot of clean vocals. I love the chorus before the break down! 05. Interlude: just a filler. Pretty chill... 06. Ravenous, Ravenous Rhinos: Oh my...? Well the only good thing about this song is the EXTREAMLY catchy, techno interlude! And the big ol' "WHAT THE F***!?" at the beggining made me laugh but one of the noise tracks. 07. HxC 2-Step: this song is soooooooo gross! It starts out with the, "This sounds like the reaction your girlfriend makes when you just told her that you have an STD in bed!" Yeah...? Also very annoying. 08. WTFWJD: I know that after you heard that song you may want to turn off your CD player but dont because WTFWJD is one of the best tracks on here!! I dont understand the lyrics but they make me laugh and it is very catchy! Especialy the ending with the chanting crowd. 09. Crank That: everyone has heard it. I personally like it but meny people think otherwise. I don't know? Sometimes I'm in the mood... sometimes I'm not. 10. But the Nuns Are Watching: thank God this track is on here! I love it and Can't find anything wrong with it! Very good track. 11. Reese's Pieces, I Don't Know Who John Cleese Is?: well this song is both good and bad. The lyrics are extreamly deep and epic and I also like the idea of the poem in the middle fallowed by the screams and chants. But sadly, the first half is full of random screams athat dont match the random guitar riffs. I was so dissapointed on how it started. But, to me, the ending is worth it! // 8

Lyrics: Matt can write lyrics! That is all that needs to be said. I can tolerate the sillieness of them because behind the jokes are very deep and sensative meanings. Like when he says, "If I can't have any friends I thought why not hang from the ceiling?" or "Don't get the octopus upset, It may eat itself!" All of the songs are funny and serious at the same time. As far as singing, sadly, neither Matt nor Nabil are very good singers. They melodyne and auto-tone their voices. And like I said before only seventy percent of the time Matt has good screams. But that doesn't mean that I still can't listen to them because unlike most bands these days, they are here to have fun. The best lyrics can be found in "Beauty Is In The Eye Of The Beerholder" and "Reese's Pieces, I Don't Know Who John Cleese Is?" Some others are pretty good too but I feel, these two are the best. // 9

Overall Impression: They have a style all their own. I've read one review on another website saying "Just because you do something unique like; mixing two different types of music together doens't mean it will sound good. It's like dipping a banana in cold gravy; sure it's different and unique but it will still taste like shit." and my response to that is, "Hey, someone is bound to like it!" So to you I say, Don't knock it till you try it because you may find out ISMFOF has a lot more to offer then you think. Good songs are, Beauty Is In The Eye Of The Beerholder, Things That Rhyme With Orange, ASL, WTFWJD, But the Nuns Are Watching, and the ending of Reese's Pieces, I Don't Know Who John Cleese Is? I actually bought all the songs on itunes so my NOT CD that I DON'T have couldn't get stolen or lost. But I guess my ipod could...? Hmmm...? // 9

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