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artist: Ice Nine Kills date: 01/20/2009 category: compact discs
Ice Nine Kills: The Burning
Released: Nov 9, 2007
Label: Red Blue Records
Number Of Tracks: 7
Ice Nine Kills return with a new EP, The Burning. This album is incredibly heavier that their previous release.
 Sound: 9
 Lyrics: 9
 Overall Impression: 10
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overall: 9.3
The Burning Reviewed by: Disturbed_EMG, on january 20, 2009
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Sound: Ice Nine Kills return with a new EP, The Burning. This album is incredibly heavier that their previous release. The guitar-work once again is just great. The lead grabs the listener by the throat with it's incredibly fast licks and solos and the rhythm backs it up with riveting sections of riffing. As mentioned before, this album is much heavier. In the sense that there is a lot more "screamo" in this album. The main vocals are melodic as before and the backing vocals use a mixture of inward and outward "screaming" over the top of the lead vocals. Although this is overall, a much heavier album in general there is an acoustic song that is simply great. It justs goes to show that heavy bands can be soft as well. 01.The Greatest Story Ever Told 02.In The Throws Of A Moral Quandry 03.Dead Is The New Black 04.You Scratched My Anchor 05.Build Your Own Disaster 06.What I Should Have Learned In Study Hall 07.Last Words (Remastered from their previous album) // 9

Lyrics: As mentioned above, the lyrics are a mixture of melodic singing with intense, powerful screaming that gives Ice Nine Kills' heavier songs the edge they seem to be going for. The lyrical content seems to be based on past experiences etc. in the lead and backup singer's lives. The lyrics fit the musical texture perfectly. Everything just seems to fit together like music. Many issues seem to be addressed also, including drug addiction. // 9

Overall Impression: This album is by far, (in my opinion) better than "Last Chance To Make Amends", their presvious EP. The guitar work is simply astonishing. If you've heard it, you'll know why I'm so astonished as to how you can play like they do and sing at the same time. The most impressive songs from this album would have to be: The Greatest Story Ever Told, Dead Is The New Black & What I Should Have Learned In Study Hall. Even though they're all great, these ones stick out the most. The Greatest Story Ever Told: because of how astounding the guitar-work is in the song. The lead guitar flys by at 100 mile an hour while the dual-vocal attack combine to create a song of pure excellence. Dead Is The New Black: very similar to the above reasons. Use of singing and screaming balances out and creates one great song. What I Should Have Learned In Study Hall: Ice Nine Kills' second acoustic song. The song is slow and slightly sad. It is definitely one of their better songs. They continue the use of the double guitar, but in this case, use it to create a song that will hook you in on the first listen. Of course I'd buy it again! // 10

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