Iced Earth review by Iced Earth

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  • Released: Jan 1, 1990
  • Sound: 9
  • Lyrics: 8
  • Overall Impression: 9
  • Reviewer's score: 8.7 Superb
  • Users' score: 9.4 (10 votes)
Iced Earth: Iced Earth

Sound — 9
I first heard the band about 2 years ago. I was completely blown away. It is my favorite band. Matt Barlow and Jon Schaffer are my idols. Iced Earth is an incredible heavy metal band who likes to go by "f--k trends and w--k posers." They are different from any other band I have heard. I think they are absolutely amazing. Some can compare to band to pwoer metal with their Falsetto yet growling vocalist that they have now and that they have vad in the past. Along with a solid bass and drum line and Jon Scaffer's famous lyrics and galloping notes, you get Iced EarthWhen I heard their first CD "Iced Earth," I was completely blown away. I thought it was nothing that I have ever heard before. Jon Schaffer usually puts the songs he creates into concept albums, this one seemed to have one. It was about a kind or a ruler or some sort, who's land was frozen over by ice and how the Earth becomes one giant ball of ice (hence ("Iced Earth"). His kingdom falls and he feels he needs redemption. All of the songs have something to do with either a ruler in solitude and disbelief, or some could relate it to being alone maybe. It depends on the person who listens to it. If you want to get into Iced Earth, then start out with the early shit. Start with their first CD, Iced Earth.

Lyrics — 8
The lyrics are very dark, eerie to some including myself. I felt that in song Iced Earth it had it dark but lighter moments throughout the song. I felt that it described the scenery of the concept of the album very well. The song mostly talks about a ruler and his kingdom being frozen over by ice. 01. Written On The Walls - this song is sort of like armageddon or maybe witnessing a new ruler to the frozen palace. A demon rises up and claims the land to be his. It's an end of the world-related type of meaning. I stil can't figure out why they completely re-did the lyrics and name the song "Cast In Stone" but both version are very good. I like Written On The Walls just a little bit better though. 02. Colors - this song goes a little bit off topic but it's pretty self-explanatory. It's about a person who takes the subway in New York City and gets jumped by a gang who beat the person to a bloody pulp. The whole song is in Third Person. out of the six songs with lyrics on the record, this one is probably my least favorite. Don't judge the song though just because of my comment. It's still good. 03. Curse The Sky - oringinally entitled "To Curse The Sky" on their "Enter The Realm" dempo tape, this song is a mind-blowing. This was probably one of the few songs that really got me into Iced Earth. The riff is a pretty simple rythem but still one those songs that you just can't get out of your head. To me, it's about maybe the king who lost his kingdom and is damning the heavens above. He is cursing the skies for losing his land. Probably my favorite song on the album, but from what I have seen, not a popular choice for a live show. 04. Life And Death - the title pretty much explains what the song is about. It starts out from someone(maybe the fallen king)being born into the world and as he grows up he sees the vision of hate that will never leave him. Another song that isn't that popular for an Iced Earth show but still a classic. 05. Solitude - the first of two instumental songs on the album. It's sort but sweet. A clean acoustic guitar riff that repeats for about 2 mintes. It's okay. 06. The Funeral - more of heavy instrumental song with a impacting riff. It has it's slow and fast guitar firr moments. When I picked up the remastered Iced Earth CD about a year and a half ago, in the middle of the song Jon Schaffer speaks in a growl/slightly cookie monster voice but I forget exactly what he says. It's a pretty good song for one of Iced Earth's first instrumentals. 07. When The Night Falls - the last song on the album and my second favorite. The beginning is a clean guitar rife for a little more than a minute that goes into a powerful chorus riff and then into the gallops throughtout the song. To me, the song is about the king in the night, and how he is reflecting on what has happened to him. I think that the Days Of Purgatory version is better only because Matt Barlow is better vocalist than Gene Adam (vocalist on the record) and because he improved the chorus, but they should of kept the beginning clean instead of just going into the main distorted riff. I still love the song either way. Gene Adam, the vocalist of Iced Earth at the time to me was ok but really really needed to improve. I think he should of took singing lesson before the album, and if he did, then it didn't improve. Even though the singer wasn't amazing, the album was still good. I do like all the singers that Iced Earth has had over the years, but Gene is my least favorite. Thank god Schaffer kicked him out of the band.

Overall Impression — 9
I think the band Iced Earth could compare to maybe Iron Maiden with it's main character that Jon create, Set Abominae since it could relate to Iron Maiden's Eddie, but Set wasn't created when Iced Earth's first album was released. A lot believe that Iced Earth can go under "Thrash Metal." In some songs yes, but I don't think really through this album. The most impressive songs on the album are Curse The Sky, When The Night Falls, and Iced Earth. They all are Face-Melting, Gut-Busting songs(Cheers to Jack Black from his "School of Rock" movie). I love everything about the album. At the time the album was recorded, that was the best they could do, but Iced Earth always improves when a new album comes out. Yes I would buy it again, and I need to because my friend lost the damn CD along with their second album "Night Of The Srormrider." Iced Earth is amazing and this album is a great way to start off. I leave with this quote by Jon Schaffer, "Never trust in the motives of man."

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