Night Visions Review

artist: Imagine Dragons date: 06/12/2013 category: compact discs
Imagine Dragons: Night Visions
Released: Sep 4, 2012
Genre: Alternative Rock, Indie Rock
Label: Interscope, KIDinaKORNER
Number Of Tracks: 11
"Night Visions" is the debut album by Las Vegas rock band Imagine Dragons. The overall sound for the album is clear and sounds very powerful and it is obvious these guys put emotion into their music.
 Sound: 8.3
 Lyrics: 8.7
 Overall Impression: 7.7
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overall: 8
Night Visions Reviewed by: CGiff, on september 10, 2012
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Sound: Imagine Dragons got their start in Las Vega, Nevada. Playing whatever shows they could find to who ever would listen. Since 2009 they have released a couple EPs with several songs on them. Entitled "Continued Silence" and "It's Time" these EPs were the starting point for the band. On both of these EPs was the hit song "It's Time". This one song is the launching point for them and they began touring outside their original home of Las Vegas. On September 4th the band had released their first full length album with the name "Night Visions". Imagine Dragons has a sound that is noticeable once you hear their songs. However, what can be noted is the fact that some stand out more than others in terms of sound. Tracks such as "It's Time", "Amsterdam", "On Top Of The World", and "Underdog" all play off of a happy and danceable sound. While other tracks like "Demons", "Bleeding Out", and "Radioactive" are a bit more serious and is heard especially with the increased use of the bass drum that is used. The Bass drum is an identifying actor for the band in which it drives many of the large choruses. The overall sound for the album is clear and sounds very powerful and it is obvious these guys put emotion into their music. Weak points of the sound are seen in the tracks "Nothing Left To Say/Rocks" and "Underdog". These two songs specifically do not seem to grasp my attention in any way and can almost bore me. High points include the single "It's Time", "Demons", "Amsterdam", and "Radioactive". // 7

Lyrics: For the most part the lyrics of this album are quite good. Imagine Dragons has done a good job of using imagery as a source to match the music and create pictures in the listener's mind. This can be seen in "Radioactive" especially. As the thumping beat of the drum pounds through the song lead singer Dan Reynolds sings "I'm waking up to ash and dust/ I wipe my brow and sweat my rust". These lyrics help paint the picture of a desolate wasteland and do so well. Many of the other songs use good lyrics as well. "It's Time" describes how one should never change who they really are for others. "But I'll admit I'm just the same as I was/ and now don't you understand/ that I'm never changing who I am." These are the best lyrics on the album however there are some moments that must be taken note of. The rocks portion of the album has some not so good lyrics. Reading "let the forest hear our sound/ Boom ba Boom ba Boom" It does not add to the song and makes it very childish and not in a good way as in "On Top Of The World". Overall Lyrics are mostly solid on this album with a few hiccups here and there. // 9

Overall Impression: Since this is technically the debut album of the band there is very little to compare it to. However in comparison to their previously released EP's the songs on the EP's were much better as a whole. Since many of the songs from previous releases were put on the final CD it was a welcomed treat to see. However the new songs do not measure up to the previous releases with maybe the exception of Hear me and "Every Night". The best songs on the album are the songs from previous releases such as "Radioactive" and "On Top Of The World". Below is m y track by track review of the album: 1. "Radioactive" - my favorite song when I first heard it on "Continued Silence". Powerful sound mixed with powerful lyrics and booming drums. 2. "Tiptoe" - Verses are a bit weak, but has a solid chorus and decent instrumentals. 3. "It's Time" - although it is about to become even more overplayed than it already is this is a solid track. Chorus is catchy and lyrics are perfect with a good message 4. "Demons" - Imagine Dragons slows it down a bit and in my opinion is a fantastic track that delivers true raw emotion and fitting background music that eventually picks up into a great ballad. 5. "On Top Of The World" - very happy track that gets me dancing. Fun music and great chorus. 6. "Amsterdam" - I really enjoy the simple nature of this song. The verses speak to me and chorus picks me up. 7. "Hear Me" - A little different in the verses, yet familiar. The chorus is magnificent and the overall sound blends together well. Chorus is loud and proud. 8. "Every Night" - similar to "Demons" in that it is a bit slower but it really seems to work here. Mellow seems to fit the lyrics and it still has that Imagine Dragons sound. 9. "Bleeding Out" - starts out very slow and depressing but picks up rather quickly. Not one of my favorites on the album although still stands up well. 10. "Underdog" - really nothing special about this track. Very generic and does not grab attention of the listener. 11. "Nothing Left To Lose/Rocks" - The longest and my least favorite on the album. Like underdog there is very little here to marvel about. Also why couldn't they split this into two songs? Very good album for what it has although some of the newer tracks reduce its value. // 8

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overall: 7.7
Night Visions Reviewed by: PushxShove, on june 12, 2013
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Sound: Indie power band, Imagine Dragons has witnessed massive commercial success with the folk-tinted "It's Time" and the bass heavy pseudo-rocker "Radioactive," but what lies deeper within the album holding these hits? More of the same? You'd be surprised. "Night Visions" is an album of interesting proportions, fluctuating between the large and grandiose sounds of "Radioactive" and the Coldplay-like sensitivity of "Demons." Somehow though, this melting pot of vaguely familiar sounds combined with Imagine Dragons' unique use of them, works in the best possible way. A track or two sounds reminiscent of The Killers, which is no surprise since it was recorded at their own Battleborn studios in Nevada. There are many influences, from electronica to folk. Solid album, recommended for indie and alternative fans. // 8

Lyrics: Look into my eyes/it's where my demons hide/don't get too close/it's dark inside, expresses singer Dan Reynolds with a highly atmospheric beat behind his honeyed vocals on "Demons." This track spoke to me in a lot of ways and I felt it to be a rather moving and extremely enjoyable track. Another personal favorite of mine. The lyrics of every song revolve around a wide range of topics from secrecy to love to life progress to just sheer happiness. Though it might not be the deepest listen, the album is generally made up of quality material. Dan Reynolds is a decent singer, with enough of a rasp to be able rock but with enough smooth, pop sensibility to restrain it. // 8

Overall Impression: For their first full length outting, "Imagine Dragons" have their style pretty well figured out. Every song is different, but there's a vague familiarity to some songs. In the end, the album is comparable to the Neon Trees' album, "Picture Show" in overall album quality. The most impressive tracks are "Demons," "Radioactive," and "Hear Me." I love that the album has a lot of influences and that they're good at conquering the styles used on the album. I hate that the album can try too hard with certain songs to appeal a pop audience. I'd most likely buy another copy if it was stolen. // 7

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overall: 9
Night Visions Reviewed by: SkeeterMusic, on may 10, 2013
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Sound: There are multiple songs using what they call "dubstep" in the album "Night Visions". As in the songs "Radioactive" which is largely popular and others like "Bleeding Out" and "Nothing Left To Say/Rocks". My impression from the band Imagine Dragons by only listening to the song "Radioactive" was that it would be somewhat of a dub-step band when in reality, Imagine Dragons include many other genres and styles. Imagine Dragons are a new style of music and I love how they seem to change in each song. // 10

Lyrics: Some of the lyrics are honestly and truly well written and at times very believable. My impression of the lyrics is that this band is used to writing both in-depth songs that are meant to move the listener, songs that are meant to just play along in the car when going on a road trip or even songs that you can really relate to, no matter what it is about. The singing over the course of this album seems to change, not only in person but also in the genre which I find interesting. Like the song "Radioactive" which is when the singer has somewhat of a gravely tone and in Rocks when the singer seems to be singing with less aggravation. // 9

Overall Impression: The only other album that I can think of at the moment that reminds me of "Night Visions" is "Metallic Symphony" by AWOLNATION, which is another album which I love dearly. Both of them have somewhat of a same sound at first which is quite interesting. My personal favourite song in the "Night Visions" album would either be "Fallen" or "Rocks". The album comes with a hidden track labeled "Nothing Left To Say/Rocks" which are two completely different and unique songs. I believe that the only song from this album that I dislike would be "Working Man" the lyrics don't quite make sense, although it is catchy.

// 8

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