Majesty And Decay review by Immolation

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  • Released: Mar 9, 2010
  • Sound: 7
  • Lyrics: 7
  • Overall Impression: 8
  • Reviewer's score: 7.3 Good
  • Users' score: 8.5 (19 votes)
Immolation: Majesty And Decay

Sound — 7
Immolation have been around since 1986, so by now, the band is set in its ways and knows what it wants to do when writing and recording death metal. Majesty and Decay sounds like Immolation and retains the meaty death metal hallmarks that you or I or any fan of death metal has come to expect from these New Yorkers. It's really all about speed and precision on The Purge, A Token of Malice and the album's title track. There's not much divergence from death metal played at carpal tunnel syndrome-inducing speeds and bark-at-the-moon vocal terror but there are still little touches and flashes that catch the ear on Majesty and Decay. There's a shit ton of impressive guitarwork on this album, and that's to be expected from Bob Vigna, who is known as one of death metal's best. So if you are a guitar nerd, regardless of what style of music you prefer, do yourself the solid and check out this record, because the playing is intricate and quite standout and it just sounds complex, even if you aren't one to transcribe tablature.

Lyrics — 7
It's a bleak, bleak landscape on Majesty and Decay. But who would expect anything else on a death metal record? It's not exactly music that invites upbeat, cheery subjects. Bassist/vocalist Ross Dolan isn't your standard Cookie Monster so would that be Cookie Cutter?- DM vocalist, but he does go low and deep throughout the whole of the record. His throat and stomach are probably pretty sore after a recording session or a performance, but it's impressive to note that after all these years, he still has taut control over his voice. He doesn't sound like a tired old man who has been growling for far too long.

Overall Impression — 8
I wouldn't be surprised if Bob Vigna's playing on Majesty and Decay leads to impressionable, aspirant death metal fans to pick up an axe for themselves. He's proof positive that playing the guitar is a viable way to make a living and express yourself creatively. Another tight addition to the Immolation cannon has arrived with Majesty and Decay.

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    The more important question: is there any way we can ensure Roadrunner Amy will never write any reviews again?
    Hmmm... this seemed pretty short and non-descriptive... is there some way to apply for a review position on this website?
    duncang wrote: Please, please stop using the term 'cookie monster'.
    I second this. I'm sorry, I don't remember the last time I heard the cookie monster sing death metal. *types "cookie monster metal" in youtube* Oh god...NOOOOO
    Thought the review was meh. The album is amazing however. If you think you like heavy music, you need to check it out.
    Review is not good... I thought the album was amazing to say the least... surely makes me want to step up my game with guitar playing
    a solid release. Maybe not up with Immolation's best, but it proves further their relentless assault on the metal world. Fans will be happy! Review was nonsense however.
    Terrible review, great album. They were just amazing at the Nile gig, perfect music to mosh to.
    Not the best review I've seen. I mean, "shit ton of impressive guitarwork"? And what duncang said as well. Oh well.
    Egads, and I thought the kid who did the first Descend into Depravity review f'd up badly.. (he compared them to whitechapel, lulz). And as for Immolation.. I like the old school vibes, but a lot of it just went over my head.. No real sense of 'We're still good enough to make awesome albums' its just really.. an album. I like old school death metal and bands that still play it but.. theres just something that stops me from liking this album. Maybe its cuz they sort of sound like Septic Flesh do.. without the melody, obviously, but still. Whatever, its a good album as in it does what death metal should do, but I just dont like it.
    The Frayed Ends
    Who the hell hires these idiots to do reviews? If I just wanted to know what the guitars and vocals sound like on this album, I would go listen to it. Which I think I might do right now. Immolation are top-****ing-notch but I have yet to listen to this album. But in the meantime, learn to ****ing write, Sciarretto.
    Terrible review. Is this the first Immolation album youve ever heard? Definitely seems that way. Get someone with a bit of experience in listening to death metal, ffs. Personal lowpoint: ''He doesnt sound like a tired old man who has been growling for far too long'' Absolutely cringeworthy. Less metal tourists doing these reviews please. Absolute Kerrang bullshit.
    Now, it was rather painful reading through this "review", but if anything really stands out as a "hurr durr" moment, it's this: "Hes proof positive that playing the guitar is a viable way to make a living and express yourself creatively." What...I don't even.....>????? Everytime I see a review from this particular reviewer, I cringe. Who is this Amy and why is she on the UG Team? More importantly, I don't think she is a death metal fan.
    sounds like the reviewer didn't know a whole lot about death metal until he went to wikipedia. all i know is that this is a death metal album by immolation and it has songs with fast guitar.
    I was admittedly not very impressed with this album the first time I heard it. The more I listened to it, the better it got. Immolation has once again failed to disappoint me.
    Amazing album, but some of the criticism I read of Immolation confuses me. It's one thing to think they flat out suck, but whatever one could consider their 'worst' is hardly ever like any other death metal band. The way the drums support the riffs is something unique to the band; they have plenty of straight blasting, but more often they're playing 'through' the riffs instead of on top. Looking at their entire discography, they sound far more like Incantation and Voivod than Cannibal Corpse. I guess what I'm saying is it's one thing to say they suck for whatever reason, but to pass off any of their albums as average death metal fare is pretty dumb. Immolation have always been pretty unique.