The Serpent Servant review by Impending Doom

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  • Released: Mar 31, 2009
  • Sound: 6
  • Lyrics: 7
  • Overall Impression: 7
  • Reviewer's score: 6.7 Neat
  • Users' score: 7 (22 votes)
Impending Doom: The Serpent Servant

Sound — 6
Impending Doom are back with their second full length album on Facedown Records, produced by metalcore giant Tim Lambesis. Right of the bat you can tell just by looking at the album art that their sound has changed just a little bit. They've changed their logo from a death/grind-esque logo to a more deathcore type logo. This reflects their musical change. Their previous record was a bit faster with more riffs, and had more of a grind (I guess) influence. This record, however, is completely opposite (guitar-wise, that is). It's slower with more chugging. If I had to describe this band in the simplest way possible, I'd say that these guys are a combination of new Whitechapel and Acacia Strain with Christian lyrics. But there's only so much chugging that one can take. Sure, there are some pretty good riffs on this record, but it's only a handful and they're spread out so far apart. And in between is just chug after chug, or some Acacia Strain style riff. I honestly forgot what band I was listening to halfway through this CD. Actually, no, I take that back. Almost halfway through the CD there is a track called Welcome to Forever. It's probably my favorite song on the CD, and one that I'll actually be willing to come back to listen to. But there's a tiny little problem with it. Check that, a massive problem. The intro to that track sounds almost like a direct ripoff of the intro to Whitechapel's This is Exile. But still, it's a great song.

Lyrics — 7
The vocals are a bit flat. There aren't any pig squeals on this album (unless I missed them), unlike their previous, and the vocals here don't change much at all. The singer's voice sounds almost exactly like a hybrid of the vocalists for the two other bands I've mentioned. It's not as deep as Phil's from Whitechapel, yet not as shallow as Vincent's from Acacia Strain. The lyrics are probably where this band does their best. Being a Christian band, their lyrics often focus around Jesus, God, religion, salvation, and whatever. But the thing is, these aren't a bunch of Christians making metal, they're a bunch of Christians making worship metal. They aren't afraid to take their religion and pummel it into your brain through your ear canals.

Overall Impression — 7
Like I said, there are some great riffs in here, but they are too few and too far apart. However, while it isn't the most technical album out there, it's still something that's fun to bang your head to. I couldn't sit still and listen to this CD without getting bored, but I'd totally be down with moshing to it at a show. However, this CD is a bit repetitive, and by a bit, I mean as repetitive as Shadows Are Security (As I Lay Dying) and Continent (Acacia Strain) were. The whole Christian factor doesn't appeal to me, since I'm not a Christian myself. However, I do listen to many other bands that are Christian. They're just more interesting. If Impending Doom hadn't made this record sound like so many of their peers records, I'd have given it higher ratings. Welcome To Forever was definitely the standout track on this record, because it was the only one that I could tell apart from the rest of the songs. However, I must give these guys my respect for not being afraid to kick you in the nuts with their beliefs, especially in a scene where certain people can sometimes dismiss a band based on religion.

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    Tony Alley
    If you wanna talk about "Welcome to Forever" sounding like a rip-off of "This is Exile", listen to "Beginnings", it is an even more direct rip-off to the song "Daemon (The Procreated)" by Whitechapel. All in all, though, I liked The Serpent Servent. It was musically a step up from Nailed.Dead.Risen, and kept me interested a lot longer. The first C.D was just a bunch of pointless noise, this one actually has some real effort behind it, even if it is This Is Exile part 2.
    One of the rare examples of when I feel a band actually got worse on a new record. This album is much more sonically clear than the last, but lacks everything that made them Impending Doom and not Whitechapel.
    This album is MUCH better than Nailed. Dead. Risen. in my opinion. It's much less chaotic, but still heavy as hell.
    well, at least all the negative comments were respectful as opposed to people flaming and writing crap like "this band sucks..." I liked the album for the most part, granted i dont listen to White Chappel and all the other deathcore/brutal death i listen to sounds nothing like them. Not an album i would listen all the way through as it can get monotonous at times but better than their last one.
    Boring boring boring boring boring boring boring. There's tons of bands that sound EXACTLY like these guys. Not original whatsoever.
    this album has some okay parts and some bad for sure. and you're definitely right they changed their sound to fit more what people seem to like then what they did with their first album
    This album was boring as hell. I am not a fan of Christian metal as a whole, but I have enjoyed some stuff (like old Norma Jean) a bit. Musically speaking, this album just lacks. I've seen reviews that insist this is "Christian death metal" cause it has breakdowns, however what bothers me is that these songs are so slow and dull that when a breakdown comes its like the song turns off.
    Amuro Jay
    Slow_N_Low wrote: Saw them live and thought they were pretty good. The crowd was actually really into them.
    I can see why. It would be fun to mosh to, but otherwise it just bores me. I can't sit down and stay entertained with this record. But then again, maybe it just doesn't suit me.
    Saw them live and thought they were pretty good. The crowd was actually really into them.
    I really respect them in the fact that they are Christian, and have made some pretty awesome music. Nailed Dead Risen was such a sick album, with it's own style and this one's just so much different. I too felt like they listened to whitechapel - this is exile and totally imitated their style. It's unfortunate because impending doom used to be so rad. I honestly only liked a few tracks from this album, and just found it a bit cliche. Their old stuff was a bit messy but that was who they are - and I loved it. I feel like they're trying too hard to get bigger, but by compromising the music, and becoming whitechapel or the acacia strain.
    I was a huge fan of their 1st album Nailed.Dead.Risen. I only like 2 songs on this new album: Anything goes, and Storming the gates of Hell. I reccomend those 2 tracks, but I dont see myself buying this whole CD.
    dont hate the lyrics, people can sing about whatever they want, being "death metal" reflects the STYLE of music, not the LYRICS. anywho, i thought this was a huge whitechapel ripoff, all the songs i heard sounded boring as shit and completely monotonous. (chug chug chug chug harmonic chug chug chug drum full chug)x100 for each song. didnt like them that much to begin with, but their older cd was definitely a better listen
    i really have a problem with this band. I actually saw them live and they stopped playing half way through the set because there singer was sick and they had the crowd sing it all. It was embarassing to watch really. I just think the idea of really brutal death metal with christian lyrics is really stupid. Its kinda like the whole unblack black metal genre, it just doesnt work. With shirts that say "hell should fear us all" on the back, its just silly and dumb. Just not my sorta thing i guess. But if you like it, kudos to you
    Shredder Guitar
    I've been kinda looking forward to this. I really think that every song on Nailed Dead Risen started exactly the same. The sound change is probably for the better, so i hope to give this a listen.
    i only have listened to a couple of Nailed.Dead.Risen songs and gotta say that it was better than THE SERPENT SERVANT. I loved how they used to sound and the vocals were so much better on their first.I still love his vocals and i think the album is good but i think that they didn't want a fast album with alot of blast beats..but i still love this album!!!!! Impending Doom is AMAZING!!!!! The serpent servant,Welcome to forever and More than Conquerors are amazing songs!!!! but add more bass!!!!!