A Sense Of Purpose review by In Flames

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  • Released: Apr 1, 2008
  • Sound: 1
  • Lyrics: 1
  • Overall Impression: 1
  • Reviewer's score: 1 Junky
  • Users' score: 8.1 (298 votes)
In Flames: A Sense Of Purpose

Sound — 1
With Come Clarity, In Flames made me think perhaps they were going to go back to being more metal, less boring, and sure enough, CC had some excellent tracks. Where the hell did this come from? The music is overall really, really bland. By the end I have trouble recalling any more than one riff. This is probably due to the fact that they wrote one riff and made 12 songs out of it. The drumming is ok, but really far back in the mix, the bass doesn't contribute anything. Worst of all, is the production. The guitars sound way over polished, and lack any punch or heaviness. Also, all the rhythm guitars (which are boring, repetitive chug, if I didn't mention) completely drown most (if not all) of any would-be good melodies.

Lyrics — 1
I can't be bothered with such meaningless tripe. The lyrics are boring, whiny, mainstream crap, that are a mere shadow in the poetry of the likes of The Jester Race and Whoracle. "I feel like shit, but at least I feel something" is one of the many travesties contained on this recording. Anders has reached a new low with this album. His vocals are whiny as possible, and all around suck. His scream lacks any form of aggression or conviction, and his singing is whiny, and all around grating. They'd be better off kicking out Anders, and getting a real emo vocalist.

Overall Impression — 1
This album doesnt't compare in the slightest with albums like Lunar Strain, The Jester Race, Colony. It's boring, watered down, and uninspired (not to mention repetitive as hell). No songs on this garbage are worth listening to, and I'm really glad I didn't waste 15$ to buy this. Fans of the older style: avoid like the plague. Fans of the new style: enjoy listening in your blissful ignorance.

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    The JesterHead
    Oh, how I LOVE those uber true metalheads like you (puts finger in mouth and throws up)... And I'm VERY disappointed in Ultimate-Guitar for actually APPROVING this kind of review... Dude, if you wrote what's wrong with it, I wouldn't have a problem with that - but placing sarcastic jokes as an entire review... Not cool. I've seen reviews on the Metal Archives which totally sunk this album, and they're OK because these people have arguements (well, most of them anyway), and you could at least have wrote what's wrong with it instead of comparing it to Nu-Metal (which is really overreacting).
    i actually love this album its not like their other stuff but come on those guitar harmonies are like awesome and the drums are ****ing loud and thats what you need and the singing is very good
    The JesterHead
    Yeah, the harmonies are awesome... The only problem is - I CAN BARELY HEAR THEM! The sound on the guitars is really awful, sounds like some kind of synth... More distortion please!