Clayman review by In Flames

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  • Released: Jul 25, 2000
  • Sound: 10
  • Lyrics: 10
  • Overall Impression: 10
  • Reviewer's score: 10 Gem
  • Users' score: 9 (90 votes)
In Flames: Clayman

Sound — 10
Bjorn and Jesper have the best and heaviest guitar tone of anyone I know. There are only a few that even come close. They sound great on this record. Absolutely astounding. One of the things that makes me like the In Flames guitaring is the fact that sometimes if you listen hard enough, you can hear the pick attack when the strings are plucked. It is like Kill 'Em All, it sounds like that sometimes. Anders is a pretty good lead vocalist and has a convincing and kind of scary growl. The drumming seems to be almost improv but Daniel is good enough he can do that.

Lyrics — 10
In Flames lyrics seem almost cryptic in meaning. I trust that Anders is pretty well-read because I sometimes have trouble figuring out what message he is trying to convey by what he says. I bought the deluxe edition which includes two extra tracks. The first one sounds like normal IF but the second one sounds much different. It sounds sort of muffled and the vocals are different. However this is one of the best tracks on the album.

Overall Impression — 10
I would say that if you are a melodic death metal connoseur, or however you spell it, you probably will want to investigate this one but if you are not, then you would probably want to take a look at Reroute to Remain. I recommend this CD only for those of you who are brave enough and metal enough to face underground hardcore. The utter presence that one feels by listening to this band is astounding. This album will surprise you in many ways if you get it. Top tracks: Swim, World of Promises, Bullet Ride, Clayman.

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    The JesterHead
    Castoo... Now that I see all the comments on In Flames you made, and your reviews and opinions (I usually respect and all)... But I've come to realise that you know of music as much as my grandmother knows of iPod... Well, she never heard of it anyway... n00b... Buy yourself a taste for music, moron... Clayman is a masterpiece, and I actually think the quality is great... I think 95% of you all will agree, not THE best album, but definetly among the tops!
    King Krapp
    Sound: First off, this is my personal favorite out of all their CDs. They take their sound ina tottally different direction, while still managing to maintain they're old "kick". Bjorn and Jesper really put out some awesome riffs, and the solos still kick the same ass they always have. Daniel Svennson puts out some badass drums too, while Anders' voice is simply breathtaking on some of the songs. Songs like "Cloud Connected" and "Trigger" really have a way of getting you going, while at the same time thinking "Damn, that's some deep shit." It's awesome. // 10 Lyrics and Singing: They lyrics on this CD are sheer poetry. Anders voice has improved in my opinion. He has a way of getting the feelings across perfectly, like in "Trigger," "Dawn of a New Day," and "Metaphor". It's awesome, and the lyrics never went so well with their music. // 10 Impression: None of the other albums compare to this one. If you wanna try out In Flames and see if they're any good, this is the album to do it with. I love every possible thing about this album, and I have no complaints. If this album were stolen or something, I'd buy it again for sure. This is one of the best metal CDs I own, and it's probably the best one you should own if you don't already. // 10
    Oh. Fu*king. Dear. Please, please tell me you just clicked the wrong link, becuase if you submitted a review of Reroute To Remain under Clayman on purpose to boost your number of reviews, then I am going to have to punch you very hard in the face.
    King Krapp wrote: Oh. Fu*king. Dear. Please, please tell me you just clicked the wrong link, becuase if you submitted a review of Reroute To Remain under Clayman on purpose to boost your number of reviews, then I am going to have to punch you very hard in the face.
    Seconded... what a dick lol Clayman has got to be my favourite In Flames album of all time... I love every song on it (except maybe Satellites and Astronauts, there's something that's not quite right). Unfortunately I have to join the bandwagon in saying that their stuff after Clayman sucked majorly, but after getting A Sense of Purpose I'm hoping they can ressurect some of their great sound from Clayman and perhaps even Colony... I guess there's still hope. IN FLAMES WE TRUST!
    true true, their new album, A Sense of Purpose definitely brings back memories of their old melodies from TJR,Whoracle,Colony and Clayman ... my personal favorite on this album is Suburban me,i believe its way underrated... Every song kicks AsS on this album ... By far 1 of the greatest work of art by In Flames
    That last review is of Reroute to Remain lol I've been getting into these guys more and more over the past year, my favourite album is either Reroute to Remain or Colony. I'm downloading this one as we speak on iTunes, I'm sure I won't be disappointed with it